Become Smarter by Making Big Money from your Smartphones

Do you spend much of your leisurely time on your smartphone? If so, spending your precious time on your smartphone may perhaps make lots of money for you.
According to analytics, an average people spends about 2-4 hours on their mobile devices each day. And therefore, it is the correct time to start thinking to earn some extra bucks rather than wasting entire time upon meddling with insignificant stuffs.
The best thing about money earning apps are that they are not so difficult to understand as long as you have a nice smartphone and patience to hustle with them to make extra income.

Let’s have a look at some interesting mobile applications that have made many people earn real cash.

App Bounty

This app has been installed more than 5,000,000 times and has over 100,000 five-star ratings in Google Play Store. This apps basically runs on the principle where you have to download and install other applications. There are many additional offers present in the app where you can earn yourself credit score that can be exchanged for gift cards. This app is available for users situated all over the world and has got some really good and reliable payment systems.


This app has got immense popularity among smartphone users and is considered as internationally favourite for getting paid by doing easier tasks. The paid tasks performed in the app includes watching video, completing surveys, and playing games. The app even pays you sometimes for searching any particular apps. Many people don’t even consider these tasks as some kind of ‘work’ as they enjoy doing it! Every time a task is completed, you get points. These points can be redeemed from PayPal wallet or gift cards. Every time a new user signs in, $5 is credited in their account instantly as sign-up bonus.


This app offers its users with elite rewards and has been present in the top list consistently. One of the oldest app Tapporo, has been listed among most reliable apps which can be easily installed from Google Play Store. According to its website version, they offer many referral rates like $0.6 per sign in bonus. Which means, you can easily make $120 by referring it to 200 people. This is one of the reasons many people love this app. Where other apps require you performing several activities to earn cash, Tapporo gives you instant cash by downloading the app only. The rewards earned can be redeemed from your PayPal account or by purchasing mobile accessories, Amazon gift card, etc.


Mintcoins also comes under the category of reliable and user-friendly apps. Although earning here may not seem to be very fast, but, minimum cash put i.e. $1 makes an interesting feature of this app. For every new referral, you earn $0.25 and therefore, if your friends also get into action, combinedly you guys can earn quite an amount. In this app, every rewards cab be redeemed via PayPal that again proves its reliability. Mintcoins also pay you for downloading other apps and taking part in surveys.

Inbox Dollars

This app is probably most loved after Swagbucks and is presently the largest platform enabling its users for ‘get-to-paid’ feature. In Inbox Dollars, you can find various ways through which money can be earned very easily. Ways include watching videos, answering survey questions and reading mails. Whenever a new user signs in Inbox Dollar app, they get $5 as a sign in bonus. Top tip: if you want to earn really fast, install this app along with Swagbucks simultaneously besides few others. To redeem rewards in this app, you need to have PayPal account. Other than it, you can exchange your rewards for gift card also.


In this app, earn points for watching videos. Once you earn points, get it exchanged with debit cards, prizes or gift cards. Just like you watch your favourite television shows through a streaming service like Amazon, Hulu or Netflix, peep into Viggle. This app will not only show you your favourite videos, but also give you bonus points for watching them! You get paid for every minute spent on this app and bonuses for spending longer time in watching streaming videos. Other than it, points can be earned by interacting with the app. The points get increased if you watch commercials and trailers too!

Just Answer

This app is most suitable for people who specialise in some fields. If you are an expert, making money can be really easy through this app. Moreover, you can hep others also with this app by answering questions asked for particular matter. The rate is kept by the people asking questions. The clients pay while you submit answers for their queries. If your answers get accepted, a portion of the fee is given to you depending upon your expertise. Here, the drawback also lies as you may not get paid sometimes due to rejection of answers. Nevertheless, once you are set, chances of getting increased payments increases and you can earn in hundreds of dollars within your own scheduled time.

Cash Pirate

This app has been consistently in top 5 list since past many years. The pay-out system in this app also remains very reliable. The rewards earned in this app can be converted into PayPal cash, Amazon vouchers or bitcoins. Minimum pay-out that can be claimed in not below $2.50. which means, to get your rewards cashed out, you need to make at least $2.50. In this app, the rewards can be earned easily by completing offers and downloading other apps. You can earn by watching videos streaming on the app. The referral program carried by the app is also very interesting where you get 10% for your referral earning along with 5% for other people referral earnings.

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