World Day for International Justice-July 17

Every year, 17th July is celebrated across the globe as World Day for International Justice by governments, legal bodies, students and activists. This day commemorates the day the Rome Statute was adopted in 1998. This statute was the base for the Treaty that formed the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 2002.

 “The ICC is the first international justice mechanism of its kind in the world. It sends a strong message to perpetrators of human rights violations around the globe that you can run, but you cannot hide. You will be found, and you will be held to account for what you have done. There are situations in which atrocities have been committed but States are unable to provide the necessary justice themselves. In such cases, the international community cannot look the other way. Quite to the contrary, the international community has a responsibility to ensure accountability, and this can take place through the developing system of international justice, with its established justice mechanisms, such as the International Criminal Court.” – Mona Rishmawi, Chief of the Rule of Law, Equality and Non-Discrimination Branch of the UN Human Rights Office.

It is imperative to prevent crimes that hamper world peace and endanger the lives of everybody in society. World Day for International Justice aims to support justice, help prevent crimes, advocate victim rights and push for adequate measures to punish criminals.

How can you support International Justice Day?

Spreading awareness about the ICC and importance of social justice is crucial to the unhindered work that the ICC and legal bodies within a State undertake. You can contribute to this by posting about the day on social media, by writing about it in local papers or magazines or even hosting events that promote and support international justice.
Global crime and redressal cannot be handled by a small group of people. A lower crime rate, punishments that act as deterrents and help for victims will only be possible when the whole world comes together.

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