Justin Bieber got YouTube record for his “seasons”

Justin Bieber got YouTube record for his seasons

Justin Bieber is breaking records again with the launch of his first docuseries, Justin Bieber: Seasons. Now, he’s back on where his career started, on YouTube.

Justin’s docu-series was very interesting for fans as he opened up about the past. Bieber is from Canada and he went there with her wife. Haily Bieber was with Justin when the pop-star visited his apartment. The young singer said that his childhood apartment gives him very dramatic memories as the family lived poorly back then. Bieber has not entered the apartment nor knocked on the door – it was visible that the singer was very nervous. In general, Justin loves Canada and he is very grateful to all neighbors and country representatives for giving him a good welcome. Justin Bieber is traveling to Canada a few times every year. Popstar is a very big fan of private shows and big casinos or gaming venues are always paying him to perform in front of the dedicated public. Bieber had one of the biggest private shows in the Canadian casino venue back and as the show’s public says performance had an interesting theme and unique casino roulette games for VIP visitors. People were in tuxedos and everything was very impressive. in 2017 before he has stopped the “purpose” world tour. He is a big fan of casino games in general and paparazzi some of the time find him in different venues of the US and Canada. 

Justin Bieber Easily Broke the Record for His ‘Seasons’

So, Justin Bieber is not just one of the most sought-after music artists in the world today.

He practically grew before his fans’ eyes since he started posting videos on the YouTube platform when he was 12. Now, he’s securing multi-million deals for content exclusivity. Is he worth it? Let’s see.

Twenty million dollars is what it takes to acquire exclusive rights to Justin Bieber: Seasons, a 10- documentary series. It talks about his beginnings, discovery, life within fame, and even the deepest parts of his private life. It includes his marriage, disease, and addiction.

Is the price tag worth it? We want to assume at this point that it is. Seasons are breaking a lot of records out there.

Aside from carrying the most expensive deal for exclusive rights, the 32 million views on its first week of airing are no frills at breaking YouTube’s most viewed records.  It happened almost four years after YouTube created its content.

To date, Justin is the most subscribed channel on YouTube, garnering 50 million subscribers.

Aside from Justin’s undeniable popularity through the number of his subscribers and views, YouTube’s proving that one of its recent moves is their best decision ever. Moving the airing of original content from YouTube Premium to free did help the launch of the series gather the number of views it needs.

Justin Bieber: Seasons has now set a high standard when it comes to viewer engagement. The pressing question now is, will it keep up to the hype? Will the next episodes sustain the viewership? We have yet to know.

Fascinating Facts We Have Learned About Justin from ‘Seasons’

Some privileged press people were able to watch the first two episodes ahead of its release, and here are some interesting facts about Justin Bieber: Seasons:

  • It is a 10-part series with short chapters, despite being a documentary.

Surprisingly, YouTube chose to edit the episodes into easily digestible formats. They’d like to keep the highlights to sustain the audience’s attention. Having it in this length can also increase the anticipation of the next episodes.

  • The documentary will feature the apartment he lived in for ten years.

One exciting highlight of one’s life is where he grew up. Undoubtedly, going back to where he spent his childhood will spark a lot of memories from Justin’s end. What would he tell his audience about his past?

  • Ariana Grande played a significant role in his career.

Once did Justin experience hard months when he’s willing to give up on his career. But one day, at Coachella, sharing the stage with Ariana Grande resurrected his love for music and passion for performing.

  • He’s making new music gearing on purpose.

We could see that Justin’s evolving not just an artist but as a person. No longer he wants to make music to express himself, but rather to address his audience’s emotions and situations.

  • We’ll see him perform some of his new songs.

As Bieber’s working on a new album, Justin Bieber: Seasons episodes won’t miss featuring some of it too.

  • It’ll reveal his relationship with Josh Gudwin as his producer and friend.

For ten years, Bieber and Gudwin have been partners in nurturing the former’s career. Viewers will get to see their closeness, collaborations, and friendship.

  • Viewers will see how passionate Justin Bieber is in music through Seasons.

Many are attesting that Justin’s now a grown-up. We’ll see how his music evolved alongside his passion and outlook in life.

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