Imagination with Superb Ideas!

Sometimes in our life small and almost fewer changes can have the major impact. Right starting from thinking about a problem to a point of observing someone, delicacies play a very crucial role.
The reason being celebrating the bigger  changes— invention of a plane or the moving to vehicles from old-age wagons , over the smaller ones—wearing a fashionable shirt, taking up new attires or goggles or making a new  cartoon character out of our creativity —is because little or changes at lower level  are pretty much at ease.
You don’t have to put in much to incorporate little changes. Even then, we usually tend to ignore making these little changes by giving indefinite reasons like if it is easy to do, it’s not that much important.
Yes! Many of us can easily see, this is not the case. Taking creativeness into consideration one should not need to focus on larger or big changes or challenging problems in life; but foresee that what little changes you can make now onwards, then make them. Considering them not easy, but focusing on what changes it has made to a situation irrespective of its previous condition.
When we want to realize that our ideas are just a replica of just their own objects not looking them as a result of our intelligent mind, we take a step back in the past and at that moment we share those unique creations with the world. By showing them to the world, our ideas get fuelled by criticism and undergoes hammering or shattering process, resulting in some ideal proposition or design that is bound to receive appreciations.
In fact, our ideas or plans are everlasting and cannot be shaken by any supernatural forces present in nature. Ever you had any good idea, it will remain in the mind forever. It will be going to stay with you forever stored somewhere in a human complex designed natural machine called brain.
Ideas are just thought of brain and are immortal. Remember last time you thought about giving a vote to any political party due to their good deeds for the common masses in last 5 years or murmuring the lyrics of the last song you heard on FM radio or while riding in the bus, it’s just another example of the idea. It’s very difficult for your mind to get off the topic once an idea struck in it. Whenever we let our design or plans to flow in which they want, then evolution path is build up which takes our thinking to a next level resulting into great things ever happened in the history of mankind.
We usually hide our ideas out of fear as they can be apart before they’ve had a chance to shine. We always keep our ideas in a perfectly polished condition before we start sharing them with the world, before keeping things in the way which could bring the revolution to a greater extent. We always fear condemnation and perhaps think that our mind-blowing ideas aren’t that much great to be applied for.
If we thought our ideas step out of our capabilities, desires, quotient; then we should always keep in mind that it would be always the scariest or worst thing to be revealed in front of others. From others, at last, we expect that we’re not that much intelligent or capable enough to handle or we tried to prove something as superlative which is obvious for many of us. As we don’t want to showcase ourselves as fool or wrong, we cover our ideas from the world until we get a good stage to put forward it.
We should understand that ideas can never be great enough unless and until they face denunciation from outside world or fall under this human world point of view. As far as an idea is in our mind, it is termed as good or mind-blowing. Once an idea is revealed in the world then it can be grown or strengthened to a maximum extent so as to bring best out of it.

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Masood Malick May 24, 2018 at 10:18 am

I can relate this!

Saurabh Mangar June 28, 2018 at 11:14 pm

well written

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