Top things to consider before buying health insurance

Today, many people choose to join health insurance to protect themselves as well as reduce the financial burden. However, most people buy insurance in large numbers and sometimes it does not suit the needs and financial conditions. You need to keep in mind the following considerations when buying health insurance to choose the policy package suitable for you and your loved ones.

Choose the right insurance package

Usually, each family will have different insurance needs depending on financial conditions. Along with that, each insurance company will have a variety of health insurance packages in terms of form and fee. So the first thing you need to keep in mind when buying health insurance is whether it fits your needs. You can refer to the fee schedule and the benefits of Bao Viet insurance package at this link. Once the insurance policy is signed but you are not qualified to pay, the company reserves the right to claim damages and refuse to guarantee benefits.

Thorough research of insurance benefits

Before buying health insurance, you should note that they only compensate you for unforeseen illnesses and accidents. That is why insurance companies always offer waiting times and limit the elimination of uninsured illnesses that existed before buying insurance. For example, if you are pregnant before going to buy maternity insurance, you will not be paid for the insurance. In addition, consider the benefits of medical care, the cost of payment and high-quality medical services to choose the insurance that best suits your medical examination and treatment needs and family.

Group health insurance plans can be great options for people looking to insure more than one person. You get great coverage at a lower price.

Buying health insurance for the family is the right choice/ 


Consider a reputable insurance company

Currently, Vietnam and global insurance markets are becoming more exciting than ever with the participation of reputable businesses both at home and abroad. Although customers will have more options, at the same time, this makes them not know where is the most reliable and suitable for them. To solve this situation, you need to understand your needs and requirements when buying health insurance (fee, geographic scope, compensation). Next, find out which companies can meet what you set out on the media or from loved ones.

There are many domestic and foreign insurance companies with different insurance packages and benefit levels to suit the needs of each family, so you need to compare the criteria to choose a reputable insurance company. credits to his family. Prestigious insurance companies need to have transparent compensation procedures with reasonable benefits according to different rates and insurance packages.

It is not difficult for you to find a friend or colleague who has ever purchased health insurance packages. Find out about their real experiences and reviews. In addition, you can also visit the website of insurance companies to find out information about products, premiums, clinic systems, hospitals and compensation procedures. To save time, you can also call the insurance company’s free hotline to ask for advice. Finally, you can also find multidimensional information from Internet forums – of course with caution.

One important note when buying health insurance is that you should choose a place where there is a public claim process along with a transparent listing of benefits for each insurance limit. A reputable company will help you feel more secure in protecting your health for the present and future.

Learn the terms of compensation

A few things to keep in mind when buying health insurance include checking hospital systems and health facilities that insurance companies guarantee, being paid for inpatient, outpatient or both. In addition, in certain cases, insurance companies have the right not to pay for medical expenses not specified by a doctor or not medically necessary under the terms of the contract. Understanding the terms of compensation will help you avoid losing unnecessary amounts.

Know the waiting time

The waiting period is the period from when the insurance contract is signed until the buyer is entitled to that benefit. For different types of health insurance, there are certain differences in waiting times. For example, maternity insurance is 12 months, ordinary sickness is 30 days, special diseases like malaria, the congenital disease is 365 days. If there are any costs incurred during the waiting period, the insurer will not be responsible for refunding this amount.

Note when buying insurance

You need to complete and truthfully fill out the insurance application form, especially the Yes/ No questions section. For instance, a common mistake for many people is to answer “No” to all questions about your medical history and medical history, including questions such as “In the past 24 months, do you have regular checkups? ”while they have annual checkups. Such incorrect answers may be the legal basis for the insurance company’s denial of compensation.

Health insurance helps your family overcome unexpected risks/ 


Honest reporting about medical history is often more beneficial to the client than not reporting. In fact, although insurance companies may refuse to provide insurance and reimburse customers, they can still accept insurance coverage for these diseases with a lower level of liability or require customers to share part of the cost through a waiver or an increase in fees. However, if the customer said dishonestly, the insurance company not only refused to compensate but also retained the paid insurance premiums.

When claiming

Please note that insurance companies only pay for expenses directly related to the examination and treatment of illness or injury. Therefore, tests, medical examinations, drugs, vitamins, minerals, functional foods, etc. that are not prescribed by a physician, or prescribed by a physician but not necessarily medically necessary Insurance company refused to pay.

To draw a conclusion

The above notes will help you avoid making decisions that are not right for you as well as unnecessary disputes with your insurance company or agent. When choosing the right health insurance package for you, you will save money and prevent future disease and accident risks. So, consider carefully before buying any kind of health insurance. If you need further advice from insurance specialists, please visit website. They are there and willing to serve you. 

Hopefully, the article above is helpful for you. Thank you for reading.

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