Are There Any Genuine Reasons to Take CBD as an Athlete?

CBD as an Athlete

Let’s start with the obvious, there are many banned substances in the sporting world. If CBD is one of them in your sports area, then obviously you should never take it. With that out of the way, let us examine if there are any genuine reasons to take CBD as an athlete.

A Note About CBD Purity

Before getting into the facts about CBD, please remember that impurities in CBD oil can cause the most damage of all. Though you should treat CBD with the respect it deserves as a potentially lethal drug, you must be “more” careful about where you buy it because impurities in CBD oil can have devastating effects. 

Control Your Weight Better

Let’s say you have a boxing match and you need to gain some weight to stay in the right category. Overeating sounds like fun, but it is a fleeting type of fun that soon turns into a chore when you are working out and still trying to put on weight. CBD reduces your ability to absorb the chemical inhibitors that tell you that you are satiated. As a result, you can eat, and eat and eat, and still feel hungry at times when you otherwise wouldn’t. 

The Horrible Diets

If you have ever tried building up your body so that you look like Hugh Jackman in Wolverine, then you will know all about a protein diet. You have to eat protein eight or more times per day, and it is possibly the most unappetizing and frankly depressing set of meals you will ever eat. You start to feel like a barnyard hog, chowing down repeatedly on this tasteless pap. However, CBD again removes your mind’s ability to judge hunger, and in a sort-of cognitive dissonance way, it makes your horrible meals seem palatable. It is mostly because the CBD makes you hungry, but if you want to eat that horrible protein stuff, then CBD will help you get there. 

Offset The Sickly Feeling

Be you an Olympic shot putter, or a champion rower, you are going to go through diets, routines, drugs, and ordeals that leave you feeling very sickly. Sometimes you feel sickly for days, almost as if you have been swimming in an over-chlorinated pool for weeks. It makes it hard to properly relax, hard to eat, and hard to recharge. In these cases, CBD can really take the edge off and help you push through the sickly parts of your training routine. 

Offers a Come-Down to Stimulants

You are not supposed to take stimulants, and so forth, and we all know that nobody (wink wink) does it. Especially those who know they won’t be tested again for another 6 months. Nevertheless, training takes its toll, you need an extra kick, but then you find yourself unable to relax or come down. Hemp flowers from OrganicCBDNugs are well known for taking the edge off  stimulants so that athletes can transition from working out back into a normal life without having to spend three days in the shower first. 

The On and Off Benefit to Athletes

This one was left until last because it is very subjective in a way that is often warped for propaganda means. There are people out there who claim CBD, cannabis, marijuana, and so forth help reduce anxiety. For the record, this is a very subjective thing. As you probably know, these substances can actually have the opposite effect. As a relief for anxiety, CBD is a temporary “fix”. It does not target the cause of anxiety. 

However, with that said, there is a portion of the population, who are able to use CBD to reduce anxiety, in the same way that some people can use cigars to reduce anxiety, and some people can use sex, and so forth. 

Again, do not mistake this fact for a claim that CBD reduces anxiety because that is not true. However, for “some” people, having CBD around 48 hours before an event will help reduce anxiety so that they perform better. At the very least, it helps reduce their anxiety during their rest periods. 

If you take it too close to the event, then your performance will be damaged, so if you are using it to reduce anxiety, then make sure you do not use it within 48 hours of the actual event. If it is still in your system during the event, then your performance will suffer.

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