Wine lovers galore: 5 Luxury Pétrus Bottles to Try


If you’re one who wanted to relax (and get slightly drunk) by drinking wine in the most extravagant way possible, you might want to consider buying a bottle of Pétrus.

Pétrus is known to be extremely costly, but you will love this wine for its surprising, lucrative taste that justifies its expensive price tag.

Quick disclosure: buying at least one bottle of these wines might be the worst/best decision of your life. Unless you’re into wines, then this might be the best article for you. Prepare your palate and be surprised with their exquisite and expensive taste.

Pétrus, One of the Most Expensive Wine bottles in all of Bordeaux

Known as one of the most expensive wines in France, it’s first historical recording would go back to the mid-18th century. Although considered as a new breed.

It never falters to show it’s exquisite taste. When it comes to its vineyards, Pétrus farms only plant 95% Merlot grapes, sharing a small land for various grapes. What gives its edge and why wine enthusiasts favor Pétrus is in its soil.

Grapes curated for wine works best under dense and compact soil, and Pétrus holds a large sum of terrain called Blue clay (Not literally blue) which helps with the maturity and growth of grapes.

Pétrus wines are exclusive to paying clients and not distributed for the mass, so even a sampler of this one might get you some “upper-class” feeling. The best Pétrus wines will need 20 to 30 years of fermentation and maturity to show off its raw, Pétrus taste. Should the opportunity arise to taste a Pétrus wine, sip once, and you will understand why paying thousands of dollars might be worth it for a single bottle.

1982 Petrus-375 ml ($1995)

“One of the greatest wines I have ever tasted,” as said by Robert Parker, a wine advocate. This wine gives off a strong taste, and more robust performance in wine tastings along with its competitors, this two thousand dollar (almost) bottle has a mixture of selected roasted herbs, cedar, caramel, and even cherry jam!

This is accompanied by a thick, low acid Petrus liquid that’s thoroughly fined and filtered. The 1982 Petrus also comes with a 750 ml bottle, which costs triple the amount.

1977 Petrus-750 ml ($3060)

A truly gorgeous wine, more mature and older in fermentation, as opposed to the first one. This bottle of Pétrus, curated with its finest concentration in acids and its appeal to the old tradition, will make you feel like a part of Bordeaux history.

With its whopping price of three thousand dollars, you are surely going to hide this bottle in the public, while pouring on an expensive wine glass paired with only the finest types of cheese.

2010 Petrus-750ml ($4799)

Some people might think a younger wine is less favorable against the old versions, but do not underestimate this bottle. For a price of almost five grand, this monster wine is packed with mulberry, licorice, coffee, and cherry with unforgiving amounts of glycerin. Rich, packed, and classic.

Truly an awesome bottle deserving of an awesome price

2005 Petrus-750ml ($6330)

Dark ruby in color and has a scent of blackberry and green olive, this bottle will tease your palate with a slight touch of coffee, dark chocolate, and berry.

The result is a lingering aftertaste and a spectacular finish as it travels down to your throat.

1961 Petrus- (£100,800/ $144,000)

A hundred thousand dollar bottle? Yes. If you purchase this one, you might as well get in conflict with your bank; this might even break your credit limit.

Sold last 2011 in New York, this Petrus vintage set a record feat for the most expensive Petrus wine ever sold.

A testament of Petrus beauty, this 1961 Château Pétrus red wine contains vintage merlot and cabernet franc of 1961 with thick aroma, black cherry, and mocha, together with a strong kick of chocolate.

Tasting this would probably give you a vintage feel and nostalgic taste. It is suggested to pair this extravagant liquor with roasted meat as a companion red wine.


Wines are a sign of celebrations and luxury for many, and in all occasions. Such lucrative wines break the commercial wine flavor and provide a distinct experience. You ever wonder why wine lovers go crazy about these wines.

There are websites where you can choose several Petrus wine to buy online or discover more selections (with over the top prices) or a nice bottle under a reasonable price. Whatever wine that is, expensive or not, is always at its best when paired with good meat and best companions. 

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