Lottery history and something that you need to know

Lottery is one of the pleasures of people today. It appeared in the world long time ago. However, from the beginning, the lottery was not widely recognized. The development of culture, society and economy has made lottery gradually become popular and recognized by law. At present, lottery exists as a form of our entertainment. 

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What is the lottery?

Lottery is a form of gambling relate to numbers. Accordingly, the player will use the numbers to bet, the winner will receive a certain prize if they guess exactly.

Is the lottery considered legal?

In the past, the lottery was considered illegal by some governments, while others supported it so much that they held national or state lotteries and allowed any citizen to attend and gamble with real money.

Lottery is a method of gambling by the numbers and players can win the huge prize

Today the lottery is supported by many governments but in other way several governments also set a number of regulations to ensure national security, such as “Governments ban selling lottery tickets for minors”.

History of lottery in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular

Join with us to learn about the history and the creation of lottery in Vietnam and in the world. We think that lottery is really a development industry and bring many benefits to the  country.

History of lottery in the world

Lottery was popular in many countries in the 19th century. However, in  the early 20th century, it were considered illegal in the United States, European countries as well as many other countries.

Lottery has gone through many stages from popular to unsupported

This remained true until after World War II. In the 1960s, casinos and lotteries began to reappear around the world as a means for governments to increase revenue without raising taxes. Lottery has many forms to organize and pay prizes for players.

According to the history of the lottery industry, lottery is a game originated from ancient Greece. With just a small ball, players can participate a few times in the lottery draw. Ancient people especially enjoyed and excited with this game. Because, they could predict the numbers correctly and win special prizes. A large amount of lucky money suddenly fell into their heads and of course no one disliked money.

By the time of ancient Rome, Caesar city had organized and introduced the rules of the lottery game with the purpose of creating a budget to repair and support the city.

Lottery used to be a complementary tool for countries around the world

Through the Middle Ages, European workers were extremely creative. They sold a lot of their ceramic products through lottery games. From the 15th to the 19th centuries, lottery types began to become more popular with different forms. Since that time, lotteries were issued widely because they had the permission of the king in European countries.

With the money collected from the lottery industry, the social welfare works and public facilities became extremely modern and spacious. These works made people’s life better. Therefore, the lottery is no longer a mere game. There are not many people boycotts it. And it became a great resource for a country.

Up to now, lotteries are still existing all over the world. When coming to any country, you will easily see many people who are playing the lottery. They are widely and publicly available, especially in some areas.

Although each country has a different way of playing the lottery, there is always only thing in common. It is the highest prize (or special prize) with an extremely amazing winning value. All proceeds from lottery organizations or companies must contribute a part of the state budget. This money will be used to build and develop public utility services.

Establishment process of Vietnam lottery

Lottery in Vietnam began to appear around 1962 with the traditional lottery. It is widely distributed throughout the provinces across the country with the criteria “Buy lottery, benefits for yourself and your country”.

In Vietnam, currently, there are two basic types of lottery that you should know. Those are regular and Vietlott lotteries. In particular, the lottery will usually be issued by state management agencies. The Ministry of Finance will be the agency which directly manage the regular lottery and draw prizes according to the following schedule:

• The Northern Lottery or the Capital Lottery will be drawn prizes on all days of the week, the time of prize drawing is usually 6pm every day.

Seize the time to open the lottery to win more easily

• Central lottery of 14 different provinces will offer prizes at 5:15 pm daily. Lottery of Khanh Hoa province will be drawn on Sunday and Wednesday. Da Nang city lottery will be opened on Wednesday and Saturday. Lottery of other provinces in the Central region is only open once a week.

• The Southern Lottery, consisting of 21 different provinces, will be offered daily at 4:10 pm every day. Ho Chi Minh City lottery will be drawn on Monday and Saturday. Lottery of other provinces in the Central region is only open once a week.

Vietlott lottery is issued by licensed companies. These companies will be responsible for organizing lotteries and paying prizes to winners. Currently, Vietlott has 3 types of lottery options:

+ Mega Lottery 6/45: win prizes every Wednesday – Friday and Sunday.

+ Max 4D Lottery: win prizes every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

+ Power Lottery 6/55: draw bonuses for every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Apart from these two types of lotteries, there is another type of lottery circulating in the market as an illegal mode of entertainment. That is bingo, gamble.

Bingo, gambling is an illegal method of entertainment based on the rapid development of the lottery

Because the lottery has grown so rapidly, it has been introduced into Vietnam in two trends. A healthy trend is recognized by the state and an unhealthy trend is not recognized by the state. Accordingly, this unhealthy trend is playing bingo and gambling. Some small organizations will use the results of the jackpots as a platform to reward players.

In Vietnam’s major cities, this trend is growing. You can see a lot of small organizations appearing next to the big lottery supply stores. Not only this trend, there are even many people who have started to learn how to gamble or bet over the internet when science and technology develop. Because of these things, the lottery market in Vietnam is increasingly difficult to compete.

Lottery is not as bad as we thought!

The birth and existence of the lottery industry today shows that lottery is not only brings entertaining for many people but also contributes significantly to the construction and maintenance of public works, the social works. Lottery has a positive meaning in the communities of many countries around the world. So, we hope that if you are having a wrong view about the lottery, think and reconsider deeply this field!

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