7 Landing Page Hacks That Will Double Your Sales

Landing Page Hacks

A landing page is a web page specially designed for a user to take a specific action. For example, you ordered a product, signed up for a training webinar, and left contact information. 

You can get to the landing page from an advertisement, banner or referral link. If a traditional site is multitasking, then all the elements of the landing page are thought out, so the user is not distracted and does what is required. Therefore, the design of such a page is rather laconic, and the user’s attention is focused on a call to a specific action. Landing pages often use specific business niches: retail – for the sale of individual goods, real estate – for the presentation of residential complexes, etc.

Here are a few landing page hacks you can use to double your sales.

1. Create a clear interface

When creating a landing page for your website; The crucial point is the clarity of the layout, to facilitate navigation and location for the user.

The structure of the page and its visuals contribute a lot to conversion testing. Sometimes just leaving a space around the action button provides more room to “breathe”, which increases the number of clicks.

2. Give importance to the title

On average, 80% of people will read your headline, and only 20% of people will read the rest of your content. A good, action-oriented and relevant headline will encourage your visitors to read your page.

The headline should sum up your offer, and the reader should have the answer to their search in the headline. Make it short and concise, and if the user does not understand the offer, help them with a single click.

The sales pitch can be presented in different forms such as calling, or a request for documentation by form to be filled in by the customer.

3. Incite a call to action

Using a call-to-action button is an excellent method to indicate the path to follow to Internet users it increases the results. Prefer to inform the user of the action which will follow if he clicks on the button, such as: “Download software” rather than “Click here”.

Show the visitor an example: an action on the page through a button, an image, a video such as, how to download a file or submit a budget request. Call to action will help you drive your visitor further down the conversion funnel.

Optimizing the visual of the call to action, the colour of your sentence and the colour of the link will affect your conversion rate. For example, by going from green to red, HubSpot saw its conversions increase by 21%.

Usually, the orange, red, and green buttons get better conversion rates. Putting your CTA in the middle of the page can increase your conversions by 280%. You can thus create a landing page with relevant CTAs to improve your sales.

4. Promote your offers!

Showcase your offering and focus on the benefits of your product or service. Use bulleted or numbered lists and put words in bold for easier reading. Present the different strengths of your product and service. Thus, your visitors will identify the added value of the offer.

Eventually, what matters is- how your potential customers will benefit from your product.

5. Integrate visual content

Most importantly, your prospects should react positively to your page as the visual stimuli are ingrained deep in memory. A person’s face is unforgettable, but their name is much harder to remember.

Use identifiable images and symbols, where you want the attention, as a flagship or featured content. Choose good quality images for your landing page.

Engage your brand’s presence in the mind of the consumer by displaying good visual content.

6. Reduce page load time

As more people use their mobile devices to browse the internet, the page load speed begins to play an important role in the user experience. The faster your page load time, the lower your bounce rate and abandonment issues.

7. Do A / B tests

Regardless of the product to sell or the action to convert, it is worth getting inspired by visiting other landing pages. There is no one way to make a landing page as you will want to check out examples from many industries, see the different stages of the buying process. How to know if it is better to display a video or a voucher control?

A/B testing is the analysis of a comparison between conversion test A and conversion test B. Start by testing A with an image and B without an image. The same goes for the layout with an action button on the left and another on the right. You can even test two different phrases: “Click here” and “Learn more”. This will help you understand which layout and design are driving more conversions. Also, you should regularly test your landing page by running A/B tests to increase your conversion rates.

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