History of skateboarding

The clock always ticks at its pace and there is no stopping it. Times have changed Significantly and there is no denying it. Humans have been playing sports from a long period Of time and the interest in sports of people also change. One significant and really important Industry skate industry has emerged and there is no stopping it. People really like this sport and actually, every person whether he or she is from a developed country or developing Country enjoy surfing and other skate related recreational activities. Mainly we are going to talk about how this industry emerged and nowadays is booming at a rapid pace. So let’s take a look.
Inception of skate industry:    We all know beginnings are always slow and skate industry also is no exception to this truism. In the beginning, there was no industry kind of thing related to skating and it just started as a fun and recreational activity and firstly was not very popular among people. It actually started in the 1940s. In the beginning, people used wooden boards which were made by newbie Craftsman and especially children and people who lived near the sea or coastal were used. Skateboards initially for fun activities and suddenly people started developing an interest in this activity. Things changed very quickly when people started showing interest for this activity and in the coastal small skateboard shops were opening and people went and bought skateboards from these shops very frequently. A lot of new things were done and things related to the design of skateboard were also done fastly and eventually design of skateboard was changed completely. New things were used and things like wheels and other stuff was also added to this equipment.
As this activity really got a pace the industry also got a pace. A small chain of manufacturers of skateboards started to emerge and a plethora of shops started to open and these shops started to built in central areas of the city and this piqued the interest of people more than ever. At one point of time, it was looking like that this industry is going to demise because skating activities were branded as dangerous for youngsters but again things changed and this industry again emerged in the 1970s and from then on there is no looking back. Skateboarding was marked as sports then and because of demands of people design of Skateboards were changed regularly and companies related to skate industry came into play and started making a lot of money and making a lot of new advancements and development also. In the present, scenario there is a fact that more people worldwide are engaged in skate activities than playing basketball and at present, the revenue of skate industry is around 5 billion US dollars and this is a huge amount. Epitomizing we can say skate industry has gone under transformation completely and people have also shown their interest in this activity especially children. It is a very Interesting industry and will surely expand in the future more than ever.

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Shwetank Gupta May 13, 2018 at 1:38 am

I always wanted to learn skateboarding but couldn’t do so. Hope will get some motivation from this and start on it

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wow 1940
I can not believe it
well written

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It’s a Good One..

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Information shared nicely!

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