How to Earn Gift Cards Online (Plus How to Get Started)

How to Earn Gift Cards Online

If you are on a budget, gift cards can be a huge lifesaver. Spending with gift cards is different from other payment methods because you have a limited amount of money that is not attached to your bank account or credit. As a result, you are less likely to purchase things you don’t need, helping you to shop without wasting any of your own money. If the gift cards are free, you get to save even more!

If you are interested in earning gift cards online, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will look at the four best ways to earn free gift cards. We even tell you how to get started with each idea. Let’s dig right in.

1. Take Online Surveys

Taking surveys for gift cards is incredibly easy and doesn’t take up a whole lot of your time. How it works is that the survey companies get paid by market research organizations to find out what real customers like you are interested in. Just by giving your opinion, you can earn gift cards to a variety of stores.

With this gift card earning idea, you can complete surveys completely on your own time. Whether you are in line for coffee or watching TV, you can earn points that eventually get converted into free gift cards.

How to Get Started

Getting started with online survey taking is super easy. You’ll begin by finding a reputable survey site such as Branded Surveys.

From there, you will take a survey about yourself. This survey will ask you some personal questions, such as your education level, career, and the number of people in your household. The point of this questionnaire is to match you with relevant surveys.

Once the questionnaire is filled out, the survey site will start recommending surveys to you to take. Take these surveys and get points. Eventually, you’ll earn enough points that you can cash out through gift cards.

2. Use Cashback Rewards

Everyone should be using cashback rewards because they help save and earn money without taking up a whole lot of time. Cashback rewards are great because they allow you to cash out with gift cards of your choosing, just by purchasing items you already need! Cashback rewards are super simple to use. Just select the coupons, shop, and withdraw your cashback savings in the form of a gift card.

How to Get Started

To get started with using cashback rewards, you need to find cashback options that are most relevant to the products you expect to shop for the most. Some of the best sites include Ibotta, Rakuten, and GetUpSide. It’s best to use multiple cashback rewards at once since the different apps and sites cater to specific products and stores.

Once you know which cashback site you want to use, the hard part is over. Now, all you need to do is find the products on your shopping list, select the items for cashback, go shopping, and redeem. After you redeem enough points, you can cash out in the form of gift cards.

Keep in mind that you will likely have to submit the receipt within 24 hours of claiming the cashback rewards coupon. We recommend submitting pictures of the receipt as soon as you go shopping to make sure you don’t forget and maximize your savings.

3. Play Games

If you love playing games on your phone, this is the perfect idea for you. Sites like Mistplay and drop allow you to play games for points. You will cash out with those points by selecting gift cards once you get enough. In other words, you can mindlessly play games for gift cards. Who isn’t interested?

How to Get Started

It’s super easy to get started earning gift cards by playing games. Find the different apps and sites that offer games for gift cards. As we mentioned above, Mistplay is an excellent option.

Then, fill out your profile to get started and start playing games. With each game you play, you will get points. Once you get enough points, cash out by selecting from the gift cards available.

4. Become a Brand Ambassador

If you have ever wondered how social media influencers make all their money, this is it. They become brand ambassadors for top companies around the globe. Young people know about becoming a brand ambassador, but many people over the age of 20 don’t know that this is a thing.

Simply put, brand ambassadorships are whenever companies pay individuals to collaborate and promote their brands on social media. Although it’s difficult to become a millionaire with this technique, you certainly can earn a whole lot of gift cards and free gifts by becoming a brand ambassador.

How to Get Started

To get started, you need to look on social media to find companies that offer brand ambassadorships. Many companies starting out offer ambassadorship programs, especially to users with many followers. You can go to their website to see if they have explicit ambassadorship applications and rules listed.

If your favorite sites offer a brand ambassadorship program, you can apply to get started. If you don’t see any fine print about it, you can always message their social media site to inquire about a potential brand ambassadorship. Many companies will allow this, especially if they are a new brand and you have a few followers.

Once you are a brand ambassador, you post content promoting the company’s products and merchandise. The company will send you different products to promote on your site. You could even request a gift card so that you can purchase items that you want to promote from their company, making the promotion more authentic and exciting.


You can begin earning free gift cards online by taking online surveys, using cashback rewards, playing games, or becoming a brand ambassador. Most of these free gift card ideas are easy to perform and don’t take up much time from your day. Yet, you can earn a whole lot and save even more with consistent use. Good luck!

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