The Art of Gifting

We have all received hand-made gifts or greeting cards from our kids, younger siblings or nephews and nieces for our birthdays or Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the like.
Did we always get what we wanted?
Not really. The innocent little ones made what they could or bought whatever was possible from what they had.
Was it always pretty?
Hardly. Of course, some kids are gifted when it comes to drawing or craft work but some greetings/gifts we got have been downright ugly as well. But they still have a place under the fridge magnet.
Did we care?
No. We were always more than happy to accept their tiny tokens of love that were created with patience and enthusiasm; no matter how untidy, small or shabby they were.
Because it is the thought that counts!
That, my friends, is the crux of the Art of Gifting.
Remember dates.
Set reminders or put notes on your fridge, but make it a point to remember special occasions. That itself will go a long way in forming great bonds amongst family and friends.
Don’t do it as a formality.
Take an interest in what you will be giving and why. Make note of the person’s likes and dislikes, if possible, and choose accordingly. They will feel really touched, knowing that you have put so much thought into it.
Don’t compete with the gifts of others.
The gift is for the receiver, not the giver. So don’t spend exorbitant amounts on things or strive to buy something very big. You don’t have to impress anybody.
Pass-ons or hand-me-downs
It is often seen, that people give away gifts that they themselves have received from someone else. Although, this is not a very pleasant way of doing things, it is a personal choice. If you know that you aren’t going to use it or that somebody else will enjoy it more, you can surely give it away. But do not hand over things because you want to get rid of them.
Something hand-made
We aren’t all blessed with a creative hand but if you are into painting, photography, embroidery, candle making, paper quilling or other arts, you should definitely consider gifting something you made yourself. No matter how big or small, that will be extremely special to you as well as to the one receiving it.
Hand-made delicacies can also be great gifts. Food always makes everyone happy. Especially sweets!
Wrap well.
Whether you choose to gift wrap something or give it just like that in a gift bag; the way you present a gift is as important as the gift itself. An unfinished wrapping or box will make your gift seem untidy or like you just wanted to do your duty because social etiquette required you to.
Never ever tell the price.
Many people have a habit of telling the price of what they got to others or even to the receiver. This is extremely unpleasant and shows that you are only interested in the monetary value of gifts rather than the sentiments behind it.
Be thankful.
As important as the art of gifting, is the art of receiving. Be grateful that your family members or friends got you something to help celebrate your special day.
Don’t judge.
It is never right on your part to judge the gifts you receive. Don’t gauge how much money it must have cost; don’t worry about big brands; don’t sulk because you wanted a new phone but received a watch instead; don’t complain that they didn’t get you gold, silver or diamonds; don’t question why they could not have bought something instead of gifting you something hand-made.
Don’t compare.
Discussing publicly what you received from different people or what you yourself gifted someone in the past is a strict no no. Everybody takes efforts to pick out something special for you depending on their budget, tastes and availability of time.
At the end of the day, gifts are tiny objects that bring people closer and make everybody feel loved. Don’t make them such a huge issue in your life that you forget their purpose.
It is after all, the thought that counts!

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