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How would you like to complete the phrase, “ To travel is to ______.” For us, “To Travel is to Romanticize.” We are sure you are not looking out for any other good reason to say “I Love You“ to your partner than to travel. Traveling to a serene place rekindles the romantic flames held inside you. And if the place is a perfect romantic getaway, it adds on to treat. 

Pristine beaches, white sands, and turquoise water oomphs the experience and entices every couple. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning your honeymoon or your next anniversaries, you should know the Romantic Holiday Destinations that will rejuvenate and bring you back with another level of vibrancy. In the next part of this piece of content, we have discussed the places where you would love pampering your loved ones and explore the poetic side of yourself. Get ready, some mesmerizing places are on your way.  

Paris, France: 

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If someone questions, “Why Paris?” the obvious answer is “Paris needs no reason, It is a reason in itself.” The glittery Eiffel tower beauty will make you forget your partner (Don’t do that ever), but trust us, the view is the most beautiful view of the lifetime. You will feel the romance in the air, couples walking hand-in-hand, cuddling on streets, etc. The city of love will leave you spellbound with beautiful palaces, museums, and of course, the Eiffel tower. Not to forget, you can enjoy a candle-light dinner with some exotic wine at some fancy restaurants facing the road. Yes, restaurants here are road facing. The destination is a fashion hub, so don’t forget to pick up some of the designer outfits from the “Champs-Elysees” street. Take a break and sip coffee at the cafeterias having the view of enchanting Arc de Triomphe. 

Bali, Indonesia:

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Toba Beta rightly said, “Don’t talk about heaven, if you’ve never been to Bali.” The country where there is no word for “artist” or “art” but has everything artistic. The peaceful vibes and mellowed energy levels will make you fall in love with the place. You can book yourself a pool villa or a treehouse in Ubud and grasp some panoramic view. The blue waters will leave you speechless, and the sunsets are breath-taking. The destination has recently made a place in the list of places for “Pre-wedding Photography”. If you haven’t done your lovey-dovey photography yet, grab this chance and surprise your partner. 

Las Vegas:

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We all know the famous quote, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. This destination is a perfect blend of entertainment, attractions, and dining. For couples, it is just freaking awesome. The town itself has so many secret stories to share; imagine how insanely you would enjoy the place? It is the largest US city located in the state of Nevada. The place offers nothing less than what you have seen in movies and heard in stories. It has some extra-ordinary mega-hotels and casinos that will steal all your attention. The night looks like a fairy tale of lights when the city lights up and becomes flamboyance. If you want to savor your taste buds, try some of the gourmet and French restaurants in the city along with tequila and whiskey. You can book your stay in a five-star hotel and take a quick trip to Grand Canyon and Fremont Street (old downtown of Las Vegas). If you are a Richie-rich couple, have an exclusive helicopter ride over the Canyon and have some of the most impressive views of a lifetime. 


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The Maldives is like, “Living for the moment, you can’t put into words.” The place is the dream destination of honeymooners and love-birds. The locals are warm, and their smiles are as white as the sands. You can book a private nest for yourself and get lost in the lush green environment. The destination offers an impeccable bliss away from the humdrum of city life.

It looks no exaggeration in saying, every breeze whispers love and romance. The hotels and resorts offer unrivaled luxury, and the private ambiance looks like specially designed for love couples. Pack your bags and get ready to embrace the essence of perfection in the Maldives. 

Kerala, India:

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The tag “God’s own country” is perfectly suitable for this travel destination in India. The place is full of exotic mountain ranges, some pristine beaches, stunning waterfalls, and some unexpectedly beautiful locations. Couples can escape into the peaceful and quiet mountain resorts or explore the vast tea plantations. The destination is home to some exemplary spa treatments and trusts us, you can not escape from trying any one of them. The destination is serenely beautiful, and it is recommended to travel by train to enjoy the natural beauty of the state. The Vasco Da Gama Square and the backwaters are a not to miss places on the Kerala list. 


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If you guys are beach lovers, then you should not miss this hot spot of white sand beaches with active volcanoes. It is one of the largest islands in the US and popularly known as Island of Inspiration, or Big Islands. Beachcomber couples love this place because of the unique features of the island surpasses every expectation. You would be surprised to know that the place encompasses 12 different climate zones and a varying landscape. Love birds should travel to snow-capped Mauna Kea and lush green valleys of Hilo and Hamakua. The jet-black sands of Punaluu beach just look stunning. Love-birds can enjoy together some really interesting recreational activities and get lost in a sea of love. 

A piece of advice before you book your tickets to any of the above romantic holiday destinations: Don’t forget to have a couple travel insurance in order to protect yourself from any unexpected holiday disaster. Have some relaxing time at a romantic getaway. Enjoy!

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