5 Simple ways to reduce our carbon footprint

Most of us have heard the term carbon footprint but few actually know what it is and how can it be reduced? Carbon footprint is a mark left on environment same as the actual mark of a foot on the soil. All the actions performed by mankind have an impact on the climate. Humankind must realize the significance of an enabling environment for their existence is thoroughly dependent on the well-being of planet earth.
It’s unfortunate that living conditions on our planet, just like many species, are endangered even in this advanced, enlightened and technological era. The reason behind this menace is the grave condition of climate which is worsening every day.
Climate change is reducing life on planet earth rapidly but we are yet to realize the jeopardy posed by this drastic climate change. Most of the people don’t even know their duties and certain simple ways which could help produce an enabling climate for all living beings.

 Walk instead of driving

If your workplace or destination is nearby try walking there instead of going in a car for it is to be realized that implications of needless emissions of co2 by driving a car when alternate means could be utilized are horrendous. Estimate the whole manufacturing process of fuel used during a journey, from its exploitation to delivery. It will reveal the facts and figures depicting that unfathomable toxic gasses produce during this process.
Imagine it traveling all the way from a refinery to a petrol station: how much carbon dioxide is produced to pollute the environment. Walk not only keeps you active and healthy but also helps you save the climate.


Air pollution has become one of the most dangerous problems of the earth. Harmful toxic materials cause health issues along with damaging the ecosystem. Carpooling can reduce these fatal toxic gases to a great extent.
Besides harming the climate, fuel is also wasted by vehicles having empty seats.
If you find people traveling to the same destination, carpooling can save both money and climate by reducing your carbon footprint. Living a healthy life is an additional benefit of carpooling as driving often leads to frustration, stress and spinal spasms. It will also reduce traffic, as a result, your traveling time will be shortened. The best thing carpooling offers is a chance to physically socialize in this era of online socializing.

 Plant Trees

Plant trees effectively to help save the climate and reverse the climate change. It’s the easiest way to save the life on earth. Extremely high level of co2 in atmosphere holds the sun-heat causing serious changes in global temperature which results in extreme weather patterns. Trees take in co2 as they grow and help the soil below to save more carbon dioxide. The research says that approximately 48 pounds of carbon dioxide is absorbed by a tree annually and a 40 years old tree sequester as much as 1 ton of co2

Unplug electrical appliances when idle

 Keeping most of the electrical gadgets on perpetual standby mode has become a habit after the introduction of the remote control. The fact that people are connected more than ever with these latest gadgets but by keeping these appliances plugged wastes energy inadvertently. A research states that devices which are idle but plugged-in use a quarter of electricity. These devices include Televisions, laptops, DVRs, PlayStations and Microwaves.
This cost isn’t only financial but its implications on the environment are horrific. Carbon dioxide emitted by these idle plugged-in devices amounts to 64 million metric ton that is 5 percent of gas emitted by residential sector of the US. Shut down the devices, save money and help to make an enabling environment.

Eat fresh and local food

 Buying local food affects climate change in a positive way. Focusing more on locally grown products leads to less import of food from far off lands. Excessive import of food means more food miles! Often end users are unaware at the time of purchase that how many miles the product has traveled. Surprisingly, most common foods originate from a faraway place. These foods reach a store from other cities or countries on trucks, airplanes or cargo ships hurting the climate by the emission of co2. Buying local food saves energy and brings prosperity in the neighborhood as local manufacturers and farmers earn profits while you have to spend less. Fresh food is healthy and cheap. You must go for seasonal food for it is full of energy.
Let’s save the climate and perform our duty of providing a beautiful place and healthy environment for ourselves and future generations.

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