How to Get Acquainted Online: Where to Start and What to Write

Every year, online dating is gaining more and more recognition. Unfortunately, this quick and convenient method isn’t as simple as it might seem. Not every acquaintance can be attributed to the category of successful ones. Psychologists advise preparing properly because everyday life makes its adjustments and if young people spend half of their time on social networks, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to prepare for chatting with the girl in advance.

Advantages of Online Dating

The upsides of online dating are obvious:

  • First, it saves time, because nothing prevents you from communicating with several Ukrainian women on at once. Besides, you can communicate without leaving your apartment, which is an obvious plus.
  • This form of dating is great for shy guys who are embarrassed when talking to women. If a girl asks a tricky question, there will be enough time at your disposal to find a decent answer and even get several valuable tips from more experienced friends or Internet users.
  • Online dating can bring you together with residents of other cities and countries. But the most important thing is that the Internet conversation doesn’t oblige to anything and if the communication breaks in the wrong direction, you can easily stop the correspondence without explaining anything.

How to Write the First Message?

Before writing a message, carefully study the profile of the girl. Having learned about her interests, you can find a pretext to start communication. Have you noticed that the girl’s profile is full of photos of her dogs? So, the topic of conversation has been found! Now the main task is to use the received information correctly. So, what should you write?

  • You shouldn’t write “What nice dogs!” But the message “I’ve noticed you have three Yorkies (husky/pom/Labrador). I have long wanted to get one but I have heard they are very difficult to care for. Could you give me some advice?” has a chance to attract her attention.
  • Saw photos of a girl from a recent vacation? Ask about a wonderful hotel in her pictures because you are also planning to visit this city.
  • Pay attention to her playlist on the social networks or information about her favorite music in the profile and write that you have the same musical tastes, write her a little-known fact about the band, ask if the girl is going to their next concert.

Basic Rules and Useful Tips

  • The Golden rule is to ask more than tell. A stranger isn’t interested in information about you.
  • Watch your spelling and punctuation. Blunders will give the girl a reason to think about your education.
  • Don’t use beautiful phrases from movies and books. Girls also watch TV and can read. But if you refer to the origin, the dialogue has a chance to develop.

These tips will help to avoid failures and achieve success. Know how to meet a girl on the Internet! Be original and girls will definitely notice you!

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