Not sure of your sleeping position yet? After reading this post, you will need to check it

This post of ours will reveal some secrets that may help you in determining true personality of yourself and even others whom you get to watch while they are asleep. I know it may sound a bit creepy and invasive, but believe me the below mentioned sleep positions will let you know about others to a great extent as all the conclusions regarding sleep positions have been made after carrying lot of research and experiments on different persons having unlike personalities. Psychologists and researchers are still studying on different sleep positions to try and fetch exact personality and behavioural pattern of people where they have succeeded in concluding about few positions. Let’s have a look at the most popular sleep positions.

Free fallers

These kinds of people enjoy resting on their stomach with their arms wrapped around the pillow and head down to the either side. Although sleeping on the stomach may prove uncomfortable for many people, but those who like sleeping in this position would never prefer sleeping in any other way. Freefalling one’s personality trait shows boldness and sociable nature. Although they seem cheerful and carefree from outside, but deep inside they are often scared and nervous for facing criticism and may sometimes become over sensitive during intense situations.


This position may sound funny where people sleep lying on one side with their arms by the sides and legs extended straight. People sleeping in this position seems to have very strict nature but actually they are very sociable and loves getting engaged with every kind of individuals. They are also one of those people whom you can trust upon as they prove very gullible many times.


In fetal position, people curl their knees towards chest like getting tucked into a safe ball or just like babies remain in their mother’s womb before birth, as the name says. This kind of position is found most commonly in women as per one of the experiments done by psychologists. People who find this position comfortable and soothing do have a hard shell where they show stiff nature to outside world. But actually, they are very soft from inside and are typically shy whenever they meet any new person for the first time. However, they open up quickly and feel relaxed and frank with them after some time. They also show great problem thinkers and get worried more than often.

Pillow Huggers

Pillow huggers is actually not a sleep position in itself in which a person either hugs a pillow or not, but this action can reveal their personality and nature. Pillow huggers can reveal their relationships and bonding in personal life in terms of family, friends and relationships. People sleeping in this position likes to help others instead of themselves and also try to please others with their deeds occasionally. Whether friends, family or relationship they cherish every bonding over anything else in life.


Under this position, person sleeps on either side where their arms stretch in front of them. This kind of sleeping position is also found very commonly and study reveals that people who uses this position while sleeping are usually very open and inviting to other people. Nevertheless, these kinds of people can sometimes seem very suspicious and cynical and therefore they often take more time than anticipated whenever they are to make any decision by themselves. But, once they decide upon something, they make sure that the task is been completed without fail. Such people personality trait reveals that they are like turtles while making decisions but once decided, they become stubborn to fulfil their decision without making any alteration to it.


Attention readers! People sleeping in this position are characterised by military stance where they lie on their back with arms stretched straight down by their side. This sleep position is not very common one and many few sleep patrons follow this position where they feel comfortable. As the name says, soldier sleep positions reveal that personality trait where people are inclined to have very structured and disciplined lifestyle. They tend to have higher expectations from people they are surrounded with. They are usually very quiet and reserved where they hold themselves from getting close to others due to rigid moral codes. They might have tendency to snore as well.


This position is again one of the most popular one in which people lie on their back with legs stretched out and arms stretched upwards looking like a cactus plant. They sprawl up entire bed, adapts most comfortable position and shows carelessness. These kind of people makes best of pals as friendship for them is in top priority in their personal life. They also like to hear others problems and try to help them getting out of those situations. They do not necessarily try to remain centre of attention, but also never mind if they get one occasionally.


This is not so popular position but definitely is used by many people. In this position, people again lie on their back but their arms wrapped around their head. This kind of people also make good friends and will try to help their friends and people surrounded with as much as possible. People sleeping in stargazer position usually have positive attitude towards life and shows ’happy-go-lucky’ personality.
You can comment below if you find any of the above-mentioned positions matching with yours.

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