Learning to Write an Argumentative Essay

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An argument is a definite proposition proven through rationale, examples, and research. An argumentative essay is a reasoned text written on a controversial topic. This essay type objectives are:

– to convince the audience of a particular point of view and win them over to your side;

– distinctively indicate why this position is preferable over the other.

Let’s analyze what type of text it is. An argumentative essay is a text:

– in which you will need to express your point of view on the issue;

– in which you will need to back up your opinion with facts;

– in which you will also provide an opposite opinion. An argumentative essay must always include an all-around consideration of the issue under discussion and strong arguments, which will persuade the reading audience of the author’s opinion correctness.

There are specific requirements for this essay type. Here are the ground rules for preparing powerful work:

1. Choose the topic or carefully read the one you have been given.

It will require much time to prepare this paper. That is why you must choose an issue that will interest you in working on it. Some tremendous argumentative essay topic examples can be viewed here.

Argumentative essays advocate a specific opinion on a controversial issue. Hence, for such an essay, a topic on which there is a consensus is not suitable.

For instance, you are unlikely to write a solid argumentative paper on the advantages of physical exercises because this thesis is not objectionable to anyone.

2. Follow the essay writing methodology. First of all, you should master the relevant material properly.

When writing such an essay, the authors should thoroughly analyze all aspects of the problem, leading the reader to an unmistakable and logical conclusion. Prior to preparing an argumentative essay, you must familiarize yourself with the existing opinions on this matter to mention opinions that do not coincide with yours (counterarguments).

3. Keep in mind the desired outcomes for your essay.

The ultimate objective of an argumentative essay is to persuade other people of something by persuading them to the author’s opinion on the problem under discussion.

4. Check the main thesis.

Debate it with a friend or relative (preferably with a different point of view). It will help you hone your reasoning and give you new arguments that support your thesis statement.

5. Assess your target audience.

When preparing an argumentative essay, it is essential to understand who it is intended for. If you are completing a study assignment, then your classmates and teacher will read the essay. If you are writing for a bigger audience, for more practical construction of argumentation, you should take into account your readers.

The level of education, life experience, and profession of people affect how they perceive a different perspective, so it is advisable to consider these factors.

6. Come up with an attention-grabbing headline.

A creative and original headline will interest the readers and make them want to read your paper. A superb title can also give the readers an idea of the essay itself. Scientific articles often use two-part headings separated by a colon. At the same time, the first part is a compelling statement that can attract the reader’s attention, and the second part reveals and explains this statement in more detail.

7. Use reliable sources and provide factual and up-to-date materials.

Reliably substantiate your position, supporting it with serious scientific work references.

Cite serious papers written by experts in the field and presented in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Works published in such publications are subject to preliminary verification (reviews).

8. Indicate sources.

When citing other works, appropriate references should be given.

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