Do You Want to Demolish Your House? Let’s Learn About the Cost

Do You Want to Demolish Your House

Some people use demolition services to reconstruct their houses from scratch. The process can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. They need an adequate budget and a proper method for demolishing the property to ensure safety. Two standard demolition practices include deconstruction and mechanical demolition. Companies use hydraulic excavators and other apt machinery to do the job. They haul away the debris through a dumpster or trailer. It’s the fastest method. On the other side, deconstruction or manual demolition work involves tearing down all the parts one by one to secure reusable materials.

Whether you contact Bruce Johnson Construction serving all of Gresham or someone else, ask them what process they follow and if they salvage reusable materials or fittings. Nevertheless, your decision largely depends on the cost factor, which varies from location to location for several reasons. Here is a quick look at them.

Breakdown of the home demolition cost

A company can charge anywhere from USD $4-20 per sq ft. That means you may spend USD $4800 to 2,400 on a 1,200 square feet property and USD $12k – 60k on 3,000 square feet home. It helps you understand that larger demolition work involves more budget because of the use of time and resources. It also leads to more waste disposal. The average cost can linger between USD $15k to 21k for a 1,500-square-foot to 2,500-square-foot home, respectively. Also, rural areas can be cheaper, while a densely populated city can increase your spending. A demolition contractor must set up everything carefully to avoid hazards.

Other than this, labor and machinery costs also play a critical role. They can charge anywhere from USD $50 to 100 per hour for laborers and USD $100 to 250 for tools and equipment.

DIY demolition cost

Some people believe they can handle this alone. But it is more than simple DIY work. The risks are far more significant if something goes wrong. Since it involves plenty of details, an ordinary person can make mistakes in one or the other area. Still, let’s see what you spend or save. You would need to rent demolition trucks, sledgehammers, and forklifts. All of these can cost around USD $450 to 300k a day. Permits will be an additional cost. Since demolition destabilizes a heavy structure, you should be wary of hazards. Deal with utility connections beforehand to avoid any major accidents. Contractors usually have insurance coverage. So they are secure from a financial aspect if something happens. Plus, 1970s homes used toxic asbestos material. It also requires responsible handling as per law.

Hiring professionals for the job can be a safe and wise decision, even if you have to pay a higher price. If something goes wrong in this process, your whole DIY effort will go to waste, and there can be severe consequences. You cannot afford to take such risks. Call a contractor, let them do a site walk-through, and inspect every corner for harmful materials, etc. Lead, mercury, asbestos, and other such things need special attention. Only they can detect their presence and remove them safely. So, allow the experts to do the primary job while you enjoy the outcome.

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