Most Expensive Dog Accessories to Spoil your Little Pup

Most Expensive Dog Accessories to Spoil your Little Pup

Millions of dog owners worldwide search for trendy and most expensive dog accessories that would not just make their pup’s life comfortable but spoil their little ones. From a gem-studded tiara to a diamond dog collar and coat, there are many dog accessories to treat your dog better than the others. Whatever dog breed you have, the below-mentioned list of most expensive dog accessories will surely spoil your pup since they deserve to be spoiled. 

Dog Tiara by Riwin Jirapolsek

Although we have always seen tiara’s been worn by princesses and Queens, it looks adorable and royal when worn by our favourite pet. This is the reason a popular Thai Jeweller named Riwin Jirapolsek designed a unique and stylish tiara that is included in the list of most expensive dog accessories. The tiara has been handcrafted with not less than 250 carats diamonds and emeralds. The base metal used for the tiara is titanium which is encrusted with handset jewellery. If you wish to treat your dog like royalty, this tiara is a must buy at $4.2 million. 

Gianni Versace’s Barocco Pet Bowl

If you serve dinner to your little pup in an ordinary old bowl, better have a look at one of the most expensive pet bowls worldwide. Although dogs are not choosy when served, dog owners are. Particularly when we consider taste such as fine dining, selecting a good serving bowl for our little pup is not a bad idea. Gianni Versace Barocco Pet Bowl is one of the most expensive dog accessories that has been beautifully designed in porcelain. This fancy feeding bowl comes with a 22-carat gold leaf design in its edges along with black and gold swirls designed in Barocco design throughout the bowl. This artistic pet feeding bowl can be bought for just $754 to give your pup an experience of fine dining. 

Couture Domed Pavilion Dog Bed

After serving in an expensive bowl, your little pup might demand a comfortable couch. Well, the Couture Domed Pavilion Dog Bed is one that you need to make your dog feel like a Sultan. Although the bed looks like an indoor dog house, it has fine linen and a comfortable bed that is complemented with imitated crocodile leather cover. The panels have embroidered silk decorated intrinsically with ferns. To gift this one of the most expensive dog accessories to your pup, you have to spend $3,900. 

La Jeune Tulipe Diamond Dog Pet Collar

Whether expensive or inexpensive, we all wish to buy unique dog collars for our dogs to make them look different among others. One expensive and unique looking dog collar has been designed by La Jeune Tulipe. The collar is studded with real diamonds and holds a centrepiece with a 1.52-carat diamond that shines remarkably. To have this, you will have to place an order with the company as the collar is custom fit and the price band have been kept between $1-3,000. 

Gold Mattress

Another comfortable bed designed exclusively by an Italian firm, Magniflex is a Gold Mattress that is made of gold threads. The cover of the mattress is handmade and made out of 22-carat gold threads. You have to spend $24-30,000 (as per size) to own this mattress to spoil your pup. If your budget is low, you can still purchase this one by reducing the mattress size. But if you wish to see your little pup sleep on gold, you still have to pay more than a thousand dollars. 

Michel’s V.I.P. Parfum

If you wish to keep your dog apart from the crowd, you can buy Michel’s V.I.P. Parfum that has an enchanting fragrance for your dog. Although this product may seem non-essential to many, you might need them when you want to transfer your dog from low class to high one. You can buy anything from Pink Grapefruit to Mandarin Blossom that costs around $4,000/4 oz.

Royal Crown Derby Pet Bowl

Yet another expensive feeding bowl which is also one of the most expensive dog accessories is the Royal Crown Derby Pet Bowl. Being an expensive accessory, the bowl is carved with a 22-carat gold leaf. The design of the bowl itself can attract your dog or anyone who enters your house to see your pampered one. To buy this product, you might have to spend $650. 

Swarovski Crystal Dog Bath

If a luxurious bed or feeding bowl do not classify as royal for your dog, the Swarovski Crystal Dog bath will surely do. Bathing your dog in your shower may clog your drain due to the dog’s hair but keeping a dog bath can solve this issue forever. When you decide to buy a dog bath, why not spend some extra and give your dog a luxurious feel with a Swarovski crystal bathtub. This $6,995 bathtub has crystals placed by hand and is designed in 19th-century clawfoot style. You can choose from multiple colours offered by the Posh Puppy Boutique. 

Versace Style Bed

Just like Couture Domed Pavilion Dog Bed, Versace has designed a luxurious pet bed to give your dog a comfortable and luxurious feel. Surely, your dog will never sleep on the floor once he/she gets this bed. The Versace style bed is not just a product to pamper your spoilt pup but also a good artwork that makes your space more beautiful. The gold leather duvet and the lush black faux fur will be loved by people with a sense of style. Though you will have to spend $1,750 to gift your dog a gorgeous bed. 

Couture Futuristic Royal Harness Dress

If couture models can wear expensive dresses, why not our puppies who are near and dear to us. If you have ever seen a dog harness, you must have envisioned your dog wearing a similar kind looking extraordinarily cute. Well, the Couture Futuristic Royal Harness Dress is one of the most expensive dog accessories that is made out of rich velvet and bridal silk. More than 2,000 Swarovski crystals have been embellished in the harness to make it super-rich. To make your dog look like a future model, you can have this piece for $6,600 only. 

Small 18k Gold & Silver Leash with CZ Jewels

Fancy 38 Inch Leash Holder is one perfect solution to pamper your dog with royalty if an expensive collar, bed and harness cannot pamper combinedly. The leash is made out of crocodile, snake and ostrich skin with 18-carat gold and silver. This $300,000 leash comes with a detachable blue fox fur cuff holder 

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