Ladli Behna Scheme’s Installment To Arrive By 10th January

Ladli Behna Scheme

Madhya Pradesh CM Mohan Yadav clarified all the doubts regarding the highly publicized Ladli Behna Scheme as soon as he returned to Indore from his Dehradun visit. The CM announced that all the women will receive their scheme’s installment by 10th January. The CM also announced Youth Day programs to be held on 12th January. The CM made this announcement via a press conference held after a meeting about the Ladli Behna Scheme, Youth Day, and Makar Sankranti. 

The Ladli Behna Scheme was launched to help improve the health and nutritional status of women in Madhya Pradesh. This was meant to have a direct impact on the health and nutritional status of the state’s children as well. The Ladli Behna Scheme aimed to make women more financially independent to help them spend their money according to their priorities. The Ladli Behna Scheme was meant to help women develop self-employment/livelihood resources with the help of resources available in their vicinity. This was also going to help uplift women’s status in their families, promoting them to the roles of key decision-makers of a household. 

There were some doubts regarding the execution of the scheme and people were wondering if they would ever receive the money. Aside from clarifying all doubts regarding the Ladli Behna Scheme, CM Mohan Yadav also directed the designated officers to prepare detailed program itineraries for the Youth Day and Makar Sankranti functions. 

CM Mohan Yadav also announced that women’s empowerment programs will be organized between 10th-15th January as per the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The programs will include workshops meant to help educate women towards becoming self dependent. There will also be workshops and seminars to help with employment generation for women.

Aside from women’s empowerment and Youth Day celebrations, the CM also discussed his plans regarding increasing awareness about Makar Sankranti among the youth. The CM Mohan Yadav sprung to action as soon as he finished taking charge and made these important announcements. The announcements are bound to bring relief into the minds of MP’s voters and they can now gear up to celebrate the next few days with the Government.

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