Understanding the Benefits of Using Kubernetes

Understanding the Benefits of Using Kubernetes 1

Teenagers and adults use their smartphones and computers for everything. Rather than turning to the high street to find products and services, they use search engines; it is, therefore, important to focus on improving your company’s digital performance and visibility.

Kubernetes is an open-source container development and deployment program that is used by some of the web’s biggest names including Google, Spotify, and The New York Times. You don’t have to be a coding-extraordinaire to use it either since there are an almost endless number of online resources that beginners can turn to.

This post will tell you what the benefits of using Kubernetes are:

Learning Resources

Creating your own applications isn’t easy. Programming is arguably one of the hardest tech skills an individual can learn. You will be pleased to know then that as Kubernetes is one of the internet’s largest container deployment applications it is the most talked about and discussed. There are lots of online learning resources you can use to further your knowledge of the program, whether you are interested in the new Kubernetes API gateway or getting started using it. Refer to online learning resources for support when you are planning on making use of Kubernetes.

Before using an online guide you should first verify its author’s credentials and authenticity as a true expert. Content is big business. You cannot always be sure that the individual teaching you about a topic is actually a specialist in it. Due to social media and business networking platforms, however, you can find out a lot about an article’s author simply by searching their name suffixed by ‘LinkedIn’ or ‘Facebook.’ You should only ever trust the advice given by individuals who are in the know. In other words, read the guides of experts, not those authored by individuals with no expertise in your topic of interest, writing purely for a paycheque.

Digital Communities

It isn’t always easy learning online, even when you have a wealth of courses, guides, and tutorials afforded to you. Individuals who’re interested in developing their own applications will be pleased to know that not only does Kubernetes have these things, but it also has a massive online community filled with experts and individuals who’re passionate about teaching others. You do not have to fret about not being able to interpret complex information awkwardly conveyed in tutorials and guides because you can fall back on forums and chat rooms.

Because this specific platform is open source, it attracts people who do not necessarily have the money to use other platforms locked behind paywalls. A lack of funds does not mean people are not experts, however. It should be noted that Kubernetes’ developers, Google, also happen to use the platform themselves; it is the best of the best. If you are struggling with concepts related to coding or programming then find a forum or community to join. Joining a community means you will have people there to help you when you struggle.

Saving Money

Funding is a big problem for businesses, even successful ones. Creating a new application can be a very expensive and lengthy process. If you are employing people to code for you then you will have to pay their salaries and software costs. What makes Kubernetes great is that you don’t have to pay a thing to use it; the platform is free. The only thing you have to pay towards is cluster management and even then the amount owed is minimal. Because Kubernetes’ services are totally free it means you can save your business a small fortune.

As mentioned above, software costs are not the only costs associated with app development; you also have to pay a programmer’s fees. The good thing about Kubernetes is that because there is so much information about it available online, anybody can learn to use it. You do not even have to have coding experience to get started thanks to the abundance of guides available online. You can further save money by foregoing hiring developers and doing everything yourself. Bear in mind, doing everything independently isn’t easy and can take a lot longer than hiring somebody would.

Massive Scalability

You can’t ever accurately predict how popular an application you have designed is going to be. Some people think their apps are going to achieve success and they don’t while others think their apps are going to bomb and instead make them small fortunes. When you are developing and deploying applications it’s best to start off small; starting small and scaling up when demand increases can save you time and money. Other platforms do not make it easy to scale up your apps, however. Kubernetes is unique in that scalability is extremely easy, meaning individuals can scale their apps according to demand.

If you are somebody who’s not very experienced in app development and deployment and wants to scale up something they have created, consider hiring an expert. Poorly performed scaling can be detrimental to your app and overall user experience; it does need to be noted that if you are planning on scaling up an app and want to hire a professional, you need to find one with good reviews. A developer’s reviews can tell you a lot about them and give you a glimpse into what it is going to be like working with them in the future. Avoid contractors with bad reviews.

Superior Automation

One last benefit of Kubernetes that’s worth noting is the fact that the platform automates a lot of complicated and annoying processes. Anyone with experience in coding will be able to tell you that the vast majority of a coder’s life is spent completing repetitive, admin-like tasks. Automating them can be a good way of saving yourself money as after all, time is money; to learn more about the app’s automation processes read some of the guides available on the platform’s official website. Learning to use automation tools effectively will increase the benefits you derive from them.

There are lots of different platforms you can use to create and deploy your own applications. Finding the right one is essential if you want to achieve success. Most find that Kubernetes is the best on offer, at least as far as free platforms go. There are many more benefits of using it beyond those mentioned here. Read about more of the platform’s benefits elsewhere before committing and beginning to use it. You should always be fully educated about a program before using it.

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