How not to feel bored in a long-distance relationship

Sometimes, love will get you tested by putting you and your lover far away from each other. How to keep a relationship going when the distance is the third wheel?


Many couples are lucky enough to live in the same city as each other. But there are some not as fortunate since their relationship is burdened by the geographical distance.

If you were to engage in a long-distance relationship, what would you do? Stay with us and find out the best ways to keep your love alive and kicking.

Ways to make a long-distance relationship work

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1. Do not over communicate

A mistake made by many couples when they are far away is their excessive communication.

Sure, it may sound tempting to think that: “Oh, I and my babe is separated by hundreds of miles. To make up for the distance between us, we will talk with each other endlessly”.

The truth is, you do not have to converse with your loved one hours and hours a day. Gradually, this pattern will wear both of you out, as no one can afford that much time and effort in a relationship.

Plus, trying to chat with each other 24/7 will make you appear to be possessive and clingy. A person is already tired of their daily activities like school or work, he or she does not need someone constantly nagging around. It is not love. It is an obsession.

2. Have trust

When you are not with your lover regularly, it is normal that you end up wondering whether the other person is still engaged in the relationship or not.

Do not let these groundless doubts get to your head. A relationship can only work out if both parties believe in each other. Do not question your boyfriend or girlfriend with things like: “Where were you last night? I tried to call you but you didn’t pick up. Were you with someone else? Don’t you love me anymore?”

That – my friend – is the poison that will kill any relationship, let alone something fragile as a long-distance one.

3. Find creative ways to communicate with each other

Thanks to the Internet, now your communication channel is not limited to phone calls only. Be unique when talking with your lover.

Is him/her into pets? Let’s put a cat sticker on your face and film a short video telling how much you miss him/her.

Does him/her live in the same country as yours? A handwritten letter will be the best surprise you can give.

Both of you happen to own an iPhone? Great! Turn on the Facetime feature and video call right away!

Not only do different ways of communication help you avoid boredom, but they can also show the other person how loving and attentive you are, despite the distance!

4. Come up with things that both of you can do together

A couple in a long-distance relationship cannot go to the shopping mall, have some snacks, or visit an art gallery together.

But it does not mean that there is nothing you two can do with the other person’s presence.

There are multiple mobile applications allowing two devices to sync, thus making it possible for you and your lover to watch a Netflix movie, or a Youtube video at the same time.

If you want to get a bit sensual, try out the toys designed for long-distance couples and fuel up your sex life by simultaneously masturbating. How sexy!

And do not forget video games. The Internet offers plenty of 2-player games, so let’s turn your Saturday night into a competition with your babe in Tank Battle.

Can you play an instrument? Video call your lover and ask him/her to sing a song when you play background music.

No matter what you do, make sure that both of you enjoy having time with each other.

5. Schedule a visit once in a while

The most awaited moment of a long-distance relationship is when you get to visit each other.

It is best that you check up your routines and those of your lover beforehand to make sure that nothing can obstruct your time together.

Some couples can afford a monthly visit, while some can only meet up a few times in a year. Remember, sometimes, it is not about the quantity, but rather the quality. Let’s make the best out of your limited time, and compensate for all the yearning and craving with love and passion.

6. Stay positive and ignore the not-so-nice comments from other people

When you are in a long-distance relationship, the chances are you will receive judgments and discouragements from people around.

It could be your friends, your families, or even your inner voice. They will try to shut you down, filling your head with bleak prospects of an inevitable breakup, and gradually make you lose hope in your love.

Difficult as it sounds, you should try not to be affected by how others view your relationship. In the end, it is your personal issue, so the only opinion matter is yours.

7. Have a goal in mind

A goal is like a destination of a journey. Without a final harbor, you will lose track of where you are going.

Contemplate what you want to gain from your current love. Are you ready to commit to a long-term relationship? Do you wish to end up getting married to the other person? Will you be capable of ignoring all the temptations?

Understand yourself, and evaluate the importance of your relationship will help you deal with it better in the long run.

Final thought

Being in a long-distance relationship is not a piece of cake, but there are certain ways to keep you from getting bored and giving up. And we hope our advice above has been helpful for you.

Remember to forward this article to your lover and create a mutual effort to keep your love alive. We wish you the best of luck! 

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