India is a country filled with talented people that has been admitted by many foreign country organisations even. Although Indian economy is striving due to lack of job requirements and low investments, there are still some of the traditional jobs that have kept up many expert professionals in home country. Even the job marketplace has opened up while giving opportunities to youngsters and women who desire upliftment of their career. The highest number of job openings are seen mostly in Finance, Retail, Banking and Telecom industry. To get the desired job, one needs to plan, study, get trained and remain motivated along with gaining certificate and degrees from top universities that makes CV look more competent. Given below is a list of few jobs that is capturing the job market as more and more people seek getting one such.

Investment and corporate bankers:

This is one high profile job that requires in-depth knowledge and special skills in the candidate. These jobs come with additional offers like bonuses, but, the flip side of it like risk-oriented career with major change in market, keeps many people out of it. Ideally, professionals holding a degree of MBA in finance and charted accountants are best suited for this job. Such job offers between 1 to 3 crores annually.

Business Analysts:

Business Analysts have become an integral part of big organisations due to severe competitions in market. Analytics and business software’s are the future of organisational development and are in process in many organisations for bringing improvement. For this stream, Business Analytics related study can be done along with MBA/PGDM.

IT Professional:

This sector is the most promising sector in India where a phenomenal growth has been seen in past few decades. Earlier, software engineers ruled IT industry but with increasing accidents and degradation in work quality, today’s companies demand professional who keeps themselves updated with present technologies. IT professional are paid handsomely and few highly qualified experts are even offered partnerships in the firm provided they are thorough with business management also.

Chief Risk Officer:

The CRO’s role in NBFC’s and Indian Banks have always played a significant part and financial institutions who fails in appointing CRO in their management teams are the ones who suffer loses. The increase in frauds and NPAs in financial institutions shows the increase in demand for CRO in executive teams where the role of risk professionals, with the help of big data, powerful business tools and technology strengthens the company’s management. Such jobs come with a salary packages not less than 75 Lakhs to 2.5 crore.

Information Security Professionals:

Data privacy and cyber security risks are another challenge faced by global companies that have forced every Indian company undertaking steps to prevent falling under such hacks. Earlier, CTO/CIO were made responsible for such role, but with increasing risks of complicated cyber-attacks, information security professional is in high demand for safe guarding companies valuable data. Important sectors like Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Payment wallet store their customers significant data and thus looks more on hiring information security professionals with providing a salary in between 25 Lakhs to 1 crore.

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