Your Essential Guide to Flying from Bangalore to Surat

Your Essential Guide to Flying from Bangalore to Surat

Located at opposite corners of India, Bangalore and Surat make for an intriguing city pair to connect by air. While they seem unlikely business or leisure destinations from one another, regular nonstop Bangalore to Surat flight options do link these important commercial hubs daily.

For Indian citizens needing to travel between Karnataka and Gujarat, whether to visit relatives or explore another fast-growing city, understanding route options from Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) to Surat’s modern new airport (STV) proves valuable.

Why Fly Between the Tech Capital and Diamond Hub?

As the centre of India’s technology industry, Bangalore attracts entrepreneurs and professionals from across India seeking opportunities at leading IT firms, startups, and multinational R&D centres concentrated in the so-called “Silicon Valley of India”.

In contrast, the bustling port city of Surat made its fortune over centuries as a diamond processing and textiles manufacturing hub. Over 90% of the world’s diamonds get cut and polished artfully in Surat before reaching global markets.

So whether pursuing business investments or visiting family members who migrated between the regions, residents have plenty of reason to travel by air despite the distance. Daily flights span under 3.5 hours in the air, making the trips feasible over arduous 30+ hour train or bus journeys alternative.

Choosing Between Bangalore to Surat Flight Options

Daily flights are operated by SpiceJet using efficient Boeing 737 aircraft configured with comfortable economy seating. As India’s leading low-cost carrier, basic restricted fares start cheap before adding fees for checked bags, preferred seats and onboard meals.

For the best value, SpiceJet recommends opting for Flexi Fares over Restricted Basic ones despite slightly higher base pricing. The Flexi category includes:

  • Free selection of standard seats
  • 1 carry-on handbag up to 7kg
  • Free meal platter
  • Flight change flexibility
  • 15kg checked baggage allowance

This optimises the journey experience and amenities without surprise fees biting into travel budgets later.

Booking Tips and Best Times to Visit Surat

Great deals easily under ₹10,000 roundtrip appear year-round if following smart flight booking moves:

  • Book early as fares climb starting 6 weeks out
  • Be flexible +/- 2 days if certain dates seem high
  • Midweek flights are generally cheaper
  • Watch for SpiceJet weekly sales alerting special promo pricing

As India’s warmest city with eight months of tropical plus weather, peak comfort visiting Surat falls over December-March when temperatures hit a more tolerable 80s F / high 20s C during afternoon periods ideal for sightseeing.

Through April and May, cooler 20C weather means pleasant weather before the late May pre-monsoon heat spike, making summer sweltering Surat best avoided.

Top Attractions – Heritage, Cuisine and Industries

Founded along the Tapi River, Surat’s strategic port location helped the city prosper over the centuries into an important commercial centre focused first on textiles trading and then polished gem manufacturing.

Top attractions spanning history and enterprising spirit include:

  1. Heritage Sites – Wander past exquisitely hand-carved wooden colonial homes in Old Surat and massive castle ramparts dating back nearly a millennium, recalling the city’s formidable history.
  2. Textile Shopping – Surat still leads in innovating India’s fabrics industry at wholesale textile markets, cramming warehouses stuffed with traditional saris and dress material at unbelievable prices passed directly from producers to consumers.
  3. Diamond District Tours – Learn about the multistep gem cutting and polishing process that’s put Surat on the map globally. Over 90% of the world’s diamonds journey through artisan studios is scattered throughout the neighbourhoods of Varachha and Katargam. Family operations proudly pass down long-held specialised skills through generations, fueling this backbone industry even today.
  4. Local Cuisine – Foodies indulge in buttery undhiyu, sweet and spicy Gujarati curries, plus syrupy desserts like basundi, laddoos, and more native vegetarian favourites available from casual restaurants and bustling street food stalls citywide. Don’t miss trying chaats too!


With tempting food, fascinating cultural character and the fascinating industries powering India’s economy today, direct flights from Bangalore let globetrotting techies conveniently discover Surat’s unique dynamism.

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