Find out the Possible Reasons for Unexplained Weight Gain in Men

There is no secret that nowadays, people are facing weight gain problems more than ever before. Due to changes in the modern lifestyle and fast life, some pounds is not a serious concern but if the pound is soaring like anything then let us tell you, men, this is a serious concern. Sudden or unexplained weight gain in men is a severe problem. Healthclubfinder is bringing the reason behind those extra love tires and bunny bag. 

Some of the causes of unexplained weight gain in men:

1. Thyroid Threat


One of the main reasons for weight gain is that your thyroid might not be able to produce the thyroid hormone. It also indicates the risk of Hashimoto, hypothyroidism, or graves diseases. Other signs include fatigue, abnormal body temperature, unusual bowel movement, and other abnormal symptoms. If you notice any such signs, then seek the help of a physician for the right treatment.

2. Medical reactions

One of the common but most dangerous cause is medical reactions. It becomes challenging to identify the right reason as sometimes the doctor also takes it as normal reactions and prescribes medicines according to it. The prescribed drugs can further worsen the problem. Even after medicine intake, the problem continues, then ask your doctor to do full body checkup to find out other signs and symptoms. Another solution to this problem is that you can shift to a healthy diet and workout. 

3. Intake of excess salt


Consumption of too much salt can lead to an unreasonable addition of weight. As sodium intake leads to water retention. And water leads to an increase in weight and volume of body fat. In order to prevent this, try to avoid the restaurant’s food, mainly fast food, as they have a large amount of sodium. 

4. New Medication

Change or new medication can lead to the road of excess weight on the body. So, when your doctor prescribes a new medication, then ask them if extra pounds are a possible side effect or not. Generally, depression, high blood pressure, psychiatric, bipolar drugs result in unusual weight gain. Taking insulin for diabetes is another cause to keep in mind.

5. Insomnia


Deprivation of sleep is not good for the brain as well as the weight point of view. Insomnia leads to midnight snacking and hence, extra weight. Ghrelin, a hormone that regulates hunger, increases the urge to eat more and therefore, excessive body weight. So take a sufficient amount of sleep and keep your brain and body function properly. 

6. Depression

Depression can be another reason for excessive weight gain. Although there is no direct proof of this cause its signs and symptoms indicate that. While in depression, people shift their attention to having more food, and this can leads to more weight in their body. In some cases, people stop eating, which also results in the secretion of more hormone cortisol, and this hormone restores fat and energy in the body. 

7. When moving less become a regular habit


Every change in your activity and movements directly affects the body. Ditching the gym for a week leads to extra pounds in the body, less body movements are some of the examples that can add more pounds to the body. So, shackle away your reasons and indulge in physical fitness to avoid such situations.

8. Change in lifestyle

Change in lifestyle is another leading cause of excessive weight problems. In the hectic lifestyle and easy access to junk food, make us eat unhealthy food. In the name of a hectic schedule, we give ourselves the condolence for skipping the gym, walk, or any physical activities.  

9. Cushing’s syndrome


Beware of your extra weight as it might be the sign of Cushing. In this condition, the secretion of the stress hormone called cortisol production increases at an abnormal speed, which leads to extra weight and other abnormalities. Another reason for Cushing includes intake of steroids for conditions like asthma, lupus, or arthritis. Under this condition, you can see extra pounds around the face, waist, or upper back. 

10. Kidney problem

Add on weight may be the sign of some serious kidney problems like nephrotic or kidney failure. If the kidneys are not working properly, then it leads to fluid retention in the body as damage kidneys won’t be able to remove waste and fluid from the body. Other signs of kidney problems include itchiness, loss of appetite, headache, fatigue, foamy urine, joint pain, condition of confusion, or difficulty in concentration.  

11. Acromegaly


Under the acromegaly condition, the pituitary gland leads to too much growth hormones. The size of the bones, face, and feet got enlarged. Even lips, tongue, and nose size also increase. Surgery is required to remove this tumor of pituitary glands. Other symptoms include skin tags, joint pain, deep voice, snoring, and excessive sweating. 


Weight gain can be the result of many reasons. Some might gain age due to changes in lifestyle, while for some, it is the result of growing age. But if you are gaining sudden weight then without waiting further, seek the doctor advise as it might be the sign of some serious health condition. Don’t take unexplained weight gain in men lightly. For all the health advice, keep coming to Healthclubfinder

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