8 Ways to Get More Followers on Facebook

Followers on Facebook

While managing a Facebook personal blog or branded page, you will be definitely stuck with an audience growth issue. Whether you are a blogger or company representative, a constant increase of followers is an extremely significant aspect of social media marketing. One of the most obvious solutions you might think of is a giveaway, which will ask participants of the community to share the page in their news feeds. Usually, a gift certificate template is used to deliver presents to random lucky account owners. While this is a pretty efficient option, giveaways have numerous restrictions applied to them (see the Facebook community standards). Also, they can considerably affect the page’s quality of organic promotion. Thus, today, we are going to talk about 8 other methods, which will help you attract tons of new, real followers.

Complete Preparation Activities

It is incredibly crucial to correctly set up your page’s configurations. Creating a new Facebook Page, you’ll be asked to enter the name of the page, its description, and category. While the first two won’t be an issue for you, choosing proper categories might get pretty confusing, especially because you’ll be allowed to assign as many as 3 categories. To avoid random attempts to guess the tag you need, check out the full list of Facebook categories and form the most comprehensive combination.

Afterward, you’ll be able to extend the page information with a contacting phone number, email address, website, and many other details. Try filling in all the available fields as this will increase your organic reach and make your page way better-looking. 

Be Accurate Identifying Your Audience but not too much

In case you are striving to grow your follower base, you should understand the difference between narrowing and expanding your targeted audience. While narrowing is about shortening the number of potentially interested people, expanding means just the contrary. You have to stay somewhere in the middle so your content and ads reach the maximum number of people within your field of interest.

Work on Your Paid Advertising Strategy

Advertising isn’t the best place for guessing. Hence, we suggest you first test which post of yours draws the most attention. Make several posts with different types of content, sizes of texts, and styles. Then, create ad campaigns for each one for a short period. Analyzing the results of these campaigns will allow you to determine which kind of content will perform better and is worth being advertised.

Encourage Interested People to Join Your Community

Facebook offers a great option to invite people that didn’t like your page yet finally hit the button. Though, spamming random people is a sign of a rather bad form. Therefore, aim at people you know (your friends and family) and extend this group with accounts that already marked your posts with likes. Actually, by examining the list of likes located under every post, you can instantly invite interested folks.

Do Some Cleaning

Unfortunately, Facebook is full of bots, or, in other words, fake accounts. Eventually, those might happen to like or follow your page. It will ruin your statistics as soon as bots won’t interact with your posts, and, consequently, they’ll be a dead weight for you.

To get rid of them, you’ll have to head to the“Page Settings section, visit the“People and Other Pages tab, and manually check all the followers. 

Don’t Underestimate the Share Button

Sharing is a very productive tool, which can massively improve the reach of your posts and page. First of all, don’t hesitate to tell your friends about your public page and the stories it hosts. Additionally, you can receive some extra shares by asking your readers to push the Share button and publish your posts in their personal feeds. Among other metrics, such as likes and engagements, shares are among the most valuable ones.

Spread Your Presence on Third-party Platforms

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can all be decent sources of traffic to your page. In case you have accounts on these social networks or any other external resources, share your links there too. Alternatively, you can purchase ads on relevant online platforms like magazines, blogging websites, or other popular placements.

Upgrade Your Marketing Skills with Facebook Blueprint

Surprisingly, there are not that many people aware of one of the most useful resources about marketing on Facebook — Facebook Blueprint. This is a free learning platform, which allows social media marketers to discover the best ways to gain more loyal followers on Facebook. Blueprint is recommended to be examined by every page owner as there is no more up-to-date place about content creation, advertising, public relations, and community management on Facebook.


Keeping these 8 principles in mind while establishing your presence on Facebook, there is no doubt you’ll reach success and your posts will be seen all over the world. Remember, the key to your high performance in marketing is constant learning, which will also be your greatest advantage in withstanding the competition.

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