World Social Media Day 2018

Hashtag, Retweet, Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe- these words have become a part and parcel of our daily vocabulary. Not a day goes by without logging onto some or the other social media platform. And there are so many!
Most popular among all- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have taken the world by storm and almost every moment of our day gets reflected here. Not just individuals, but businesses too have taken to social media for marketing and close communication with customers.

Social Media Day is an initiative that was launched by the website Mashable on 30th June 2010 to recognize and celebrate the existence and impact of social media on global communication. 30th June, 2018 marks the 9th annual celebration of ‘#SMDay’ as they call it!
Social media has indeed brought the world closer. It is now so easy to keep in touch with distant relatives and friends, stay updated with recent news and happenings across the globe, share stories or seek help.
But while the media became social, individuals started becoming anti-social. There has been an increase in cyber-crime, hate crime, spread of hoax news and information, pranking, blackmailing and trolling.
When you are busy posting your vacation photos online and tagging all your friends, a victim somewhere is being stalked or blackmailed into illegal activities. Man created technology but technology is damaging mankind today.
Thanks to social media, it is easier to gather a large crowd to rally for a good cause, but it is also possible to instantly bring a group together to lynch someone.
“With great power comes great responsibility” said Uncle Ben in Spiderman
And this couldn’t be truer for anything more than for the use of social media.
When you have the power at your fingertips, the decisions an individual  takes can make or break society.

This #SMDay, celebrate by sharing positivity, bringing laughter to somebody, helping someone in need or just by connecting with a long lost friend.
Social Media has great potential to do good. But so do you!

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Saurabh Mangar June 30, 2018 at 10:59 pm

Yes social media is one of the biggest part of internet and it is really helpful factor…
Happy Social Media Day Sailee and also to our all Daily Hawker’s Family 🙂

Sailee Brahme June 30, 2018 at 11:04 pm

Happy Social Media Day to you too

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