Top 10 Best Toasters In India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

If you are passionate about cooking and love to have all kinds of utensils as well as kitchen appliances, then a toaster is a must buy. Furthermore, if you have a busy schedule, then a toaster can be a great help to you. This will make you prepare breakfast easily and quickly. 

However, choosing a product can be really a hectic task to do with so many options available in the market. But, you can follow the article to get help and guidance. This will let you choose the best toasters in India.

Here is a list of Top 10 Best Toasters In India

1. Morphy Richards AT-401 4-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

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The Morphy Richards AT-401 4-Slice Pop-Up Toaster is the best toaster in India.


1. It has hi-lift bread removal.

2. The product is suitable for large families.

3. It has a shockproof and durable design.

4. The product comes along with a nice grip.


1. When it comes to high-quality toaster in the Indian market, this is one of the first-class toasters available. Morphy Richards understands the choices of the Indian customers and as a consequence makes their products in such a manner that they fulfill the needs in a fantastic manner. You can assume the identical factor from this toaster as well.

2. To start with the review of its features, this toaster comes with an automated functioning which allows its customers to concurrently function all their integral work. Other than this, you will additionally get the browning regulator in the front by which you can pick the type of brown that you want on your bread. It makes use of bread centering for ensuring the uniform cooking of the bread for delivering that best toast.

3. This model of the toaster from Morphy Richards is made for the large Indian households as it comes with the 4-slice option. The high performance and multi-functions presented through this toaster are honestly appreciable. Talking about the features that it offers, you will get plenty of them.

4. It makes use of the energy of 1400W and comes with the guarantee length of 2-years. The use of sturdy plastic for the making of this toaster ensures that its body will remain cool, no matter the high-range temperature on which it is working. You will definitely love cooking and serving your household with the exceptional toasts made by using the use of this toaster.


1. If not being taken care of, it can burn the bread.

2. Morphy Richards AT 204 2-Slice 800W Pop-Up Toaster

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The Morphy Richards AT 204 2-Slice 800W Pop-Up Toaster is the second best product in the list.


1. It consumes only 800 Watts power.

2. This is suitable for small families.

3. It has a dust cover.

4. This comes with 2 years of warranty.


1. This adorable little Morphy Richards toaster is for the small households as it comes only with a 2-slice option. However, the discount is only in the number of bread slices and no longer in the aspects that it offers. Just like the different Morphy Richard products, this one also comes loaded with many features that come to the work of the users quite easily.

2. Moving to the elements that you expect from the toaster, you will not be dissatisfied even with that area. You get an automatic controller with this toaster which works as per the comfort of the users and enable them to work simultaneously. The temperature variable or the browning controller ensures that every one of the customers receives their preference of browning in the toast.

3. This toaster is pretty appealing to the eyes. It comes in white and blue color combination which makes it ideal for all types of kitchen décors. Also, the compact dimension of this toaster can be adjusted in any area so you don’t ample have to worry about storing this toaster.

4. It additionally comes with a dirt cover so as to forestall any type of dust to get an inside toaster and disrupt its process of working. The offered Hi-lift facility ensures the convenient elimination of the bread. You also get the warranty for 2-years with this toaster.


1. It may not toast evenly.

3. Prestige PPTPKY 850W Pop-Up Toaster

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The Prestige PPTPKY 850W Pop-Up Toaster is the third best product on the list.


1. It gives an effective and fast performance.

2. This is good for large families.

3. It is affordable.

4. It comes with a year warranty.

5. This consumes of 850 Watts of power.


1. This toaster from Prestige is for those who prefer an elegant yet performing model for their use. This Prestige model is one of the few models which are so appealing that it will capture your attention inside no time. Talking about its features, it provides some of the needed points that will make your work simple and quick.

2. It operates the usage of the energy consumption of 850W which ensures that you don’t have to wait for your toast to pop-up from the toaster. The heating factor existing in this toaster is so positive that it ensures uniform distribution of warmness for getting the ultimate brown toast just the way you like it.

3. The body of this toaster is made the use of exceptional plastic which makes sure that you will in no way have to face any troubles with that. You also get the advantages of separate buttons on this toaster which will simplify your working to the maximum. The browning controller permits you to pick between the sorts of browning that you need for your toast.

4. This toaster is also on hand within a lower priced fee vary and as a consequence can be sold via anyone. The crumb tray can be eliminated effortlessly and as a result, the customers can expect rapid working as nicely as quick and easy cleaning. You additionally get the guarantee of 1-year with this toaster in opposition to all the viable problems that you may face.


4. Bajaj ATX 4 750W Pop-Up Toaster

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The Bajaj ATX 4 750W Pop-Up Toaster is the number 4 product on the list,


1. It can toast 2 slices of bread.

2. This is affordable.

3. It has a space saving design.

4. It comes with 5 heating options.

5. This has 2 years of warranty.


1. If you are one of those who is always strolling late with things then you need a toaster which can enable you with its positive and quick performance. This Bajaj toaster is one of that merchandise which come geared up with the features for turning in with the outcomes within no time. It is one of the toasters which can toast 2-slices of bread simply instantly beside any hassles.

2. If you mistakenly press any wrong button in this toaster and then favor to change it, then this toaster additionally affords you the mid-way cancellation option. It comes with a removal crumb tray which makes the use and cleaning quite easy. You also get the guarantee of 2-years with this toaster.

3. You can make use of its 5-heating selections for making your toast simply the way you want. This function approves you to serve all kinds of toast to all your household members. The automated pop-up characteristic of this toaster helps the bread to pop out as soon as it is prepared.

4. This long-lasting product which is made of first-rate plastic is accessible at a less expensive rate and accordingly can be bought without any issue. It additionally has a wire winder at the base which saves its storage space. The sketch of this toaster is way too sophisticated and ergonomic which helps it getting adjusted with any of the home decors.


1. No dust protection.

5. Usha 3720 700W 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

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The Usha 3720 700W 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster is the number 5 product on the list.


1. It is easy to clean and maintain.

2. The product comes with indicators.

3. It has advanced safety features.

4. It comes with 2 years of warranty.

5. This consumes 700 watts of power.


1. This toaster defines the great meaning of simplicity. The toaster is simple yet superb in the entirety for which it is designed. And coming from the brand known as Usha, you would in no way have to worry about the reliability and durability of this toaster.

2. The excellent plastic body of this toaster is certainly considerable and you will now not face any issues with that. Since it is easy looking, you can fit it with any of the home décors and without a doubt, it will look simply amazing. All the buttons and regulators are placed personally which offers ease to the users to handle all its operations.

3. This Usha toaster is for those who love simplicity in their products. Right from its appears to the features, the whole thing connected to this toaster is easy to use and understand. It is consequently additionally chosen by way of the customers who are new with the use of such kitchen appliances.

4. Coming to the features, you get 7 unique putting picks using which you can make different toasts of your choice. The hi-lift choice of this toaster makes it convenient to cast off the toast slices once they are done. The shock-proof characteristic of this toaster is so that you can be certain with the workings of this product beneath circumstances.

5. It makes use of minimal energy consumption of 700W and gives 2-years of warranty. You additionally get handy storage choice with this toaster.


1. Heat reduction option is not available.

6. Bajaj ATX 3 750W Auto Pop-Up Toaster

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The Bajaj ATX 3 750W Auto Pop-Up Toaster is the number 6 product on the list.


1. It has an amazing look.

2. The product has a powerful performance.

3. It takes very less space.

4. It has a cool touch body.

5. This comes with a crumb removal tray.


1. Bajaj is that one identify which is familiar with what the customers need and then collect them all together in their products. This toaster is also designed in such a manner that the customers get the maximum ease and comfort with the use. Along with some useful and tremendous features, this toaster is additionally an enchantment in its appears and design.

2. The browning control regulator helps the customers to successfully select the brown toast of their choice. The heating component used in this toaster is so that it uniformly distributes the warmness and as a result ensures flawlessly brown toast barring burning them. It comes with cool touch handles and facets which protects the trouble of over-heating when in use.

3.  To make certain that the customers can use this toaster as and when they need, it makes use of solely 750W of power. This not only helps the toaster to function toasting at a quicker speed but additionally preserves plenty of electricity at some point of the use. To make the customers more secured with the devoted overall performance of this toaster, it additionally gives 2-years of warranty with this product.

4. The automatic pop-up alternative of this toaster helps the bread to pop-up when they are accomplished toasting. The mid-way function cancel option lets the consumer cancel the operation when in need. Thanks to the slide-out crumb tray, this toaster is handy to clean.


1. No dust cover.

7. Prestige PPTPKB 800W 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

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The Prestige PPTPKB 800W 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster is the number 7 product on the list.


1. It has easy maintenance.

2. This is easy and quick to clean.

3. The power consumption is low.

4. It has wide slots.

5. It comes with a crumb removable tray.


1. Thinking about buying a toaster for your kitchen and looking for some of the first-rate names in the market? If so, then we are certain you must have encountered the title of Prestige brand. Being one of the oldest manufacturers in the Indian market, all the merchandise presented under this brand can be depended on for their overall performance and reliability.

2. It is made up of amazing plastic quality which not only enhances its looks however also grants some needed benefits to the users. Thanks to its body, it is shock-proof and also affords the wanted balance or grip while it is working. You additionally get 1-year assurance time on this toaster which further guarantees the users for getting the required performance.

3. This toaster is additionally one of the products that Prestige portrays with all the delight as it comes loaded with some remarkable points that would make your work pretty easy and simple.

4. This toaster makes use of solely 800W of energy and as a consequence is one of the most energy-efficient fashions available. Besides this, this strength consumption makes certain that you don’t have to wait for long for getting your toast accomplished perfectly.

5. The heating component present inner this toaster ensures that the bread slices are flawlessly browned except burning. The crumb tray is detachable which lets you get rid of removing crumbs pretty easily. This toaster will in no way disappoint you with its working.


  1. Price is a little expensive. 

8. Orient Electric PT2SO5P 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster Plastic Body

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The Orient Electric PT2SO5P 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster Plastic Body is the number 8 product on the list.


1. It is easy to clean.

2. This is user-friendly.

3. It has an attractive design.

4. This uses bread centering technology.


1. This 2-slice pop-up toaster from Orient is one of the first-rate toasters which come with alluring looks and elegant design. The plan and the desirable appears would be the first few things that will certainly capture your attention. Besides the looks, it is the easy facets of this toaster that tends to galvanize the users.

2. It uses the science of auto-bread centering which ensures the uniform distribution of the warmness for fine browning of the bread. You also get the benefits of 7 one of a kind placing selections to get the best brown toast in accordance to your preference. The browning regulator is easy to use and with that you can control the browning of your toast.

3. It is made the use of cool contact plastic body which ensures the shipping of suited and advanced safety to the users. Even though this toaster is used at excessive temperature, you will in no way have to face any trouble involving the accidental warm touch. It is also outfitted with automatic bread pop-up characteristic simply when the toasting characteristic is completed.

4. The automated shut off feature of this toaster helps the users to listen on their other works along with preparing the toast. The bread is additionally lifted excessive from the toaster physique and thus supplies convenient removal of the toast.

5. You can even use it as an alternative of your sandwich maker to make sandwiches twoThe toaster makes the use of 850W of electricity consumption and also presents you with 2-years of warranty.


  1. No dust cover present.

9. Borosil BTO850WSS21 850W Krispy Pop-Up Toaster

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The Borosil BTO850WSS21 850W Krispy Pop-Up Toaster is the number 9 product on the list.


1. It is user-friendly.

2. This has an attractive design.

3. The toasting is fast and effective.

4. It consumes 850 Watts.

5. It has 2 years of warranty.


1. If you are in want of a toaster, then why not select the one which is lower priced at price, desirable in looks along with being superb in its functioning? Wouldn’t it be terrific if you can get all these matters in one single toaster? With this toaster of Borosil, it is no greater tough to get all these qualities.

2. If you are in need of a toaster, then why no longer pick the one which is inexpensive in price, attractive in appears alongside with being tremendous in its functioning? Wouldn’t it be notable if you can get all these matters in one single toaster? With this toaster of Borosil, it is no more challenging to get all these qualities.

3. This toaster is less expensive and therefore ensures that it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket with its price. Other than this, it’s beautiful appears are something that is particularly intended to galvanize all the users. Not tons behind these points of interest are the facets of this toaster which do complete justification to the wants of the users.

4. The cool contact body, anti-skid base as well as the removal aspect crumb tray are some of the other aspects that this toaster presents to its users. It works the usage of the power consumption of 850W which speeds up the toasting manner alongside with being electricity efficient model. The warranty for 2-years is also reachable with this toaster.


1. Takes long to toast.

10. Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 830W 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

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The Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 830W 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster is the number 10 product on the list.


1. It is good for small families.

2. This has an auto shut off option.

3. It is easy to clean.

4. This has a reheat option.


1. This toaster from Philips is one such toaster that comes loaded with high-quality points along with quick and high-quality functioning. Thus, if you are looking for a toaster which can deliver you with the ideal combination of appealing appears and elements with years of trust, then you need to select this Philips Pop-up toaster.

2. This toaster is best for small families as it comes with the 2-slice option. However, each slot are of variable dimension and therefore they can be used with any measurement and type of pieces of bread. With this toaster in your kitchen, all that you will get is crunchy and crispy toast beside any hassles or worries.

3. This toaster works with the energy consumption of 830W which ensures that the users get instantaneous performance from the toaster. As a result of the same, this toaster can be your authentic companion in the morning rush. Other than this, it gives you 8 kinds of browning settings for serving each character with their favored kind of toast.

4. You also get a built-in bun rack for heating buns, rolls, and pastries. The auto-shut characteristic offers greater protection when you are coping with many matters simultaneously. You can use the preferences like reheat, defrost and cancel at any time you want and get the outcomes just with one click.


  1. The OTG takes long to heat.

Final Talk

These are top 10 best toasters in India available in the market. You can go through each of them to get an idea about each and then opt for one according to your requirement.

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