Pros & Cons of Gambling Online or At A Land-Based Casino

land based casinos

The advent of the internet has made it easier than ever before to bet at a casino. But when it comes to weighing up the advantages and weaknesses of land-based casinos how do they compare to online betting sites? Here are some of the most important pros and cons to consider.

Land-Based Pro – Real-World Atmosphere

This is very much a subjective matter, but for some people, the real-world atmosphere offered by a brick-and-mortar casino is a huge bonus. The background hub of chatter, the smell of drink, perfume, and possibly cigar smoke, the clatter of the roulette ball as it settled into the wheel all help to make playing in a real-world casino truly immersive. Online betting sites can replicate much of what a true casino has to offer, but some people find the human connection of mingling with others, both players and dealers, and the collective sense of fun to be a significant aspect of the gaming experience.

Online casinos do have a version of this through the live dealer table games that allow players to wager remotely with real dealers. Obviously, this is far more convenient and does have something of the brick and mortar experience about it, but it’s more of a halfway house than a perfect copy. But just like shopping some people simply prefer to do it in person.

Land-Based Con – Less Convenient

The great thing about the internet is just how much more convenient it’s made so many parts of daily life, and online betting is one such example. Not everybody lives near a real-world casino, but the internet means that there’s a huge number of places to play both domestically and overseas. Better yet, the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets means that players can practically carry a casino in their pocket. Mobile gaming is especially well-suited for players who prefer mini-sessions as it enables a quick dip into the casino when there’s a quarter of an hour to kill, or when you’re curled up on the sofa waiting for a halftime break to end.

Real-world casinos, by way of contrast, have defined opening hours (or can be 24/7), and reaching them takes plenty of time for most people. If you live in Las Vegas it’s not so bad, but for many people visiting a casino involves hours of traveling time, whereas playing at one online is a matter of moments.

Online Gambling in Canada

Canada is one of the world’s top 10 betting nations, with great places to play in the major cities. Plenty of overseas casinos are geared for international players,

especially for Canadian gamblers who can enjoy Canadian themed slots such as NHL games. Those that come with sportsbooks also cater to the major leagues, and CAD is one of the most widely accepted international betting currencies, making it easy for players from Canada to keep track of their betting without having to worry about exchange rates.

Land-Based Pro – Fine Dining and Other Distractions

Land-based casinos are not islands of recreation offering only gaming distractions. Under a casino roof, it’s common to find a variety of great dining establishments, often accompanied by other delights. Golf courses, shopping malls, and live entertainment such as music, comedy, and theatrical performances are regularly hosted too.

And even real-world casinos that only have gaming are frequently right next door to assorted other recreational sites that have sprung up to cater to casino-goers (especially those who have won big and need a place to splash their cash, whether that’s bowling alleys, pool halls, or live performance venues). Visiting a casino can be a great night out by itself and can also form just one leg of a great evening.

Land-Based Con – Far More Susceptible to Pandemic Disruption

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is very much a black swan, an unpredictable event that turned the world upside down. One can forgive real-world casinos for not being prepared as nobody had seen the like since the Spanish Flu that struck after World War One. But it remains the truth that some sectors (such as sports) were drastically affected by the coronavirus’ spread. Sadly for land-based casinos, they’re practically designed to be heavily impacted by such a disease. Not only do they rely on larger numbers of people crammed together in close proximity, but casinos also feature multiple items passed between people (chips, cards, drinks) which can act as a means of viral transmission.

Many casinos have since created pandemic measures, varying from one establishment to another but often including masks and making every other gaming machine off-limits to ensure distancing in a bid to combat the worst effects of the pandemic. But it’s still far safer to play remotely at online betting sites.

Land-Based Con – Less Likely to Win

Believe it or not, you’re actually less likely to win at a brick-and-mortar casino than one online. This isn’t a psychological matter of being affected by background noise or similar, it’s rooted in the basic principles of mathematics and business. Land-based casinos come with many overheads that cannot be avoided. Rent, lighting, staffing costs, insurance, and so forth. These are far lower in an online betting site that has no physical space. And this isn’t just good for business, it’s good for the player.

The lower level of overheads means that online casinos can achieve the same profit margin as a land-based establishment by offering a lower house edge, increasing the player’s chance of winning without denting the viability of the casino’s bottom line. In short, playing online makes it likelier you’ll come out ahead.

There are various pros and cons to playing in at land-based casinos as opposed to online sites, some subjective and others hard facts. Whether you choose to play in person or remotely, it’s always wise to check the reviews of the casino you’re considering to ensure they’re up to snuff.

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