What is a Penis Sleeve and What is It Used For?

Penis Sleeve

A penis sleeve is a device that is used by people to increase the size of their penis (both length and girth). Aside from aesthetic purposes, a penis sleeve is also useful for patients suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Let’s find out more about it.

Penis Sleeve: All You need to Know

What is a penis sleeve?

A penis sleeve is a sex toy that a person places over their penis.

What are some other names of a penis sleeve?

These are some other names that are used interchangeably with penis sleeve.:

  • cock sleeve
  • penis extension
  • penis enhancer
  • penis sheath
  • external penile prosthetic

Things to consider before buying a penis sleeve:

  • Size: The penis sleeve comes in numerous sizes. Decide your required length and girth after discussing with your partner.
  • Type: Not all penis sleeves cover the entire penis. Some are open ended. Those are meant for people who are satisfied with their penis length but want more girth.
  • Sensations: As it can be expected, sexual intercourse with a penis sleeve is less satisfying than one without. In order to overcome this issue, some penis sleeves may vibrate or contain texture on the inside to heighten the experience. Some may also have a textured surface on the outside to stimulate a partner.
  • Materials: Penis sleeves are usually made of silicone or rubber. Make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of those things before buying a penis sleeve.

Why do people use a penis sleeve?

While there might be certain specific reasons that people wear penis sleeves, the most common reason is to increase the length and girth of the penis. 

Penis sleeves are also a medical alternative for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and can’t sexually satisfy their partners. A penis sleeve will definitely help with maintaining an erection. So people with ED can partake in penetrative sexual intercourse. Those who suffer from premature ejaculation can also use a penis sleeve to reduce the sensation that they feel on their penis. This will help them last longer.

How effective is the penis sleeve?

While penis sleeves are popular among people, a lot of info regarding their effectiveness is anecdotal at best. The efficacy of a penis sleeve varies from person to person. Some old research did conclude that a penis sleeve can definitely increase penis length (artificially). Off late, more researchers have started recognizing the utility of a penis sleeve as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is considered a sexual aid to preserve an erection during intercourse.

A penis sleeve was also considered a nonpharmacological and nonsurgical strategy for people experiencing ED, as per research in 2017. The research stated that a penis sleeve can help people suffering from ED achieve an orgasm as well.

How to use a penis sleeve?

Since the penis sleeve goes on top of, and inside highly sensitive organs, the comfort of both the wearer and the sexual partner is critical. While purchasing a penis sleeve, people should always be mindful of its size. 

If a person can successfully achieve an erection, he should ensure that the sleeve is snug on top of the erect penis. He should measure the size of his penis with a tape measure and compare this with the dimensions of the penis sleeve he is buying.

While using the product, the user should always put his penis inside the penis sleeve while it’s half erect. The penis should achieve full erection inside the sleeve. It should fit snugly, not tight or loose.

For men who can’t get an erection, a penis sleeve with a ball loop or belt to keep it in place is required. They should put the loop around their testicles and slide their penis into the sleeve or fit the belt around their waist. A penis sleeve user should use a water-based lubricant for his penis. It’s advisable to put the same lubricant inside and outside the penis sleeve as well.

What are the side effects of the penis sleeve?

Not wearing the penis sleeve correctly can cause friction, leading to pain and soreness. In many extreme cases, aggressively using a penis sleeve can lead to a penis fracture.

Penis Sleeve: Conclusion

A penis sleeve is a useful sex tool that men can place over their penises. They can help spice up your sex life and provide the sexual satisfaction that might be missing from some people’s lives. Penis sleeves can also serve as a great sexual aid for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

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