This is How I celebrated International Cat Day

international Cat Day

Though I was not very fond of pets, I could not resist myself from keeping a cat as a pet. I found my beautiful Dora, the cat on a rainy day when she was hiding from me and every passer-by in my house lane. She was too small to be kept alone and her mother could not be seen anywhere. So, I decided to bring her home with me and she agreed readily. Sitting quietly in my palms while we came home, she looked so vulnerable and adorable. I made a small cardboard house for my Dora the next day and today I celebrated International Cat Day honouring my lovely pet.

When is international cat day celebrated?

International cat day is celebrated on 8th August worldwide. This day is dedicated to all the cats and cat lovers around the world to unite them and strengthen their bond. Japan celebrates the cat day on 22nd February while the United States and Russia celebrate it on 29th October and 1st March respectively. International cat day was originally started in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW. Their mission was to protect and rescue animals from around the world. 

Do you know that around 30% of Americans own a cat as a pet?

Yes, this is true. American Veterinary Foundation reports that over 30.4% of people living in America have a cat as a pet which is little less than dogs. The figure is astonishing since cats can be managed easily and you can easily keep more than one cat as a pet.

Interesting facts about cats I learnt during International Cat day

A study made by veterinarians reveals that interacting with cats can improve our health besides reducing physical and mental stress. By keeping a cat as a pet at our home, our psychological well-being is improved as cats provide us with emotional support. Hence, it is always recommended that people suffering from depression, loneliness and anxiety must keep a cat as a pet.

You will be amazed to know that until the 1940s, cats were not allowed to live indoors. It was after the 1940s that cat litter was invented. Cats which live indoors usually have more life span than ones living outdoors. This is because of problems faced by them due to traffic and other reasons.

Believe it or not, every feral and domestic cat can be traced back to one single ancestor. A species named Near Eastern Wildcat domesticated itself for as many as 10,000 years ago. The cats lived with the people then and ate rodents that used to plague early people.

This is how I celebrated international cat day

I had long made a list of ways to celebrate my furry friend ‘Happy Meow day’. Since we are facing with COVID-19 restriction, volunteering or visiting near cat shelter is prohibited. So, I decided to celebrate the party virtually. Below is the list through which I tried to bring happiness to my little friend on this International Cat Day.

Baked Cookies

I know it is a spoiling thing for a cat, but it made my cat very happy. I baked some cookies with her regular meal to start her day with something special to add on to her treat.

Invested on Cat’s Safety with GPS tracker

Keeping my kitty safe has become a priority for me. Hence, I bought her a GPS tracker enabled with the latest technology. You can too purchase a GPS tracker that is made specifically for cats. This indeed is a perfect gift for the cat belonging to our friends, family member or a colleague. If you have multiple cats, you can easily keep track of them simultaneously with simple and easy to use GPS trackers that can be connected with any GPS enabled phones.

Bought a fun new toy

When we give a treat to a small baby, it is always a fun toy that can bring instant joy in their face. Similarly, cats are toy lovers and so I bought her an eco-friendly toy that is easily available online. You can even gift your cat a new and cosy bed or condominium where she can take some cat nap!

Gave my cat some fun exercises

What cat will not enjoy climbing the walls in your apartment, hiding in a cosy corner out of our site and explore the house ceilings? This might even stop her from scratching the furniture and from getting bored. Hence, I arranged a climbing shelf for my cat and gave it a look of a wall where my pet can climb and explore the wall enjoyingly.

Brushed her hairballs and fur

Though my cat doesn’t have much hair on her skin, I gave her a soft brush to make her feel pampered. What surprised me is that she loved every bit of it and asked for more on International Cat day!

Made a cat collar with a tag

I always wanted to gift my cat a collar with the name and house number written on it, in case she goes out of the house and became lost. Since the day I bought Dora, she loiters everywhere without any collar or a tag. I found today i.e. International Cat day a perfect time to make her equipped with a collar and tag. A collar attached with a GPS tracker can also stop cat stealers from stealing your cat besides keeping them safe and protected.

Hired a professional pet photographer

Since I do not have many photographs of my cat with me, I hired a professional pet photographer to make this International Cat day a memorable one. Do hire a professional photographer to click some amazing pictures of your pet with you to share them with your friends and family.

Had my hashtag ready

Since I love my pet, I wanted to share my love on social media. I used #internationalCatDay to share my pictures with cat lovers across the globe.

 Had virtual International cat Day party

Ever since I brought my pet cat home, I wanted to organise a cat-themed party. What does a cat need? A tuna treats, a toy or a comfortable collar. So, to make this day more exciting and after gifting my cat several gifts, I arranged a virtual party with my friends. They too shared their videos with their pets and together we had some great time.

This International Cat Day, I would request everyone to keep every cat happy and together we can do this by making people understand that what makes a cat happy might not work for the other. This requires treating cats individually and provide them with the best life possible. Try getting help from professionals and experts if you have a pet cat at home and make this International Cat Day filled with fun.

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