Travelling Alone was the Best ever Decision made by Me

Solo travelling for females can be scary but at the same time can also prove to be an amazing experience. After all, we are our own boss and the only person we need to worry is about ourselves. To give answers to all your questions regarding the above statement, this article has been prepared after I visited to Manali and its surrounding regions all alone.
The first thing that bothered me before leaving was regarding backpacking and of course I didn’t wanted to lose any of my favourite belongings during my trip, so I took extra precautions while packing my bags. Websites and internet provided a great assistance here but the media stories that exaggerated horror stories regarding female safety, scared the hell out of me. Next was the reaction I had to face of my family members as they were worried about my safety. But since I was determined to go and assured to stay connected over chats and video conferencing, they relaxed and helped me making further plans.
Shockingly, I came across many female solo travelers in the way and I found that I wasn’t the only loner among other groups. I even made many friends who had visited Manali from different parts of the world. Many of them are still in touch and we even share our pics over social media. During this trip, I found out that making friends in a solo trip was much easier than travelling with family members. Travelers are friendlier and possess open minded nature where everyone wants to make friends with each other.

Since travelling alone was a self-made decision, I made sure that nothing goes wrong for which the following guidelines helped me a lot during entire journey:

  • Do not disclose your plans with other people throughout the year and most importantly never discuss your travelling dates with unknown people. Only family members and close ones, whom you trust the most, shall be informed about your travelling places and whereabouts for the sake of emergencies.
  • Being friendly with others is good, but, over-friendliness can lead to troubles. You must keep yourself restricted to some extent and remain aware about your surroundings and the people you communicate or take help with. Although it can be hard to maintain the balance but with time you will learn it.
  • Travelling is fun but at the same time is a hard work. Give yourself occasional treats like staying a night or two in a hotel or visiting a cinema hall to give your body time to relax and get recharged for further travelling. After all, you cannot afford falling sick in your holidays. Isn’t it?
  • Try to enjoy the trip as much as you can as if this is the only chance you will get to travel the world. Do not regret travelling alone or if anything goes unplanned. Do simply whatever you want to since there isn’t anyone to monitor you.
  • Taking safety precautions for solo travelers is a must. Having knowledge about self defense proves to be the best. But, if you have never been to such classes, internet can provide with some help. There are few channels which teach basic self defense techniques that might be used during the times of emergencies. Keeping all the valuables safely is another tough job and thus travelers must carry less to no luxuries during trips. Even photocopies of passports and travelers cheque must be kept separately and can be emailed to self email ids.
  • Last tip is for backpacking. Before leaving it is always better to make a trial trip nearby with your travelling bags on. This will help you in segregating those things you do not need or things which you have forgotten to keep in your bags and might be required during your trip. Also this will give you an idea about weight you need to carry and amount of space left for shopping during travelling.

Now that I have traveled alone, I have transformed into more confident and self reliant person. I gained more skills and friendlier approach towards people which I did not had before.

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