Interesting Things about Jessica Ciencin Henriquez that you don’t know

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez

Most of the movie fans know about Jessica Ciencin Henriquez and her marriage to actor Josh Lucas. This beautiful woman got huge popularity after marrying Josh Lucas in the year 2012. Soon after, Jessica and Josh were blessed with a son, Noah Rev Maurer in June 2012. However, the marriage of Josh and Jessica didn’t last for a long time. 

The couple separated in the year 2014. We all know these facts about Jessica until now. Apart from that, there are many other facts that you must know about Jessica. 

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez’s Bio 

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez was born on 27th August 1985. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She will complete 35 years this month. Her family has strong Christian beliefs. Jessica was very close to her parents as well as grandparents. 

Her favorite hobbies include swimming and writing. Josh Lucas announced his engagement with Jessica Ciencin Henriquez on The Tonight Show. Later, the couple married Josh Lucas at Central Park. 

Amazing Facts about Jessica Ciencin Henriquez

1. Freelance writer 

Jessica is a skilled writer. She started working as a freelance writer from January 2009. Her favorite genres in writing are personal essays, stories, and non-fiction stories. Not many people know about some of the best writings of Jessica. They include “NY Observer”, “Marie Clarie”, and “Teen Vogue” and so on. 

Before freelance writing, Jessica worked as an executive assistant in New York. She earned a salary of over $50,000 per year according to one of the reports. 

2. Health Problems 

The year of 2010 turned into a nightmare for Jessica Ciencin Henriquez. She lost the hearing capacity in one ear in the year 2010. No one still knows the exact reason for her deafness. 

After 2 years, Jessica got the news of her cervical cancer. This was the time when she was in a relationship with Josh Lucas. Jessica soon shared the news of her cervical cancer with Josh and underwent hysterectomy treatment. 

3. Pregnancy 

Jessica came to know about her pregnancy during her cancer treatment. The couple was worried about the health problems and pregnancy but they got a son in the year 2012. 

But again after delivery, Jessica had to struggle with cancer. As per the latest medical reports, cancer has passed from stage 1A to stage 1B. 

4. Philanthropy 

Many people do not know but Jessica Ciencin Henriquez loves philanthropic work. She has helped many needy people and communities. Besides, Jessica has started a website with the name Minnesota Freedom Fund to help people during pandemics like Covid-19.

In addition to that, this website shows stories of heroes who help people during pandemic situations. Jessica has supported many victims of Covid-19 through her website. 

5. Qualification 

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez is Colombian by birth. She was a “Pre-Req” in the year 2004-2005 at North Carolina State University. Later, Jessica did graduation in Elementary Education/Child Studies with BS/MA in the year 2008.

Jessica then studied at Columbia University and received a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Apart from that, she used to teach non-fiction lessons to the students. 

She is also an editor and works for Self Magazine, Teen Vogue, and so on. 

6. Instagram and Twitter fans 

Jessica has a huge fan following on both Twitter and Instagram. She has a verified account on both social media sites. Her Twitter account has 19.2k followers as per the reports of June 2020. 

She has about 17.1k followers on Instagram as per the latest reports. Jessica once posted a few lines for her ex on her Twitter account. People believed that she wrote for Josh Lucas after the end of their marriage. 

There were rumors that Jessica also dated TV actor Adrian Grenier. However, their relationship was not announced anywhere. 

7. Love for Singaporean Cuisines 

This is quite a strange fact about Jessica Ciencin Henriquez. She is Colombian by birth but has a love for Singaporean food. Her favorite dishes include Hainanese Chicken rice, Singaporean Curry crab, Bubble tea, kway teow, and so on. Jessica’s favorite actor of Jessica is also Singaporean actor, Adrian Pang. 

8. First meeting with Josh Lucas  

Jessica met Josh Lucas for the first time in the year 2011 at a dog park. Soon after 6 weeks, they started dating and Josh proposed to her. Jessica accepted the marriage proposal and both married in June 2012. 

After 3 months of their marriage, Jessica gave birth to a son. The couple gave the name Noah Rev Maurer to their son. 

9. Co-parenting Practices 

After the divorce in the year 2014, Jessica and Josh Lucas started practicing “bird-nest” co-parenting lessons. They came again together sometime back during the Covid-19 pandemic but soon separated. Jessica also said through her Twitter account that Josh cheated on her. She wrote a post for Josh stating “Exes are exes for a reason”. 

In addition to that, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez wrote an essay for TIME in March 2018. She mentioned all the difficulties that she faced during co-parenting practices with her ex-husband Josh Lucas. Jessica also called this experience as it “sucks”. 

10. Physical Attributes  

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez has a good height of about 5 feet 7 inches. She is also a slim lady with attractive blue colored eyes. Her figure and physical features can undoubtedly make any woman jealous of the earth. Her brunette hair adds charm to her enviable persona. 

11. Message for other Women  

Through her post on Twitter, “Exes are exes for a reason”, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez states how you forgive the person with whom you have a kid. She also criticized her ex Josh Lucas for the act of cheating. 

Further, she states that she and her child deserve better than what they have. Jessica also says that many other women also face the same situation that she has faced in her life. She wants to pass a message to other women stating that they should not hope for something for a long time as they deserve much better. 

Latest News of Jessica Ciencin Henriquez

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez penned a column with the name “Raising My Son with My Ex-Husband is the hardest thing I’ve ever done” for Time. She stated that co-parenting is not an easy thing but still celebrities show it easy. 

In her column, Jessica shared that her son was only one year old when she separated from her husband. After that, the couple tried several times to come together. They also tried meditation, spending romantic nights, and other ways. But these things didn’t show any good result in rekindling their relationship. 

Jessica also mentions that she and her ex-husband tried parallel parenting, nesting, and cooperative parenting. But these things did not as well. 

Jessica and her Memories with New York City 

Last year, Jessica revealed to the media that she is moving out of New York City. She penned how difficult it is to leave the city where one has spent more than 11 years of its life. 

Jessica also listed the items that she wanted to sell such as books, coffee cups, dining sets, and sets. Apart from that, she also mentioned houseplants that she wanted to sell. 

Donation to Moms for Moms 

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez stated that she would donate the money from the sale of the items to Moms for Moms. It is a non-profit organization that helps single mothers in New York City. 

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