NFL Football Game: All You Need to Know About Matchups and Moneylines

NFL Football Game

One of the primary mistakes beginner NFL fans make is not knowing who teams are going to play against. To truly understand what is going on in the game, it is vital to know the most basic information available.

Matchups, scheduling, moneylines, and football expert-favored teams are only some of the information a football fan needs to know. Read on for the latest Week 1 matchups,  schedules, and moneylines this 2020.

NFL Matchup

NFL Matchup pertains to pairing two participating teams for a competition. Forty-nine exhibition games are included in the preseason of the NFL Games. These matchups are conducted in August and are distributed over five weeks. The regular season generally starts in the 1st or 2nd week of September. This goes on until the last week of December or the first week of January.

There are a total of 256 games played, which are split into a 17-week time span. The NFL Playoffs consistently has eleven games on tap; this covers the Super Bowl, which is always held on the 1st Sunday of February.

Each NFL Matchup has an assigned Home and Away group, and both are designated a rotation number. The games aren’t necessarily registered based on time. This is due to certain matchups being moved for convenient TV broadcasts. Moreover, each NFL group will play 16 regular season matches.

NFL Moneyline

NFL moneyline is the sportsbook’s odds that a group will win a match through and through. In most cases, it moves in connection with the point spread. However, that isn’t valid in every situation.

Betting on a moneyline essentially means wagering on which group will dominate the match. How big the gap in points or the record in the point spread doesn’t make a difference. Whichever group selected needs to win by a large margin for a bet to be fruitful. In case there is a tie, the stakes are returned.

Week 1 Matchups and Moneylines

The first matchup is Las Vegas Raiders (- 106) against Carolina Panthers, which will be held at 1 p.m. ET, Sunday, Sept. 13. One of the most peculiar lines for the first week has the Panthers (- 115) preferred over the Raiders (- 106).

Although the Raiders were only a 7-9 group in 2019, progression will prove significant from the get-go in the 2020 season. This is mainly because of the shortened offseason lineups in the league. Las Vegas acquired a considerable advantage over the offseason through including wide receivers Bryan Edwards and Henry Ruggs III in the NFL Draft 2020.

Meanwhile, the Panthers brought in a new coaching staff and a different defense through a new quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater. With all these unexpected changes, it is no surprise if the Panthers will begin with a shaky start. All in all,  a lot of NFL fans are expecting the Raiders lead trainer, Jon Gruden, and QB, Derek Carr, to take advantage of the starting group.

The second matchup is Los Angeles Rams (+120) over Dallas Cowboys, which will be held on the same day at 8:20 p.m. ET. The Rams will begin the season in their new arena as they host the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Despite the home advantage, the Rams are dark horses in this competition.

LA was slow to complete the 2019 season. However, they are nonetheless one of the most skilled offenses in the NFL. Moreover, the group also has the league’s best player, DT Aaron Donald, playing as defense.

A team’s game strategy heavily influences the outcomes of NFL Matchups and Moneylines. In correlation with this, Dallas having a new head coach, the first since 2010, the Cowboys will require some time to adjust. Hence, it is highly likely for their gameplay to be sloppy until they become familiar with their new plans.

The third matchup is Pittsburgh Steelers (-176) over New York Giants, which will be held on the same day at 7:15 p.m. ET. For six straight years, the Steelers will once again play out in Week 1. However, they will begin the season with a reasonably non-threatening opponent as they play against the Giants (+145).

New York has also gotten a new coaching staff, so it won’t be unusual that it takes them some time to adjust to the change. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh is utilizing almost its whole starting lineup, as well as QB Ben Roethlisberger.

The fourth and last matchup for Week 1

is Denver Broncos (-154) over Tennessee Titans. The match will be held on the same day at 10:10 p.m. ET. The Broncos will host the second Monday Night Football match-up to begin the season against the Titans (+130).

Almost all NFL fans know that the Broncos are practically impossible to beat when they have the home advantage. Although the Titans made it to the 2019 AFC Championship, NFL fans are already expecting them to begin the season with a 0-1.

NFT For NFL Fans 

Blockchain fantasy soccer games reward people for setting up their soccer teams and participating in virtual soccer tournaments. Of course, selling and buying virtual collectible NFL cards are also part of this blockchain game. Just choose your favorite NFL team and get rewarded when the players perform at their best in real life.  

As an NFL fan, you can take your passion to the next level by taking Sorare Tutorial for Beginners and similar non-fungible tokens or NFT guides. NFTs are blockchain-verified game ownership. This novel gaming world concept showcases NFL and other sports moments and trading.  

The idea of NFL NFT games is to build an epic collection of the top NFL players, helping gamers win their fair share of thousands of dollars or pounds that are available every game week. Moreover, all player cards are non-fungible tokens, in which there’s a limited card supply. When the demand exceeds supply, the prices of the cards increase. Hence, trading cards can generate good earnings when the prices are reasonable.

NFL NFT account holders can search for any player they want to check out from the pool of players by typing the athlete’s name. Auctions and fixed prices are available for buyers. When you buy a card, you own it forever until you sell it. You can deposit cryptocurrency to the NFL NFT platform to buy and sell cards.  


As an NFL fan, it is crucial to know the most basic information available, like matchups and favored teams. Moreover, it is also easier to keep track of the season’s outcomes by knowing who is playing against who.

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