Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an Essay


Writing an essay is a concise process that should be handled carefully. Students often need their time to be organized correctly. With organization, the writing process will be more effective.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a freshman or an undergraduate; you can always improve your approach to essay writing. In our article, you can find ten steps with a detailed explanation of building your writing process in a logical order.

1) Prepare for writing.

Before writing an essay, you should clarify whether your instructions are understandable for you. Make sure your teacher explained it well so you can start defining your essay goal.

2) Determine the topic.

Any task you have got from your teacher can be interpreted with your own opinion. It is a great chance to make your essay more engaging both for you and the reader without changing the essence. For example, you can look for essay topic suggestions at a special writing service, where you can find the most suitable ones.

3) Research wisely.

While researching, rely on a list of recommended literature you received from your teacher. It will help you to save your time and energy. When you supplement your topic with interesting facts, you can additionally use such references as articles, videos, documents, and archives.

4) Come up with a thesis.

A thesis is a fundamental idea of an essay. Thinking about it in advance will help you avoid inconsistencies during the writing process. With a solid thesis, your essay will be engaging for a broad audience. The thesis defines your viewpoint, which you will prove while writing. As such, it keeps you focused even if you have many sources to cite.

5) Structure your essay.

This writing stage is one of the most vital if you don’t want to get lost when collecting information. Outlining helps you as an author to spread essential facts over the different parts of the essay. When a student has an essay map, it is easier to track what they are writing.

6) Introduce your essay.

Your essay’s start is like a hook for a reader to find out more about the subject you’re exploring. Draw the reader’s attention with different methods, such as a question, short anecdote, or unexpected statistics. Depict the topic’s background and why it is worth the debate.

7) Support the idea in the body of the essay.

The essay body usually contains three paragraphs. Each of them has a topic sentence. It should depict only one idea, which you will prove with a citation from an outer source. It is important to present to the reader all the necessary information concerning each argument.

8) Summarize your investigation.

When concluding your essay, keep in mind all the essential parts of your text. The context of the summary should reflect the thesis statement and the overall value of your research. After reading your conclusion, the audience should understand why your essay is significant in a specific field of study.

9) Ask your peers for help.

Having feedback from a person you trust is essential to have a polished essay. This is the part of the editing and proofreading process which shows you sections that need punctuation, spelling, and grammar improvements. Also, you can use an online grammar checker to be independent while correcting your essay alone.

10) Double-check for plagiarism.

Nothing is more painful than finding out your work is not unique enough. Still, you can always control borrowed content. To make your essay original, use a plagiarism checker. Also, try to cite your work correctly. Follow formatting style requirements by mentioning cited sources and organizing your in-text citations accurately.

Write with our guide at hand

Get ready to impress everyone in class with your research journey! In any case, if you worry about your writing, you can always come back to our guide with beneficial tips. Write consistently, write truly, write with love!

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