What Are No Win No Fee Legal Services And How To Know If Are You Eligible

What Are No Win No Fee Legal Services And How To Know If Are You Eligible

If you’ve gone through an accident and you’re prepared to make a personal injury claim, you might be worried that you will blow your budget if the claim isn’t successful, or that your lawyer is going to make the most of your compensation.

But have you heard of the “no win, no fee” agreement? In case you do not have the slightest idea what it is, we’ll tell you that it’s an agreement intended for people that might incur expenses while they are pursuing a settlement.

This type of arrangement is usually between a client and a personal injury lawyer. If this sounds appealing to you and you would like to gather more information about it, then stay tuned because below, we’ll explain everything.

Essential Facts About “No Win, No Fee” Agreement

How Does This Claim Work? 

So what happens during this process? Namely, no fee lawyers normally take out an insurance policy on behalf of their clients before they start working on their case so they can cover any expenses that may arise during the compensation claim. These expenses typically involve court fees, medical reports, and any other costs.

It’s worth mentioning, that the individual who is making the personal injury claim is going to deal with any hidden bills or charges that have arisen during the compensation claim process.

Who Is Eligible For This Type Of Service?

Now, in order to qualify for this type of compensation claim, you must have been injured in the past three years. Keep in mind, that the accident must have been either partially or wholly the fault of the other party.

Anything Else That Needs To Be Mentioned?

Why Do Attorneys Do “No Win, No Fee” Legal Services?

There is a number of reasons why advocates decide to do this. One of the most important ones is to progress the personal injury claim of their client as quickly as possible. Additionally, there are many compensation law firms out there who are dealing with people who have been injured, yet do not have money to cover their legal expenses upfront.

On the other hand, personal injury solicitors who do not want to provide their clients with “No Win, No Fee” legal services frequently find that the progression of the injury claim is impeded by their client’s ability to give money for the legal fees.

That’s precisely one of the reasons why a plethora of legal firms offer this type of service to the injured people they want to focus on getting the proper compensation, instead of worrying about the legal expenses that the client has to pay to the attorney.

How Are Fees Calculated Under This Type Of Agreement?

Before settlement, the solicitors are going to calculate their fees which typically involve expenses for professional services. Furthermore, these fees represent the time the advocate, along with his or her legal team has spent working on your case.

Besides that, a vast majority of lawyers also charge for faxes, phone calls, emails, photocopies, postage, and many other things. But do not worry. This entire process is actually very transparent and your attorney will thoroughly explain every single cost associated with their services.

What Happens If “No Win, No Fee” Claim Is Successful?

If your compensation with a particular law firm is successful, the vast majority of the legal expenses incurred, like basic legal fees are going to be recovered from the company or individual that has caused the injury or accident.

Namely, this type of legal principle is also known as “polluter pays”. Other expenses usually require payment and are taken care of once everything is over. These costs are also called “success fee” which refers to a certain percentage of compensation that is paid by the client. 

Is It Worth Employing “No Win, No Fee” Legal Services?

Bear in mind, that nobody can force you to use these services unless you think it’s the right thing to do. However, many legal experts will tell you that it’s definitely recommendable to utilize “No Win, No Fee” services, particularly if you can find a solicitor for your compensation law case.

Keep in mind, that every no win no fee solicitor is the same. When selecting the right one for your personal injury case, be sure to consider these things below:

  • The legal costs of your attorney
  • The transparency of the advocate’s No Win No Fee agreement
  • The track record of the lawyer

It is safe to say that the “No Win, No Fee” legal agreement represents great legal support that ensures that everyone gets the chance to receive the compensation they deserve, whether they have money or not. 

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