Ignite Your Exercise Routine While In Quarantine With These Tips

Exercise Routine

The pandemic is continually spreading on a global scale. No continent has been spared when it comes to its scope. There has been a worldwide effort to put up measures to ensure everyone will stay safe. Social distancing, wearing of face masks, and the dreaded self-quarantine was imposed to help this cause.

However, this has been a heavy blow for gym buffs and exercise enthusiasts everywhere. The average home is not equipped with all the paraphernalia and equipment you would need. We all dream of having those gorgeous curves or trimmed muscles that are Instagram worthy.

The virus is still continuing with its world tour and most gyms are still banned from opening. So, what can we do to keep ourselves in tip-top shape and be photoshoot worthy? Exercise, exercise, and more tough exercise.

But another challenge is facing us. In gyms, we are surrounded by people working out, TV screens, stereos, and more things to distract us. Exercising and weight-lifting can be a discouraging task in itself. It involves pure hard work and sweat and can be challenging to do without distractions.

You should go through websites like FitnessGuide101.org to give you some insight into the best fitness routine that would suit you. These are surefire ways for you to keep up with your daily routines:

Mix-up Your Cardio

If you can sum up all the cardio exercises into one word, what would it be? It would be Boring. Cardio is repetitive, tedious, and just a plain old burden. Just thinking about all the work you’re going to put into your routine makes you just want to quit right there and then.

The worst part is you don’t even feel fulfilled after you do it. After you sweat it out and put all the work in, you look in the mirror and see that nothing changed.

But that repetitive and tedious work is the key to your future success. Keeping at it and all your work will pay off in the end. It will give you that toned slim body or trimmed muscles you have been dying to have. But it still feels like a great mountain to climb especially at the beginning.

This is the best way to go about it. If you’re a struggling newbie to the cardio game, scratch up a routine that will give you both intensity and variation. If you have a fitness trainer, make sure to ask their advice on how to spice up your routine so quitting won’t even cross your mind.

If you’re a seasoned veteran, it gets hard at times to get the motivation to just keep moving. Old routines will make you feel dull and unmotivated, so make sure to change-up your game. Try to find variances of standard exercises or introduce games into the mix.

A prime way to make a fun game out of your routine is to introduce yourself to prison-style workouts. They are cost-effective and don’t need heavy equipment to keep you buff or lean. Here’s a good example of that:

Juarez Valley Push-ups

Push-ups can be challenging to start and accomplish, but when you get started and find your own rhythm, you’ll realize that it does get easier as you go along. Although we may hit our limits, we’re hardwired to keep going and push through to new boundaries. This game is a prime example of that.

Basically, what you do is you try your hardest and set a goal for yourself to start off. Try and reach the limit on how many push-ups you can do. Next step, you try to surpass that number in the following sessions and increase these numbers day the day. Simple enough, but that will surely push you to your limits and beyond.

To keep things even more challenging, you should try to add variety to your push up styles. This will help you avoid boredom from creeping in. In fact, you can try the “Jailhouse Strong” and test yourself beyond anything. This is a 20-set work out that goes as follows:

  • 1st set: 20
  • 2nd set: 1
  • 3rd set: 19
  • 4th set: 2
  • 5th set: 18
  • 6th set: 3
  • 7th set: 17
  • 8th set: 4
  • 9th set: 16
  • 10th set: 5
  • 11th set: 15
  • 12th set: 6
  • 13th set: 14
  • 14th set: 7
  • 15th set: 13
  • 16th set: 8
  • 17th set: 12
  • 18th set: 9
  • 19th set: 11
  • 20th set: 10

This will be absolutely challenging but would be worth the achievement in the long run.

Get Your Groove On

Nothing sets your rhythm like a well-assembled playlist. You can pick through a multitude of artists, genres, or styles of music that will best pump you up.

You can glide through smooth jazz while you’re doing core exercises. You can skip-rope in the pace of rhythmic house beats. Or pump out push-ups or heavy squats to the tune of punk rock. The sky’s the limit on all your choices.

If you’re not into music, you can put on a lengthy audiobook or podcast and be swept into the drama while you’re doing your planks. It makes everything simple and worthwhile to do.

See a Movie

Nothing beats watching your favorite TV game show or motivational film to get your blood pumping. Watching something on-screen while you do cardio exercise is the perfect way to distract yourself.

This will help you focus on something else while you get your exercise flowing. This is the perfect way to burn those calories and get those sweet gains. If you’re trying to put some spice into your routine, you can even use YouTube. Here, you can find the best video guides to satisfy your health needs.


Being locked up or quarantined doesn’t mean it’s the end of your fitness world. Don’t be held down by your assumptions that exercise is boring alone. Even by yourself, you can use these tips to distract you and be a better you.

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