Top 8 Wedding websites for your big day

Creating your wedding website is one of the first things most couples do after getting engaged. They consider that a website fee is less expensive than hiring a wedding planner, while wedding planning costs as much as 15% of the overall wedding cost. Wedding websites are websites that help couples to do proper planning for their wedding and also inform guests with location, date, time and a gift registry. Wedding websites are a convenient way to keep the guests up to date with plans for your big day. It’s a great way to showcase your big day, share information and ensure a smooth running of the entire event. The right wedding website doesn’t just give your celebration an online presence and a nice layout. It can make wedding planning simpler, eliminate logistical problems and inspire you to enjoy wedding planning. You can create guest lists, personalized email address, gift preferences and accommodation reviews for your guests. Websites can be free but also cost a fee which includes more elements and has a wider variety of design options which can help you decide the perfect theme for your wedding. Following are the 8 top wedding websites to help all of your guests to remain on the same page with you on your big day:

8 top wedding websites

The Knot

the knot

Price: it is available for free but you can also purchase a custom domain for $20.

The Knot site offers a vast selection of tools from a full-service vendor manager to a guest list technology that makes it easy to collect contact information. The site includes a wide range of free templates with sleek designs and full-width imagery. It is very easy to set up it gets done within minutes. You can arrange your guest lists, add addresses, tracks invites and RSVPs for multiple events. You can also add as many website pages you want such and add all these features:

  • Choosing multiple colours and themes
  • Registry options that allow adding anything
  • Easy to select hotel offers discounted rooms near to your wedding venue right on your website dashboard.
  • You can add guests to multiple events, assign a household also collect guests addresses through a secure URL that allows you to email them with the aid of Guest List manager. Also, you can import your guest list or add it manually to the Guest List section.
  • Create a photo album.
  • Wedding checklist and budget tool that helps you to stay on track.

2. Zola 


Price: Free or you can purchase a domain for $14.95.

Zola is an extensive registry site that includes a wedding website builder. The high-end registry options include over 50,000 material gift items and cash items. It includes tons of designs, wedding registry and having one of the best guest list managers ever seen that will help in planning your wedding. Although the Zola site is free, many website users and couples have expressed that the price of the registry items is high. The site also includes other features such as

  • You can change your wedding website design any time and re-order your pages including home, a wedding party, photos, RSVPs, registry.
  • Password secured site.
  •  RSVP option for various events.
  • Registry apps and wedding website. You can also integrate your Zola wedding registry and other stores you can get register.
  • Collecting addresses of guests by sending emails and track RSVPs in real-time.
  • You can format the addresses for save the dates and invitations. 
  • You can make certain events private and make it only visible to guests who get invited.

3. Joy


Price: It is free.

Joy wedding websites provide a premium service with a complete personalized template. It features a sleek design, highly functional interface and accompanying app that will make it easier to manage your guest list. The site includes over 100 themes that you can choose from and coordinate with Elli wedding invites. You can choose a different design by choosing different colours, fonts and photos. It includes few highlights such as

  • Digital RSVPs to help you track your guest list online.
  • You can also notify your guests on the upcoming events or any changes.
  • You can help your guests stay connected with the help of Joy app.
  • There is an area on the website where the guests can upload photos to collect and save pictures. You can also showcase them in live slideshows.
  • You can also use the global guest-list tool that allows you to manage guests including +1’s and multiple-choice questions all in one place.
  • Display registers of your wedding and other content for your guests. 

4. Gettin’ hitched 

Gettin’ hitched

Price: Starts from £130 to set up (price differs on what you choose)

This wedding website is custom-made and personalized by their team of in-house designers. Gettin’ hitched is very easy to use also it includes a very stylish and sleek design for every template. They provide ready-made website templates in case you don’t like any designs you can pay a commission to the team to create a bespoke design for you. The bespoke designs start from £285 onwards. Here are some few more things you can learn about the website features

  • It is easy to scroll through their catalogue of designs where you can filter your results by your wedding theme. The theme includes from festival to vintage and floral.
  • You get two to three rounds of tweaks and amends thrown to the price to make sure you love your website.
  • You can add a lot of fun features to your websites such as including maps and a countdown to the big day.
  • You can order stationery such as wedding invitations, wedding thank you cards, table plan, place cards, save the date cards to match your website.

5. Appy Couple

Appy Couple

Price: $39 for Boutique Collection or $89 for the Luxury Collection (one-time fee for unlimited access).

Appy couple helps you keep the website, mobile app, guest list management, stationery, photo sharing and more together. There are over 100 designs to choose from creating a personalized brand for your wedding. Appy couple allows you to create a full wedding itinerary with events such as your rehearsal dinner, after brunch. Their website includes features such as

  • A personalized wedding app that guests can use for RSVP which compromises the same feature on the wedding website. You also get real-time alerts when guests RSVP.
  • The app is free to download that allows guests to take a photo from it and they automatically go to your gallery. You can stream photos from your gallery in real-time.
  • You can invite certain guests to specific events planned such as the rehearsal dinner.
  • Match your website theme to invitations made available to retailers such as Katie Fischer Design, Real Simple and Citrus Press.
  • Instant message and e-mail communication with the guests.
  • Travel concierge plug-in enabling guests to book discounted rates on hotel rooms and other services available on your website.

6. Squarespace


Price: $12 per month

Squarespace is a professional-looking site that offers lovely template options where you can build your wedding website. It offers 6 beautiful wedding-specific templates that vary from image-rich templates, sparse and minimal designs. You have great options to customize but it is not free. With the help of Squarespace, you can create a wedding website that includes a customized cash gift registry. Here are some few elements from the websites

  • Responsive design that makes your website looks good on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • RSVP features, to enable guests to respond to your email directly.
  • A visual timeline of your love story, wedding photos and information.
  • You can purchase your own domain name.

7. Riley and grey

Riley and grey

Price: $35 per month 

It is one of the most expensive options available among all the websites mentioned created by the digital tastemakers like the New York Times, Marie Claire and Glossier. Riley and grey provide modern and glamorous wedding templates and also includes premium features like custom domain and RSVP feature. There are many more features such as

  • Build the layout and design for your page for free before you pay for it to make it live.
  • There are limited edition templates which wouldn’t be as many people.
  • You can do custom changes to your website design even after publishing.
  • Collection of addresses making it easier to send the invitation.
  • You can customize your domain name.
  • The feature set is robust such as the guests can curate a playlist for the wedding.

8. Wedding Wire 

Wedding Wire

Price: Free or $12.99 for the custom domain.

Wix website is for couples that want a free wedding website site with other planning tools.

  • They provide a custom background photo template.
  • It displays easy hotel integration that recommends nearby hotels for your guests on your website.
  • You can protect your passwords and hide your pages from search engines.
  • It integrates seamlessly with other digital planning tools.

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