Blanket Jackson: What is Michael Jackson’s Son Doing Now?

Blanket Jackson

Michael Jackson’s youngest son Prince Michael Jackson II, who is also known as Blanket Jackson, recently celebrated his 18th birthday by purchasing a million dollar house in the high end Calabasas suburb of Los Angeles. This is the first time he has really come into the limelight since the death of his legendary father in 2009. Let’s find out more about him.

Blanket Jackson: 10 Things You Might Not Know About Him

Blanket Jackson just bought a new house

Also, what a banger of a first house it is. As per the posting, the house is built over a sprawling 6,832 square feet, flaunts six rooms, seven and a half bathrooms and is built in quite possibly the most pined for neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Calabasas. It was supposedly sold for a whopping US$2.6 million. 

Blanket is not his real name

Blanket Jackson’s real name is Prince Michael Jackson II. In 2015, Blanket Jackson revealed that he didn’t like that name because he was bullied for it throughout his school days. All things being equal, he likes to pass by the name Bigi. His older brother, Michael Joseph Jackson Jnr, is known as Prince, which happens to Bigi’s actual first name. 

The nickname of Blanket was given by Michael Jackson

The late King of Pop once said: “A blanket is a blessing, a way of showing loving and caring.” 

In 2002, when Bigi was a child, Michael Jackson wrapped him in a blanket and hung him over the edge of a hotel’s balcony in Berlin to show him off. Fans were shocked, saying he put his infant in danger, and Jackson apologized later, saying that he was emotionally overcome at that time. 

Blanket Jackson was raised by his grandmother after Michael Jackson’s death

Michael Jackson passed away when Bigi was only seven years of age, so Katherine Jackson – Michael Jackson’s mom – raised him from that time. Jackson’s nephew TJ Jackson likewise served as the guardian of Bigi and Bigi’s two siblings, Paris and Prince, until they turned 18. 

After the HBO introduction of the Leaving Neverland narrative, Taj Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew, said Bigi had quit talking. 

The HBO narrative featured the statements of Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, who asserted that Jackson was a sexual stalker and abused the two men when they were small kids. 

In a meeting with SkyNews, Taj said: ”This is the hardest thing for [Bigi] because he wants to say something … His dad’s getting attacked and he’s not here to defend himself.”

Blanket Jackson has a popular YouTube channel 

Bigi began a YouTube channel with his sibling, Prince Jackson, called Film Family, where they review popular motion pictures. The channel is relatively new and stands at a little over 41k subscribers today. 

His biological mother’s identity is publicly unknown

Michael Jackson is Bigi’s biological dad yet nobody is certain who Bigi’s mom is. Blanket Jackson’s birth was a result of artificial insemination through a surrogate mother whose name was never officially released.

Debbie Rowe is the mother of Paris Michael Katherine and Michael Joseph “Sovereign” Jackson. Rowe wedded Jackson in 1996. 

What is Blanket Jackson doing now? 

In 2017, Blanket’s 21-year-old sister Paris communicated worry that her sibling was living all alone in the chateau home of their grandma in Calabasas, California, after she and their auntie chose to live somewhere else for some time. 

Where is Blanket Jackson studying?

Right now Blanket goes to Buckley School in Sherman Oaks and loves combative techniques and computer games. 

Yet, as indicated by a nearby relative, Blanket will continue in his celebrated popstar father’s strides. 

His uncle Tito said in 2017 that he can possibly be a “enormous” star since he’s so “dedicated”. 

At that point in 2019, Bigi, Prince and their cousin Taj started to post film and TV reviews on YouTube. The choice has been pleasing fans as it has allowed them the opportunity to see a greater amount of Bigi’s character. 

What has Blanket Jackson said about Leaving Neverland?

March 2019 saw the release of Leaving Neverland, reporting Blanket’s father Michael and the pedophilia claims filed against him. 

Blanket Jackson is still yet to talk freely about his sentiments towards the two part film. 

Anyway the Jackson home has specified that all of Michael Jackson’s children are very disturbed by how their father has been depicted in the show. 

The controversial show was broadcast on Channel 4 on March 6 and 7 at 9 pm and can be watched on 4 Catch Up now. 

When did Michael Jackson pass away?

In his declaration, Jackson’s own doctor Conrad Murray said he discovered the King of Pop in bed and not breathing on the evening of June 25, 2009. The pop legend had been practicing past 12 PM the evening of June 24, leading up to comeback shows at the London O2 Arena, and had not left his room in the first part of the day. 

In the wake of attempting to resuscitate Jackson for five to ten minutes without impact, Murray called paramedics who did mouth to mouth on the vocalist for 42 minutes at his home in the Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, before he was taken to the clinic. The rescue vehicle showed up at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center at 1:14 pm, and Blanket Jackson’s father, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm, after an hour of resuscitation attempts in vain.

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