Basic tips for beginners to play World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Basic tips for beginners 1

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMO RPGs in the gaming industry and the key role here is played by many thoughtful game mechanics, faction warfare, a system of professions and crafts, thoughtful raid and dungeon systems, and various ways to level up characters.


In the Dragonflight update, the most relevant in World of Warcraft to date, the player can choose his faction solely for personal reasons and the appearance of the preferred race. In WoW, there has long been no difference and plus in the Alliance over the Horde and vice versa, so choose purely for personal sympathy.


Choosing a class is not difficult, they can be divided into several groups and sorted according to preferences:

  • Melee – rogue, paladin and death knight, wars.
  • Ranged combat – mage, hunter, warlock.

For the first character, it is better to choose an attacking rather than a defensive class. You will be able to independently, without any help, crawl through the main locations and master the system of quests and farming. Then recreate a support character if you want.


World of Warcraft is dominated by several ways to get levels:

  1. Main and secondary quests. The basis of leveling in most MMOs, and World of Warcraft is no exception, are quests. The main tasks will guide you through the storyline and gradually immerse you in more complex game mechanics to increase interest in progress and at the same time reward you with gold, starting equipment, weapons and experience so that the player is comfortable at the start of his adventure. Secondary tasks are often taken and completed in the same game locations as the main ones, but differ in reward. You need to carefully monitor what you get for completing the task so as not to engage in useless work. If the task gives gold, experience, or useful equipment, you can take it.
  2. Raids and dungeons are special zones that players enter as part of a group to fight local monsters and the main boss that lives there. As a reward, players will receive weapons or armor of the corresponding power level, experience depending on the number of players. To go into raids, you need to be part of a fireteam that will go into the dungeon and defeat the local boss. There is always a chance of failure if one of the raid members fails to do their job and time is wasted. You can follow the link – and order a boost in the dungeon from professional players with guaranteed completion of the raid and getting all experience and drops.
  3. Farm on locations – all characters can find any territory from the proposed updates of the world of Azeroth in the World of Warcraft and swing there, destroying monsters with single attacks, or mass skills. In the process of such farming, you will earn gold and materials that can be used in crafting, or sold to artisans for profit. The main thing is to keep an eye on the level of monsters and do not hunt mobs that are lower than you in level, look for enemies stronger than you.

Earning gold

To equip a character with everything necessary – weapons, armor, jewelry and consumable potions, the player needs a lot of gold.

There are several ways to earn gold:

Performing primary and secondary tasks. Story quests will consistently bring in more gold, while secondary quests need to be carefully monitored in the reward field so as not to complete useless quests that take time.

Farm monsters – if your class quickly hits monsters, or can use mass skills, then you can simply find play areas with mobs higher than you in level. It is better to follow in the location of the previous update, level quickly and squeeze out the maximum gold in the process and quickly move to Dragonflight content at level 60. New upgrades always bring more gold in the process of development than old locations.

Raids and dungeons are a great source of earning gold, because that’s where players can knock out valuable equipment from the boss and you can sell it on the marketplace if you don’t need it. An important clarification – not everything can be sold, some of the equipment has a single owner and cannot be sold and transferred, since it is tied to a specific class and specialization.

Master the profession system – thanks to crafts and gathering professions, you will be able to solve several tasks for your character. You can take on the study of no more than two professions, so there are only three options for development:

Take two gathering professions – the most successful option for earning gold, you can choose from mining (ore, gems) skinning (leather), gathering herbs (herbs, plants). Regardless of the set you choose, you will be able to collect two types of materials and sell them to the appropriate artisans to earn gold.

Gathering and craft profession – for example, mining and blacksmithing. A combination of professions that provide a full cycle of mining and production of equipment that can be sold to other players, or used for personal equipment.

Two crafting professions – difficult option, not suitable for beginners, but will potentially bring a lot of gold when you learn how to farm gold, buy materials, craft equipment and sell it to other players. With the leveling of professions, you will be able to earn large amounts, spending less gold on the purchase of materials and provide for yourself.

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