Make yourself professional skateboarder with our skateboarding tricks

If you love skateboarding and wish to be a professional, follow our below post. You will learn more about useful tips and tricks in order to fulfill your wish and become a professional soon. Let find out these tips and practice them, have fun moments right now with us.

To be professional skateboarder, start by choosing the best skateboard

If you are a skateboarding beginner, it seems choosing a good skateboard is not easy. How do you make the right choice and you won’t be disappointed by what you chose? There are many different wheels, trucks, sizes which make you confused. Don’t be worried so much! Our below information helps you:

You will choose wrong skateboard if you know what you want. If you just need a skateboard with stability and rolls smoothly, a basic one is for you: no need to spend so much in this case. Wheels are not too soft or too hard with deck between 8’’ and 8.5’’ are enough. 

Don’t pay attention so much to the length of the deck

Because it is not a much important element while skateboarding. You just have to care about the length if you need to make a full split to set your feet on the bolts. If not, a regular length is what you should buy.

The length of deck is not so important but the width is somewhat you must care, especially you are a beginner. Why is it important? Because to become a professional, you need to get the basic first. How do you get the basic well? You need more stability to be sure that you are safe and able to practice. A wider deck provides you stability. You still can practice with a smaller skateboard if you can. 

The length of skateboard is not so important

A wider deck with medium concave is better 

But a wider one is always better for beginners. The safe feeling is necessary. A wider deck allows you to keep your balance more and it means you will avoid being injured or hurt. 

Choosing a medium concave. It is hard to deny that a skateboard with more concave will make deck flip faster. However, for beginners who are not familiar with controlling the deck, flipping faster seems dangerous. With a medium concave, more force to ollie is required but you are not easy to be out of control when performing the tricks. 

How to choose right wheels?

The hardness of wheels is another factor you must have a right choice. As a beginner, the hardness of wheels is between 96a and 99a is suitable for skating on the street. If you are good at being in control, you should buy harder wheels, but be careful with cracks and rocks blocking your wheels because harder one will be affected by small obstacles more than softer wheels. In general, softer and wider wheels help you go faster but you have difficulty in doing technical tricks. In the contrary, smaller and harder wheels give you the chance to practice faster and better for skateboarding tricks. 

Harder wheels are the best choice if you are good at being control

Spending much money on trucks is unnecessary. You just need to be sure that your truck has a right width and matches your board. If your truck is so wide which make wheels stick out. Even cheap trucks can guarantee this matter for you. Therefore, don’t think that you definitely must buy an expensive truck.

How to choose decent bearings? 

Same as choosing truck, expensive bearings are not necessary. But you still need to choose carefully because many bearings from Chinese companies are in bad condition. Remember to buy them at trusted online shop of choose them at local shops in person. Then while using your skateboard, make sure that you avoid dirt and water from your bearings. 

To protect bearing better, getting a spacer should be considered. Spacers for bearings are not big. They are small, hollow and pipe-shaped. And of course, they are not expensive, too. When you attach nut to the truck axle, spacer protects bearing from regular damages. 

Skateboarding brands

Skateboarding brands is not matter but you still must consider. A trusted brand ensure the quality of their products and benefits for their customers. It is the best if you choose the deck and trucks from the same manufacturer.

There are still tips for you to get your right skateboard. But we tried to share you the most useful information to ensure that you will have the best skateboard to start your interesting journey with skateboarding.

Technical tricks to make yourself professional skateboarder

Anyone who wants to be good at any field, must start the basics. And you will progress much faster later on by practicing. It is same for skateboarder. If you want to be a professional, the basic is not enough. You have to know more than that. Many technical skateboarding tricks are waiting for you to experience and make you professional skateboarder. Let find out them!

Kickflip trick

You should learn this trick and perform smoothly before moving on to more complex ones. Performing this trick successfully is when you can lift the wheels of deck from the ground to 180 degrees. How to lift? Lean the back on the board which helps you raise the nose. 

Kickflip trick

Ollie trick

To perform this trick, lifting your body up when your skateboard is still on the ground is decisive factor. But the first thing you have to do is bending your knees before you lift. And another thing need to be paid attention to is the tail of skateboard. It should come first off the ground. Then you need right balance and proper foot placement which combine with excellent timing skill to end this technical trick exactly. 

 Nollie trick

If performing ollie trick, you have to care the tail of skateboard, nollie trick cares for the nose of skateboard. How to perform this trick? Follow our instruction below: Put your back foot at the center of skateboard. The other foot at the front. When you jump, the front of board need to be raised from the ground. But while skateboard is on the air, you have to level it. Then be sure that your knees are bent while landing.

Wallride trick

Yes, it is not easy to perform this trick because it is a bit more complicated. If you are not confident and feel safe, don’t try! Your two feet place on both ends of deck. When you are close to the wall, raise up the node of board. Your back have to face the wall while your skateboard is rolling up to the wall. Then to back to the ground, raise the nose of the board again. When you do this, sliding down is easier.

Wallride is not easy trick for a beginner

Fakie bigspin trick

This trick is very popular and performed by rotating boat your body in 180 degrees and skateboard in the same direction. You can move in an anti-clockwise movement or clockwise movement. To direct your movement, use your shoulder! If you try it in the first time, you may feel not easy. But don’t worry! Please calm down and try it several time and you will soon get used to it.

In fact, there are many, many other tricks for you to explore and practice and be professional skateboarder You can check more on Please try them! And you soon get what you want.

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