Moving? Read This Before You Start Preparing To Move


Whether you live in a rented house or own your own place, you might have to move at some point in life. Whether you are planning to move next door or moving to another city, there are some things you must do to make it a seamless and smooth process. Let’s get started.

Tips To Help You Move Seamlessly

Don’t forget, the most difficult thing has already happened: you have found a new house. Now what’s next is having fun and knowing that you will be in a new place where you can start a new story with the people you love.

Clean before packing

The moment of moving house is a good time to clean everything you have. Take out the things that you no longer use, make donations, and thus improve the condition of your home. In addition, you will be able to save money and carrying unnecessary things in the truck will take up space and you will have to pay more.

Pack early

Remember that this process requires time and patience. Start packing at least two weeks before the move, so you won’t get overwhelmed. The hassle will be overwhelming if you let what you need to do pile up. Moving requires certain logistics, it is necessary to estimate money, time, permits, schedule services, and more. 

Therefore, we recommend that you prepare the move in advance and avoid packing at the last minute. Get programmed! Days before, set aside a few hours to save everything little by little. Play music and take your time, do your best to enjoy that process. 

Pack an “Open Me First” box

What gets packed in the end? The essential elements. If you need more time to arrange everything in the new place immediately, this tip will be your salvation.

Keep aside the things you need to spend the first night in your new home. Include toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, contact lenses, glasses, toiletries and important medications.

Garbage bags for soft items

Use large garbage bags to pack pillows, your children’s stuffed animals, blankets or shoes. It is very useful because you can save space and time. To seal them, use insulating tape, so they will not open during the journey. Also, it is ideal to put the pots inside plastic bags because if the sand is watered, there will be no bigger mess.

Save space when packing clothes

Clothing can be one of the most time-consuming packing items. The valuable thing is to save as much space as possible so as not to take up most of the moving vehicle with this. A great trick to save space when packing clothes is to roll the clothes, instead of folding them.

Label your boxes

Use tape and markers to label each box which room it belongs to or whether it is kitchen or bathroom utensils. This will help when unpacking. Organize to save time. Your future self will be very grateful that you marked the boxes or bags with the name of the destination room. This marking will cause the movers to unload each item in its place. You should not write “various”, they must be specific words. 

On the other hand, using coloured ribbons is also very useful to avoid writing the same word on many bags. Each space can have a color to make it much easier to unpack, for example, the kitchen goes with the blue ribbon and the bedroom goes with blue. If you are a very organized person, you can write down the contents of each box and its color in a document or notebook. 

Internet and television service

Remember to call the company with which you are going to transfer the internet and television service a week in advance so that right when you arrive at your new home you can have these services that are so essential at this moment.

Take care of your pet on moving day

Remember that this process can greatly stress your pet. We recommend leaving your pet in an empty room with bed, food and water, so your furry friend doesn’t get overwhelmed by the people in charge of the move. Of course, if you have a family member who can take care of the pet that day of moving house, it will be the healthiest thing.

Pack delicate items individually

Delicate objects should be packaged individually so that there is no friction between them, thus preventing them from breaking. For example, it is very common to put dishes in a box, but you must individualize them. For this purpose, you can put the coffee filters between each one. 

As for the cups, you can put them in stockings. Additionally, you can use clothes or t-shirts to pack items, and in the process, you save material and don’t waste as much plastic.

Hire a responsible moving company 

Make sure you hire a recognized, serious and responsible company so that they do not damage household items. If you happen to move within a city like Las Vegas, search for the best local movers Las Vegas on Google and choose the right moving company. It is better to pay a little more for a good company than to have to replace any element that may be damaged such as televisions, refrigerators, or dining rooms.

Unpack calmly

You don’t have to unpack in a single day. Start with the kitchen things since they will be required to eat or drink something. Remember to install the refrigerator and washing machine on time and set up the beds to make them. You can unpack the other boxes over time, day by day. Motivate your family to make it a fun plan that they can do with music and without stress.

Check the allowed time to move

Avoid surprises! Check the days and hours allowed to carry out moves in advance, in your complex and in the new building where you will arrive.

Choose the right transportation for your move

What if on moving day you don’t have room for your belongings? What if you have a contracted trip and require more? To avoid unforeseen events, you must select the vehicle that best suits the size of your home or number of items. 

Take photos to remember

How about a photoshoot in the middle of moving? Photographs are useful when you need to remember how to connect or locate something or how to adapt a space. 

For example, cables. If you want to remember the correct way to connect them, take a photo of them. When you have to reharmonize a space or install something, you will know how to do it.

Use suitcases to pack things

Use all the suitcases you have, they are perfect for storing heavy objects. For example, place all the books you have at home in them. Remember that it’s not a good idea to fill a box with just books because it will break under the weight. 

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