Who is Amy Schumer Husband? Some Amazing Facts You Need to Know

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer are in love and they never keep secrets about it. Being engaged over two-years from now, their life has been wonderful. We all have seen the actress in several movies across the past few years. However, most of us do not know the stories about Chris. If you want to know more, here is an article about Amy Schumer husband Chris Fischer and Some Amazing Facts You Need to Know.

He is a Chef

A lot of people do know about Chris Fischer and his passion for cooking. However, very few people do know that he was a Chef at a specialized restaurant. According to Elle, the famous magazine, Chris used to work in Europe and he is especially from Martha’s Vineyard where he is from. According to him, his love for cooking was right from childhood and he spends a lot of time learning and eventually looking for a job. This happened to be his daily work routine before getting married to Amy. Chris spends most of his time in learning and cooking which made him eventually turn into a great chef as a choice of profession. It still serves him well.

Martha’s Vineyard

The epic story of Martha’s Vineyard comes from the roots of Chris. It is believed that it was his ancestors who used to work on the farm and also spent there for more than 250 years. It was in the year 1961 when his Grandfather purchased the Beetlebung Farm. This farm is specially located back in his home in Europe and it is exactly where Chris now operates. However, there is an interesting story behind this scene. A lot of people do not know that Chris and his ex-girlfriend used to work here together and it’s been a couple of years at least since they have been working. According to Chris, working with her was a complete team effort and it was fun indeed.

New England Farm Boy

We already know that he and his family are the owners of the Beetlebung Farm. It was since the year of 1961, their family has been managing the farm. Recently, Chris moved in with his husband to be the recent addition to the farm. Since this move, there has been a lot of media coverage for the land. This has also helped Chris to promote the 5.7-acre of land into a complete farming endorsement. However, to make this business grow, Chris introduced a small produce market just outside the farm and he also wishes to expand it to a restaurant. This has helped Chris a lot to grow on the farm and be a bigger business enthusiast. However, his love for farming is never-ending.

The Unplanned Meeting

There are already a lot of rumours around Amy Schumer and her husband and also the work planned by them. However, it is one simple story that became a big start to their journey as a couple. Without knowing, it was Fischer’s sister who set up the whole story. According to the multiple reports that have been leaked, it was Fischer’s sister who made the matchmaker in creating a meeting between the two. However, it was purely about commercial purpose which turned into a love story. Fischer’s sister was Amy’s assistant. To make matters more interesting, the vine was selected for a scene in the movie I Feel Pretty in Boston. The location was specifically set for Martha’s Vineyard.

His Cookbook Is Critically-Acclaimed

Chris and his love for cooking is now a common story for every magazine. There have been several TV shows as well as covering his passion for cooking as well. However, he even became more successful with the love for his book Beetlebung Farm Cookbook. In 2016, it was said that Chris had also won the James Beard award for the show. This is the reason why most of the people got to know about him. However, one of his restaurants known as the Beach Plum was also recommended by Michelle Obama and Barack Obama as their favourite choice of restaurant. Apart from this, he is also critically acclaimed for providing lectures at the Food and Wine Program for Boston University.

His Inspirations in New York

Chris has always been passionate about how much it is evident for him and how much cooking means to him. However, his life in New York taught him multiple things. He spoke about them later with the magazine named as Vineyard Gazette. In this interview, he disclosed it all about how he used to live in New York and what he used to learn from Chef Mario Batali. However, he struggled a lot to settle down and this is what made Chris a successful chef as of now. Often talking about the city, he claims that the city has taught him more about the roots and self-sufficiency of the product. It allowed him to form living in a rural place from city life and how he could achieve the goals.

Getting Married Fast

One of the biggest decisions of our lives is to get married. We spend most of our time deciding on whether this will be the right move or not. However, it does not feel the same with Chris and Amy. The decision of getting married is theirs and by the looks of it, they have seemed to be settled down earlier. Schumer announced that he and Fischer decided to tie the knot in a private ceremony and even without informing too many people. They called on for their friends with just a simple text message so that not many people can gossip about it. However, they got public about the engagement and the reception once the marriage was conducted and the entire occasion ended.

Schumer Is Smitten With Him

Schumer made several TV appearances and most of them were interviews asking about their personal life. However, she was always the one who claimed that the quest for a partner is not the most important thing in life. In multiple interviews, she claimed that it was never mandatory for her to get settled in life and she could bear her expenditures alone. However, things changed gradually and it felt like and was flattened by Chris all the way. She claimed about how it was to get engaged with Chris and how they were affectionate about each other. It is clear that both of them are in love with each other and hardly has it mattered to make things public.

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