Unsure Where to Start with Poppers?


Whether you’re just getting into poppers or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s worth noting that poppers come in a variety of formulas. Sure, these are all going to drain your brain, but there are distinctions—either in strength or how long the effects last. Some formulas are better for beginners, while others deliver a more intense kick that a seasoned user might crave. Let’s break down what to expect from each formula real quick! 

Propyl Poppers 

Propyl Poppers, also known as Propyl Nitrite or Isopropyl Nitrite if we’re getting technical, are the lighter, more intro-friendly option for those curious about poppers. 

As mentioned earlier, the key considerations when discussing poppers are their potency and duration. Propyl ranks as the least intense among the three options. The hit will be strong, they are poppers afterall. Just not as strong as Pentyl or Amyl. 

When we’re looking at the length of the effect, Propyl will take effect almost immediately, but

also tail off rather fast as well. Typically, users of Propyl poppers will chain the effects together with multiple uses to get a more potent and enduring impact. 

Propyl Popper Recommendations 

If you’re looking to get started with poppers and want some intro-friendly recommendations, Amsterdam Poppers have over 30 years’ experience creating Propyl poppers, and are a particular favorite among Europeans. 

If you want a bit more ‘flair’, Skull Fuck Ruby Poppers is an Propyl formula that comes with a distinctive red skull bottle. 

Pentyl Poppers 

If Propyl Poppers are fast acting but relatively mild, Pentyl poppers are their stronger cousins. 

Similar to Propyl poppers, Pentyl kicks in rapidly, but it distinguishes itself with a notably higher potency. Like Propyl, the effect will diminish soon after, so repeated use may be preferable. As such, we don’t recommend Pentyl for first time buyers of poppers and recommend caution when using Pentyl for the first time.

Pentyl Popper Recommendations 

It’s no secret that gay men often use poppers with hypno porn. Poppers can have a sort of ‘space out’ effect that really kicks the brainwashing up a notch. That’s where Pentyl brands such as Hypno Poppers come in handy, they’re perfect for those moments. 

Maybe you’re not into hypno. That’s fine, Bator Poppers are your go-to brand of Pentyl poppers for whatever comes your way. 

Amyl Poppers

Amyl Nitrite was the original formula of poppers that was popularized in the 70’s and 80’s gay clubbing scene, and has endured to this day. 

Unlike the other two formulas, Amyl Poppers act a bit differently. Amyl gradually builds up strength over time, peaking with a potent hit akin to Pentyl, if not stronger. Because of this, Amyl poppers are generally considered the most popular formula available. 

It’s only recently that Amyl poppers have become available again in some countries. Twisted Beast was the first company to ship Amyl Poppers UK wide, for example. 

Amyl Popper Recommendations 

Considering the historical significance of Amyl, it’s essential to acknowledge Rush Poppers. While Rush make poppers in all three formulas, Rush were one of the original producers of Amyl poppers back in the day over 50 years ago. 

Iron Fist Poppers in their signature aluminum bottle are incredibly popular among the Berlin gay scene. These poppers in particular pack a hard punch, but if you can handle them, are totally worth it.

Alternatively, If you’re put off by the ‘hyper-masculine’ vibe of Iron Fist, Dumb Bitch Juice poppers might be just up your alley. 

Propyl & Amyl Mixture 

Every now and then, you might stumble upon popper blends, like Isopropyl and Amyl Nitrite. Usually, these mixed formulas pack more punch than each formula on its own. Need a hand (or something else) with a particularly hefty horse dildo or dog dildo? These poppers might just help you out. 

Propyl & Amyl Mixture recommendations 

Hey, these mixes are kinda uncommon compared to your usual stuff, but Fag Poppers is a pretty popular bottle that popped up just a couple of years back. 

Exploring the realm of poppers can be a lot of fun, whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned pro. If you’re struggling with where to start, we’d recommend Propyl, but everyone has their own unique tastes. Our top tip is to experiment and discover what suits you best!

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