Jeff Wittek: From Crime to Prime Time

Jeff Wittek

Jeff Wittek has had a very adventurous and fun filled life. The popular YouTuber who has over three million YouTube subscribers, was involved in a life crime not so long ago. He had been arrested on charges of selling drugs in Miami but he has gone on to make a worthwhile career as an influencer hair stylist, and joined the colossally famous Vlog Squad, and suffered a serious head injury during a somewhat ridiculous stunt. Let’s find out more about this daredevil with a business-centred disposition. 

Jeff Wittek: All You Need to Know

Over the course of his career, Jeff Wittek has grown from a foundation character in David Dobrik’s video blogs to a monstrous influencer by his own doing. In the wake of delivering four pieces of his narrative arrangement on YouTube, he’s shown another side to fans, who are eating it up. Aside from his three million YouTube subscribers, Jeff Wittek also has over 38,000 patrons on his Patreon, acquiring 37,000 of them in just 10 days and making him the top 18+ designer on the site. 

What did Jeff Wittek do before becoming a content creator?

Before he became a wildly popular content creator, Jeff Wittek sold drugs. In the main scene of his YouTube arrangement “Don’t Try This at Home,” Wittek said that as a youngster experiencing childhood with New York’s Staten Island, he “generally wished to be a baseball player” and that he “grew up down and out.” As a teen, he figured out how to trim hair and by 16 was making “$1,500 every week” as a stylist, he said. 

“I didn’t cherish school and adored bringing in quick cash,” Wittek said in the April 18 video. “I would cut school and go hang out at the barbershop.”

In the video, Wittek claims that he sold “anything he could get his hands on,” and said he was arrested multiple times for selling marijuana. He eventually moved to Miami, where he said he met “bigger criminals.”

What charges were Jeff Wittek arrested on?

In 2011, when he was 21, he was arrested on charges of marijuana possession, illegal dealing of drugs, ownership of cocaine, and ownership of a controlled substance, as per Florida capture records. Those charges were subsequently dropped. 

Wittek said in the video that he figured out how to get those charges dropped due to a “detail” on the grounds that the cops who looked through his penthouse to discover the opiates didn’t have a warrant. 

“15 years of jail time was gone,” Wittek said. “I would in any case be in prison right up ’til the present time and now I was allowed to go.” 

How did Jeff Wittek resurrect his life after imprisonment?

He began to connect with Viners in LA in 2014. After his disagreement with the law in Miami, Wittek chose to move to Los Angeles to purchase cannabis in mass and send it back to New York City, as indicated by his record in the April 18 video. 

Simultaneously, Wittek was likewise developing his image as an influencer and a stylist, beginning his YouTube foray in 2011. In 2012, he began a Tumblr blog called “Behind The Cuts,” where he posted pictures with famous people like Pauly D, Mac Miller, and ASAP Rocky. That year, he began to post all the more every now and again on Instagram, sharing photographs of hair styles and sumptuous gatherings. 

Jeff WIttek: Rising through the social media ranks

As per freely accessible lodging records, in 2014, Wittek moved into 1600 Vine, a high rise in Hollywood that was known at the ideal opportunity for lodging stars of the now-outdated Vine application like Jake Paul, King Bach, and Lele Pons. There, he would show up in outlines with other Vine stars, turning out to be companions with influencers like Rudy Mancuso. 

In 2015, he began dating entertainer Cierra Ramirez in the wake of meeting her at a club in Los Angeles (however their relationship finished in 2018). Wittek would likewise seek after his own little vocation in acting, showing up in two YouTube short movies in 2016. 

Wittek initially met Toddy Smith, a Vlog Squad staple, in 2017 in New York City at an American Express brand bargain occasion. In a video on Smith’s channel, Wittek says the pair were “tipsy crazy” and that they “bonded right away over liquor.” 

With his influencer companions and haircutting ability, Wittek would begin his “Jeff’s Barbershop” arrangement to make long-structure content for YouTube. 

He showed up in Dobrik’s video blogs in November 2018 when the cops pulled over a vehicle he was driving. 

“On our first collab, I didn’t anticipate vlogging with him, I was spending time with Todd and David appeared,” Wittek said in the initial segment of his YouTube video arrangement. Showing up in Dobrik’s video blogs assisted Wittek with getting popular. Wittek showed up in large numbers of Dobrik’s recordings throughout the span of 2018 and 2019, however the greater part of those video blogs have since been removed from the internet. 

“Jeff’s Barbershop” would develop into an enormous stage, getting a portion of the web’s top ability close by different individuals from the Vlog Squad. Endorsements from Old Spice and appearances from Jason Nash, Rudy Mancuso, and Cody Ko would pull in large number of perspectives. His October 2019 hairstyle with Dobrik is one of the most viewed videos on his channel, with over 12 million views.

How has Jeff WIttek’s YouTube career grown?

As indicated by SocialBlade, a web-based media investigation site, in November of 2018, Wittek’s YouTube channel was acquiring under 5,000 supporters every month. In February 2019, he acquired more than 220,000 subscribers. 

At the point when the pandemic basically shut down Dobrik’s video blogs, Wittek stretched the boundaries of himself and his image. In the second piece of his “Don’t Try This at Home” arrangement, he disclosed that Dobrik needed to do a trick that elaborate leaping out of a plane multiple times for his video blog. 

“At the point when I’m the most un-agreeable, I’m the most cheerful,” Wittek said in the video. “I like the bedlam.” 

Jeff Wittek: Near fatal accident

In the wake of vanquishing that challenge, Dobrik upped the ante. He brought large numbers of the individuals from the Vlog Squad to Utah and gained a backhoe, twirling it around with individuals appended. Wittek hung on while Dobrik swung him around, in the long run colliding with the metal arm and harming him severely. 

“I was in a ton of agony, I tore a few tendons in my leg, I broke my foot, I broke my hip, I broke my skull in nine spots, I broke my eye socket and almost died,” Wittek said in the third piece of his “Don’t Try This at Home” YouTube series. 

Throughout the span of that year, Wittek would keep making barbershop recordings with his physical issue around his eye noticeable. Only five days after the mishap, he recorded his video with TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio, kidding that he “lawfully” can’t say what happened on the grounds that he has “a major claim in progress.” Wittek told watchers in an April 26 video that he began to feel more discouraged about his circumstance as he couldn’t work out or depend on his attractive features. 

Jeff Wittek: Aftermath of the accident

Wittek attempted to separate himself from the Vlog Squad after an older member was blamed for explicitly attacking a lady at a gathering in 2018. In March 2021, an article published a claim that one of the previous individuals from Dobrik’s Vlog Squad had explicitly attacked a lady at a gathering. Around there, Wittek denied purchasing liquor for minors at the gathering. In a video on March 21 (that has since been removed), Wittek kept on rejecting that he purchased the alcohol and dismissed the new report as conjecture. In an ensuing meeting on the “Pseudo-nemeses” digital broadcast with Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein on March 21, Wittek said he didn’t peruse the aggregate of the article prior to making the video. 

Five days after the web recording meeting, Jeff Wittek came up with another reaction video, this time saying ‘sorry’ to the correspondent and recognizing he may have dealt with the circumstance ineffectively.

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