10 Tools to Enhance Your Remote Learning Experience

Remote Learning Experience

The transition to remote learning wouldn’t be so quick if it wasn’t for the pandemic that locked half of the world’s population at home. People used to have several options for how they can study, but in 2020, almost all of them ended up learning from home.

Of course, this couldn’t but affect the overall productivity of education. Those who relied too much on traditional instruction suddenly found themselves lost in a myriad of technologies created to facilitate remote learning. However, no matter how difficult it may seem at first, there are tools that can enhance your learning outcomes.

We asked an experienced professional who provides help with essay working with essay writing service EssayHub to list the top tools he’d recommend students to use to improve their studies. This information can be more than useful for you.


If anyone has benefitted from the pandemic, it’s Zoom. It has grown from a middle-market tool to software used by CEOs and politicians for presentations and e-meetings. It allows up to 100 members to join the meeting and offers many handy features for students and teachers.

Zoom is offered for free but with some limitations. Schools usually prepay premium accounts, so you need to be invited to join the conference. However, students can also pay for subscriptions and get access to a wide range of features.

Google Docs

Popular in the pre-pandemic times, Google Docs had only reinforced its position when remote learning became a trend. This software is free and offers almost the same functions as Microsoft Word. However, having access, teachers and students can work collaboratively on a project.

A free collaboration tool like this will go a long way in helping you work on any project with a group of people. Instead of emailing everyone individually, you can just share things over here.

All you need to do is log in to a Google account, create a file, and share a link with your collaborators. You can let them edit or write content which they can access from desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another handy app from the family of Google tools. It lets you store lots of files in different formats and provide access to teachers or other students. On the other hand, they can easily share their materials with you.

Thanks to Google tools, you can be ready for whatever virtual learning demands from you. Keep track of your assignments, complete them online, and share files with your friends – all of that is possible with Google Drive and other Google apps.


If you comprehend visual information better, Scribble is the tool for you. It serves for sharing content from a virtual whiteboard to more complex presentations. For example, this tool is especially useful if it’s a difficult math problem that needs to be discussed.

This app also allows making notes along the way and helps make sense of them when a training session is over. It adjusts to your pace and enables you to learn in a comfortable way.


The need to present projects hasn’t gone with education moving online. On the contrary, the requirements for presentations have been significantly increased. To keep up with growing demands, students can master Prezi – a tool that allows creating unique and appealing presentations.

This is a free tool that enhances your visuals. Do spare some time to create outstanding presentations versus regular ones made in PowerPoint, and you’ll get a higher grade.


This app is another great tool that will help you keep abreast of the lesson by letting you take detailed notes. This technology was welcomed in the traditional classroom, but today, when education has become virtual, it’s a must.

After taking class notes, this tool turns into a perfect collaboration app. You can work together with your teammates on projects that require note writing, editing, and instant communication.


This tool is an unusual one but will definitely benefit those who study from home, where they live with distracting roommates. This app creates white noise that masks other sounds so that you can focus on your studies.

Surprisingly, this app has a significant effect on productivity. People often find home distractions to be attention thieves. White noise helps deal with a distracting environment regardless of its intensity.


If you need to help your brain get ready for excessive learning or fill in the break with some useful but distracting activities, try Lumosity. This app is great for those who love games, teases, and exercises to get creative and inspired.

It’s regularly updated, so there is no chance that you’ll be left without a new interesting game. Try this app and advance your comprehension and cognitive skills while remote learning becomes our new reality.


If you feel that some information is missing and it prevents you from learning together with your classmates, go to Coursera’s website and find the course that will help you bridge this gap. You can choose the course based on its rating or price and master it at your own pace.

Coursera is not a regular tool as we imagine it. However, it indeed allows boosting your remote learning productivity and outcomes. Since virtual learning often deprives us of communication and real-life consultations, Coursera is there to help when no one is.

Study Guide Zone

If you study remotely and need to prepare for exams, Study Guide Zone is the best place to practice your knowledge and skills. It is indeed a zone with lots of quizzes and tests to work on your GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and NCLEX exams.

Study Guide Zone offers a standardized approach to studying, so our advice is to start preparations immediately. The sooner you begin, the higher chances are that your remote learning will bring successful outcomes.

Final Words

We listed only ten tools that will be useful for the majority of students learning remotely. However, new great tools are created and published every day. You’d be surprised, but there is an app for literally every inconvenience you feel while studying virtually. 

So, if you are forced to study remotely but have no faith in it being a successful venture, try to get used to handy tools. It automates manual work, leaving enough time to learn and comprehend. 

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