Are There More People Playing at Online Casinos Now Than Ever Before?

Are There More People Playing at Online Casinos Now Than Ever Before

Although online casinos are only a decade old, they have managed to become a force to be reckoned with in the global casino market. The last few years have seen a dramatic shift in the ways in which we play our favourite casino games online and the latest data shows that the global online gambling sector makes up for approximately 40% of the overall gambling market, which again demonstrates the popularity of online gambling and online casinos over land-based gambling establishments.

The trend is further emphasized by the rapid technological advancements which allow users to choose from hundreds of different casino sites in just a couple of clicks from their computer or smartphone. This leads us to the question of why there are more people playing on online casinos now than ever? 

Accessibility of Online Casinos 

In comparison to the traditional casinos, online casinos are a better position to serve hundreds of different casino players worldwide. They exist mainly in a digital format which means it’s easier for them to host hundreds of different casino games and to update their existing digital infrastructure.

Furthermore, because online casino sites need to cater to different audiences, they stay on top of the modern technological innovations and create high-quality, optimized gaming platforms for both desktop and mobile devices. Consequently, casino players can easily access any casino site from their smartphone, for example. 

They don’t need to wait in line to play their favourite casino games or travel to the nearest land-based casino. Everything is much more accessible as it is fully digitalized – starting from the gambling platform to the casino games, promotions, and bonuses available on the casino sites.

Mobile Casino Sites 

The main reason why people are playing casino games today is the availability of mobile casino apps as well as mobile casino platforms. It goes without saying that smartphones have become a dominant digital device in our daily lives – we spend over 155 minutes per day on our smartphones, and it’s expected the number to go up in the future.

 Hence, it’s unsurprising that mobile devices have become a preferred method of playing casino games, whether at home or on the move. In fact, most casino players prefer to play casino games on there as smartphones. The second device of choice is laptops, and the last one is computers and tablets. 

This shows that one of the greatest factors that influenced the rapid rise of online casino games was the development of mobile optimized casino sites and separate mobile casino apps. Because casino sites are fully optimized for smartphones, they offer the same options as their desktop counterparts, including a huge library of high-quality casino games which provides users with an immersive gaming experience on the go. 

Variety of Casino Games

Another reason for the popularity of online casinos is the ever-increasing portfolio of casino games that exist in a digital format, which means that the iGaming providers have hundreds of options when it comes to developing casino games. They can create casino games with different features and innovations and make changes and new versions. In other words, you will find thousands of different casino games from every genre imaginable, including slots, roulette, poker, craps, blackjack, Texas Holdem, and many other games. 

In contrast to traditional casinos, where there is limited space and options, casino sites offer a huge number of casino games that, in many cases, will exceed the number of games available at one with casinos. Moreover, it’s easier for them to include new additions to further expand their library. This is one of the main advantages that promoted the popularity of online gambling. 


The last reason for the growing popularity of casino sites is the range of bonuses and promotions available. Online casinos are known for their wide selection of offers and promotions, which is one of the primary differences between land-based casinos and casino sites. Namely, online casinos operate in a dynamic, fast-paced, and competitive environment, which means they need to provide incentives for users to become their members and to remain casino members on their platforms.

For this reason, there are different casino offers available, including deposit match bonuses, cashback, offers bonus spins, and giveaways, among many other options. Anyway, it is a major factor in the popularity of online casinos as it’s another aspect that allows providers to make changes to attract new audiences.

In addition, there are also loyalty programs as rewards which are not only accessible for high rollers but also for regular members that wager on online casinos. Of course, there are differences between one loyalty program to another, but mainly there are many accessible loyalty schemes where registered members have a chance to gain specific awards, including personal account manager, higher deposit limits, birthday bonuses, and many other benefits. All these factors make online casinos more appealing to casino players online, as they really have an abundance of choices available.

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