The Features Available to Punters Who Use Winbet Bulgaria

The Features Available to Punters Who Use Winbet Bulgaria

Due to the fact that the local online betting companies in Bulgaria have to compete against brands available worldwide, they’ve decided to offer more options than usual. One of the operators that are often the preferred option for Bulgarians is called Winbet, and it offers land-based and online casinos, as well as a sportsbook. If you read the review created by Nostrabet, you can find more details about Winbet Bulgaria and what makes this brand different than other Bulgarian operators. Even though it offers almost the same betting categories, there are differences in terms of the bonuses and some of the most popular features.

People usually want to know more about the offers, but this article will be dedicated to Winbet’s betting features. As one of the few iGaming brands in Bulgaria that want to rival the best globally, this bookie provides locals with every sought-after option in the industry. With that being said, here are the features that punters in Bulgaria can use if they decide to put Winbet’s services to the test.

Winbet real-time bets

Some people in Bulgaria have heard of Winbet thanks to the company’s land-based casinos. Although their online casino is also a gathering hub for all sorts of players, Winbet is slowly becoming more recognizable for its sports betting section. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case, and one of them is the site’s live betting category.

Whether you are interested in football or one of the many other sports, you will have the opportunity to wager on them in real-time. The site’s live betting category offers several other features, such as live animations that help bettors keep track of the action as it unfolds. 

Wagering on live events at Winbet Bulgaria has many other benefits. People who utilize this section will have the option to use new markets and the changing odds. The latter change their value depending on the in-game events.

Live streaming for specific matches

The live betting section at Winbet is special, but Bulgarian gambling fans have the chance to use this feature if they choose other iGaming operators. Fortunately, the Winbet Bulgaria review from Nostrabet shows that this bookie also provides a live stream. This makes it among the few Bulgarian betting companies with this feature.

In order to use the live streaming feature, you need to sign up. Once ready, head over to the sports betting section and open the live betting tab. This is where you should find a category called “video”, which will show you all of the live streamings you will have access to. Keep in mind that the number of options depends on all sorts of things, such as the day of the week. 

Interestingly, Winbet used to offer this betting feature only to punters who wagered on eSports, especially Dota 2. However, after the changes, this top-rated online bookmaker gives bettors the chance to watch live football, tennis, basketball, and a series of other sports.

The Winbet Betslip

Every website that gives you the chance to wager on sports has a betslip and Winbet is not an exception. Regardless of which sport and market you decide to stake on, you can add your preferred option to your betslip, and you will gain access to several additional features.

Besides the regular option that will show you the total odds and your potential winnings based on how much you are willing to stake, Winbet has a few other tricks. For example, you can use this option to create a system bet or wager on every selection individually. What’s more, you can enable a unique feature that won’t require you to accept the new odds when they change. This is a standard option for people who wager on live events.

Cash Out a Winbet Bulgaria

Since Winbet offers all of the options mentioned above, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the operator also offers a Cash Out feature. Every sports bettor with some experience knows that this is the most useful option because it gives bettors more control. 

Thanks to Winbet’s Cash Out feature, you have the opportunity to settle your bet earlier than usual. Instead of waiting for the event’s full duration, you can use Cash Out and get a specific amount of money based on the current score. Most Bulgarian online bettors use this feature when they want to save some of the money they’ve used, but others do it because they want to claim their winnings as fast as possible.

Due to the fact that other betting operators in Bulgaria also offer a Cash Out option, Winbet decided to step up its game and provide a Partial Cash Out. This means users can partially settle their bets and get a specific amount of money while keeping their bets active.

Honorable mention

Aside from everything mentioned so far, Winbet used to have a special Bet Builder feature. This was one of the most sought-after perks in online betting in Bulgaria because other brands did not provide the option. However, Winbet decided to remove it, which means people won’t be able to stake on several markets from the same events. However, this could change in the future, so make sure to keep an eye on the platform for more information. 

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