Big Jay Oakerson: The Warm Friendly Comedian with a Taste for the Unusual!

Big Jay Oakerson

Born Jason Michael Oakerson, this American actor is a true Sagittarius male; big, burly, charming, sociable, determined to live life to the fullest and accomplished too.  

Big Jay was born on the 7th of December, 1977 in Philadelphia but grew up in New Jersey amidst hardship and tried a few things along and had enrolled at Camden Community College before continuing with his study of Comedy, to move onto New York to become a star!


Big Jay Oakerson is an American stand-up comedian, radio show host, podcaster, actor and a writer too.

Writer Jay

 Big Jay penned down 23 pieces, TV Series, TV Specials, some of which were self-written some co-written, and few documentaries like down below:

The Roast of the Rich Vos (TV Special), This is not Happening (TV Series ) 2015-2018, Whats Your F@#King Deal?! (TV Series), The Comedy Jam (TV Series), Comedy Knockout (TV Series), Big Jay Oakerson: Live at Webster Hall(TV Special), Lucky Loser with Big Jay Oakerson (TV Series), The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder(TV Series)(creator), This is not Happening(TV Series)2013-2015, Comedy Underground with Dave Attell (TV Series), Meet the Band with Big Jay Oakerson(TV Special), Official Standup at the Stand (TV Series), Gotham Comedy Live(TV Series Documentary), Dave’s Old Porn(TV Series), Funny as Hell (TV Series), Just for Laughs (TV Series), Stand-Up Showdown (TV Series), Z Rock (TV Series), NESN Comedy All Stars (TV Series), Comedy Central Presents(TV Series Documentary), Whiteboyz in the Hood (TV Series), The Bad Boys of Comedy (TV Series documentary), BET’s Comic View (TV Series) Comedy Central Premium Blend that sums up his skills profoundly.

Big Jay the Comedian

It’s his casual laid back style, soft meaningful and strategic chuckles, low voiced compliments to his patrons, all the while playing the underdog that has made him stand apart from his contemporaries like Todd Barry, and Judah Friedlander to name a few.

A regular at Comedy Cellar, The Stand and the Stand-Up New York, he entertains his audiences with a high, much stereotyped, not too witty yet much enjoyed phallic jokes.

 And more often than naught, Big Jay Oakerson would be asking that of his audiences, in a cajoling way of revealing their preferences in men, or simply the size of their phallus.

 “I like when the crowd gets awkward,” Mr Oakerson says with a modest note of pride. 

(From A Blunt Yet Kindly Bedside Manner,

New York Times, By Jason Zinoman, Dec. 9, 2014.)

Shocking, but of course! Yes, that too but dutifully his audiences always complied with an answer that would make the other audiences awkward too.

Yet while it embarrassed momentarily it never really hurt anybody because true to his style Big Jay Oakerson in all his antics and bluntness lacked any aggression.

 It is never his intention to ridicule or belittle his audiences in his question that acted as the coating of the all-pervading charm and warmth of the quiet and assured comedian Big Jay. 

Acting profile

As an actor, he has 13 credits to his acting profile with movies and TV series combined.

Big Jay Oakerson is known for Hustlers, Isn’t It Romantic, From Other Worlds (As Big Jay), Louie (TV Series).

Few others are Crashing, The Jim Gaffian Show(TV Series), Billions (TV Series), Inside Amy Schumer (TV Series), Crazy House (TV Series), I Love the 80s (TV Series), Ugly Americans (TV Series), Z Rock  (TV Series), Vigilante, The Degenerates, 2seasons on Netflix.

Podcast and Radio Show

Big Jay Oakerson hosts a podcast called: “The Most Offensive Podcast on Earth” Legion of Skanks” with Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith.

 He co-hosts two other shows: the podcast “The SDR Show” on Gas Digital Network’s station with Ralph Sutton and “The Bonfire on Sirius” XM’s Comedy Central station with fellow comedian, Dan Soder.

Producer Big Jay

He’s been the executive producer for all 14 shows of “What’s Your F@#King Deal?!” “Big Jay Oakerson: Live at Webster Hall” and of “The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder”.

Self Hosted shows:

Legion of Skanka (TV Series), Laugh Aid(TV Special), 25Sets(Documentary), You are Welcome(TV Series), The Stand-up Show with Katherine Ryan (TV Series), This Week at the Comedy Central(TV Series), Degenerate (TV Series), the Roast of Rich Vos(TV Special), Marvel: Eat The Universe(TV Mini Series), This is not Happening(TV Series) The Joe Rogan Experience(TV Series), Oldest Bar in Town(TV Series), Conan(TV Series), What’s Your F@#King Deal?! (TV Series) Start talking with Sott Rogowsky (TV Series), The Comedy Jam((TV Series), Getting Dough With High(TV Series), Comedy Knockout(TV Series), Big Jay Oakerson: Live at Webster Hall (TV Special), Midnight(TV Series) Lucky Loser with Big Jay Oakerson(TV Series) Roast Masters(TV Series), The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder(TV Series) The Gavin McInnes Show(TV Series), Comedy Underground with Dave Attell (TV Series) Big Morning Buzz Live (TV Series)Insane Clown Posse Theater (TV Series)

City Girl Diaries (TV Series documentary) Biker Battles (TV Movie)

PITtv (TV Series) Kill Tony (TV Series)Meet the Band with Big Jay Oakerson (TV Special)Official Standup at the Stand (TV Series)Gotham Comedy Live (TV Series documentary) Just for Laughs: All-Access (TV Series) Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (TV Series) Funny as Hell (TV Series)Just for Laughs (TV Series) GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley (TV Series) The Green Room with Paul Provenza (TV Series) Stand-Up Showdown (TV Series)Z Rock (TV Series) 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs (TV Movie)NESN Comedy All-Stars (TV Series)

Comedy Central Presents (TV Series documentary) Whiteboyz in the Hood (TV Series) The Bad Boys of Comedy (TV Series documentary) BET’s Comicview (TV Series)

“Brawl breaks out after comic Big Jay Oakerson dragged from the stage”… A Page Six Exclusive

By Oli Coleman, August 14, 2020

New York City cult comedy hero Big Jay Oakerson was dragged off the stage by a furious fan Thursday night, Page Six has learned — setting off a melee, as fans and fellow comics leaped in to help Oakerson. The incident was triggered by a woman who kept heckling stand-ups all evening, and when headliner Oakerson went on stage, she kept disrupting the show further.

Joel Richardson, who owns Philly-area comedy club Soul Joel’s, said, “Jay couldn’t have handled it any better”.

A Twitter user called Derek Call, who claimed to have been at the show, posted “I am willing to testify in court that Jay did his best to deescalate the situation and he said nothing to the man who attacked him.”

The show was the 14th night of a 17-night socially distanced comedy festival hosted at Soul Joel’s. 

Yes, this is yet another side to Big Jay to that of a tolerant and a mature guy. This 6.3 inches guy who is known more for his blunt delivery of sexy and often salacious content and sometimes on issues that are social too and on relationships with the intent to shock and humour and educate his fans, this compassionate side comes as another shock, although pleasurable. 

Married yet separated from his wife Carla and sharing joint custody of their daughter Izabella, with a net worth that could be anyone’s guess, Big Jay is and will continue to enthral his audiences with many facets of his personality.

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