Why Self-Education in the Field of Motion Design Is Not the Best Option


Today, distance learning is nothing new. Many subjects are studied remotely and design is no exception. YouTube and other resources are packed with tutorials. They seem to cover every aspect of the job. This makes aspiring artists wonder: is it worth paying an online school?

It is true that a degree has lost much of its value. Self-taught design starts to exist and your portfolio is more important than any credential. However, do not reject the concept of structured education. A famous motion design school is worth every penny. Here is why.

You Need Structure

Of course, you can learn key aspects of motion design by watching a bunch of tutorials. In this way, you can gain knowledge but it will lack structure. A course is a systematize way to teach: it includes theory and practice to help you absorb information more easily.

However, this does not mean that conventional schools are the best. They follow a rigid curriculum that may include subjects you find useless. For example, an animator may be forced to study coding. Online schools, on the other hand, offer maximized flexibility. You may combine programs and skip lessons you find irrelevant. Besides, offline schools are at least ten times more expensive.

You Need Feedback

It is easier to master any subject when professionals are guiding you through the steps. Surely, you can grasp all the theory well, but practical skills must be evaluated by an expert. This is true for both face-to-face and online education.

Free or Paid?

When you decide to enroll, another question arises: should you pay for the education? Nowadays, there are quite a few animation courses that are free. They may even be taught by experts. However, these are usually separate lessons or groups of them on YouTube. Here, there are several key aspects to consider:

  1. you may be able to learn the basics;
  2. quality is often unreliable;
  3. you need diligence.

Some free websites will even review your work. However, it is crucial to check that the course you choose is really worth taking. A common drawback is that a free course will teach you button presses without explaining the underlying concepts.

Paid courses are offered by large companies, rather than small groups of experts. They offer educational packages for a vast range of specific animation skills. For example, there are sets of lessons for animated loops, stop motion, rigging, After Effects, etc.

The Bottom Line

Taking a well-structured course in any subject is more useful than studying a bunch of random tutorials. If you are willing to master motion design, take a structured approach for maximized results. While YouTube can supply you with a wealth of information, these video tutorials are often random. They may help you master certain aspects of animation, but it is best to use them in combination with an online course.

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